Top Most Loved Dog Channels on YouTube

Largest video content provider – YouTube is the second largest search engine video-sharing platform. YouTube runs continuously with viewers watching a billion hours of videos on a daily basis.

Now the best part here is that you can learn, watch or even upload your own videos under any genre. From Science, History to makeup tutorials, YouTube has it all covered.

And one such thing that YouTube has and you can never get enough of are the Dog Videos.

With this year being a tough ride for us, these dog channels made sure we can have our moments where they bought a smile on our faces, made us laugh a little harder and had our fair share of awe moments!

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Here we bring list of most loved dog channels on YouTube which are watched by Indians as well –



This cute little lemon beagle will make sure you go weak in your knees and keep crushing over him because of his adorable and derpy activities. Maymo is one of the most loved channels on YouTube and covers all the activities starting from pranks, birthday surprises to cooking dinners and trying out recipes.

If you have a soft spot for the beagles, then Maymo will make sure you will in love with him!

Subscribers – 1.01 crore

Videos – 385

Gohan The Husky

Gohan The Husky

The most followed husky on YouTube, Gohan The Husky has a huge fan following as he is a goof ball and will crack you with his super cute and funny videos. From swimming with the baby ducks to reviewing differently priced beef steaks, this smart doggo does it all.

Huskies are very expressive and always up for adventures, so if you are curious on what Gohan is up to everyday, join him and get your daily dose of cuteness and funny moments.

Subscribers – 29 Lakh

Videos – 354

Louie The Beagle

Louie The Beagle

The biggest Dog YouTuber – Louie The Beagle is continuing to be loved by everyone for being the cutest and his content has been viewed a whooping 698 million times!

Joining him is his little sister ‘Marie’, and they together are up for various pranks, pool parties, and tour to their adorable DIY house. You sure are going to have tons of awe moments with these cute siblings rolling everywhere and having too much fun!

Subscribers – 29.8 Lakh

Videos – 426

Tucker Budzyn

Tucker Budzyn

This cute Golden Retriever is a sensation not only on Instagram with a long string of followers but also on YouTube. He is charming, witty, funny, and the captions on his posts and videos will crack you up.

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From having fun vacations, spa sessions, attending sleepovers to answering fan questions and his weird actions getting caught on camera, he is the cutest goldie you can never get enough of!

Subscribers – 26.3 Lakh

Videos – 156

Kakao’s World

Kakao’s World

A fun-themed channel, you can expect to see humans including our very own adorable Kakao dressed in funny attires depending on the theme of the day. He has everything sorted with surprise pool parties, movie nights, dancing in the car while on a ride to dressing up for Halloween.

You can never have a dull moment with Kakao and you would surely want to be a part of his fun life!

Subscribers – 31.6 Lakh

Videos – 86



She is a fluffy Samoyed, she is pawsome, and she is none other than the white beauty Maya. She has been making all of us her fans since 2016 and and her expressions have surely been making us go all awe.

She does everything from cooking, reviewing foods with ASMR to her outdoor fun sessions at the beach and never ending supply of surprises for being such a bundle of cuteness.

She is surely going to win your heart over and over again with her smartness and highest level of cuteness!

Subscribers – 17.9 Lakh

Videos – 61

My Mountain Husky

My Mountain Husky

A fun new video every Thursday, My Mountain Husky never fails to surprise us! This channel is dedicated to the adventures of Kakoa and Sky and how their larger than life personalities are winning over the internet and deep blue eyes are keeping our hearts!

You get to see everything here right from them dealing with their shedding seasons, their way of sleeping to pranks and even playing the piano for their fans. Now isn’t that adorable?

Their content has been viewed 170 million times on the internet and surely makes it one of the most loved dog channels on YouTube.

Subscribers – 17.1 Lakh

Videos – 140

K’eyush The Stunt Dog

K’eyush The Stunt Dog

A cross of a Husky/Malamute, this doggo has a great sense of humour. You are surely going to roll of due to his funny videos that include epic catching fails, giving opinions on television adverts, and his dramatic expressions when something is told against his will and wish among others.

You can catch him and see how he hates being ignored, has his own night time routine that includes belly rubs and how he gets irritated, thanks to Alexa and much more!

This cutie is surely making you a die-hard fan of his!

Subscribers – 18.5 Lakh

Videos – 552

Mocha Milk

Mocha Milk

They have been both perfectly named and are the cutest bundle of joys on the internet with a huge following base. Mocha is a Pomeranian Spitz mix whereas, Milk is a female Samoyed. They together are perfect for each other and for us as they continue to provide most entertaining content.

And now with arrival of their new sister, there is a lot more yet to come!

From their IQs being tested, babysitting their new sister to their grooming sessions and reactions on different situations, these two cuties are going to melt your hearts with their cuteness and goofiness.

Subscribers – 11.9 Lakh

Videos – 176

Cursoe the Dachshund

Cursoe the Dachshund

This cute little mini dachshund is giving perfect reasons for us to smile through his funny videos. Cursoe has a huge fan following and views reaching over 1.1 billion in count on Facebook making his online presence more prominent.

He becomes a Ghost Hunter along with his friend to bust and solve mysteries, the very next day you can see him taking a break and being a happy tourist roaming around and the very next day making breakfast in bed for his loved ones.

You see he can do everything including winning your hearts with his mischief’s and never ending roller coaster of fun and adventures!

Subscribers – 12.8 Lakh

Videos – 442

They may have a huge fan following and are winning the internet through their cuteness and most viewed content, there are a million other Dog Channels with same level of cuteness and deserves our views time to time. After all, who can say No to these four-legged best friends!

Any other channels you want to mention that deserves our attention?

Comment below!

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Written by Sharmila Feroz

Sharmila Feroz is a graduate of versatile vocations who grew up in a military household which led her to travel to interesting and beautiful parts of the country. Penning those travel experiences paved her way into writing about ethnic lifestyle and cultural celebrations in India.

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