Under Quarantine? Here’s what you can do!

The COVID19 pandemic has caused chaos all over the world and brought life to a standstill. Governments over the world have advised people to self-quarantine and practise social-distancing. Schools and colleges are shut, and all offices are giving their employees the chance to “work from home”- something that all of us have wanted, at some point, but definitely not in this scenario!

Bar, clubs, restaurants and movie halls shut for at least another 10 days, and that has led us to understand how social even the most anti-social ones of us were!

Well, you don’t have to kill yourself out of boredom. here are some things you can do while self-quarantining.

1. All the stuff that you have been putting off because “time nahi hai yar!”.. Now is the time.

social-distancing - covid19
  • The chair where half of your wardrobe lies is staring right at you. Pick up the junk. Clean it. Let the other people see that there was a chair beneath the huge mound of clothes.
  • Calculate exactly how much money is your kaam wali bai taking. Because didi abhi kahan, wo toh pichle mahine le gayi thi happens every week!
  • The book that you got for your birthday? Find it, read it.
  • Clear your desktop. What’s with all the unnecessary files?

2. Hate how you have nothing to wear? Now you do!

Hate how you have nothing to wear? Now you do

Take time to sort your cupboard and find that one top you have been missing since long- yes, the same one you thought got “stolen”. It is right there in your cupboard, buried under the load of other clothes that you never wear. While you are at it, also remove the clothes that don’t fit or the ones you are confident that you will never wear, and give them to someone who needs them more than you.

3. Upskilling in times of Corona.

Finish that series

There are multiple tutorials that you can watch to learn new software – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and many more. Not only that, you can also opt for many online courses that can help you later. Try finding the ones that provide you with a certificate so that you can apply your skills and also add that to your resume. To do this successfully, make sure that your computer or other device works correctly and that you have a stable internet connection that you can rely on. If you are thinking about upgrading your internet, try reading articles such as this Xfinity vs ATT post to gain an idea of what provider will be right for you.

4. Pursue an old hobby.

Pursue an old hobby

All of us at some point or the other wanted to be something that wasn’t socially acceptable.

There were many hobbies and interests that we gave up because we had to focus on studies, then we gave up again because Uni didn’t let us breathe, and then yet again because we were bound by the shackles of 9-5.

Pick up that paint brush, and paint the canvas that has been gathering dust lying in the corner of your house. Find the karaoke of your favourite song, sing, and record it! You can also paint those old liquor bottles lying around so that you don’t have to run and hide them when your parents give you a surprise visit.

5. Groom yourself

Groom yourself

Weekdays don’t give us enough freedom to take care of ourselves, and Saturday Sunday is for sleeping!

Quarantine is the perfect time for you to soak your feet in hot water, plug in your ear-phones,  put on a face-mask, and relax. Do the gharelu nuske“(home remedies) that your mom asks every day if you do, and you always lie to her!

Shape your nails, put on your favourite nail-paint, and this time it can actually look good because, well, you don’t have anything else to do and they can have all the time they need to dry off.

You can also find some easy Yoga or workout exercises and give your body what it needs the most- TO MOVE.

6. Rekindle old bonds

Rekindle old bonds

We often end up spending weeks without talking to anyone else back from apart from our immediate families. The only information that our tau-tais, chacha-chachis, mama-mamis and dada-dadis have about us is what our parents tell them.

Pick up the phone, and call your relatives. Let them know that you haven’t forgotten them, its just that life doesn’t give you a chance to pause. And now that it has, you have called them to let them know what’s been up with you. We know that it may take a while to disconnect, but sun lo na!  

7. Play those Indoor Games with Family

Play those Indoor Games with Family

Antakshari, Scrabble, Carrom board and many more. Check out many more such games that you can play with your family HERE

To all of you reading this, happy quarantining!

Stay home, Stay safe.

We urge all our readers to take proper precautionary measures and use masks and sanitizers to prevent the spread or Coronavirus. Go corona, Go corona!

Written by Saanica Wahal

Currently waltzing through life at Indian Institute of Mass Communication(IIMC) Delhi while studying advertising and public relations, Saanica is passionate about animals, shayari, and Octobers.
Her educational background in psychology and Journalism has helped her to have a broad base from which she approaches different genres that she likes writing on, namely travel, lifestyle, food, philosophy. She in an avid traveler and reader, and has worked in the fields of social media marketing, artist management, and event planning.

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