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Top 10 Things to Buy In Maharashtra

Top 10 Things to Buy In Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a gigantic state with a rich cultural heritage spanning over hundreds of years.

The history and culture of the state and its people is reflected in its beautiful monuments, houses, clothing, ornaments, and food.

The state offers various famous souvenirs that you can carry as a memory of your trip or as a gift for your beloved ones.

Although the state is known mostly for Kolhapuri chappals, himroo shawls, and paithani sarees, there are a lot other eminent things to explore in Maharashtra.

You can find modern malls in modern cities like Pune and Mumbai.

However, for getting the best authentic experiences do try to shop at the ancient local markets.

Warli Tribal Paintings

Warli Tribal Paintings

The Warli art is one of the ancient folk art forms which originated in the region of Maharashtra.

The art has a magnificent appeal and uses geometric shapes to form different patterns and designs depicting the beliefs and lifestyles of the people of the Warli tribe.

The painting is traditionally made on a background made of mud and cow dung which appears to be brown in color.

On this surface, a white color pigment, made up of rice mixed with water and gum, is used to draw the different designs.

The paintings have spiritual and philosophical meanings and one of the central themes features human beings around a central point symbolizing the belief that life is an eternal journey.

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Kolhapuri Chappal

Kolhapuri Chappal

Kolhapur is a district situated in the state of Maharashtra and the leather sandals manufactured in this place are called the Kolhapuri chappals.

These simple yet intricately designed chappals are famous all over India and are available at an affordable price.

They are made of leather and feature keenly detailed designs and often decorated with colours and other elements like golden chords or silk threads.

Some of the traditional patterns like bakkalnali, pukari, and kachkadi are featured on the sandals.

The sandals are vibrant and colorful and can be paired with any Indian or Indo-western outfit for a classy fashion statement.

You can wear these sandals with suits, Kurtis, and ethnic skirts to get the best of casual ethnic looks.



Mumbai is very entrancing to the fashion lovers of India as it is the unofficial abode of the trend setters in India.

It is also the destination of top brands and fashion shows.

You can get several types of modern clothing items but you should not miss out the traditional clothing of Maharashtra.

Traditional Marathi Sarees are popular here and you can get one from one of the clothing boutiques, local stores, and saree markets.

There are designers and tailors who make custom made sarees according to your choice.

There are many styles of draping a saree. You can try any style depending on what you like.

Several silk sarees are available in the market which not only looks elegant and classy but also highlights the best features of women.

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Old Bollywood Posters

Old Bollywood Posters

Mumbai is one of the most famous cities in Maharashtra and it is known for the Indian movie industry Bollywood.

Most of us have grown up watching our favourite hero heroines in Bollywood movies and idolizing them.

If you are passionate about Bollywood movies then you should definitely look for original vintage posters that are hand painted from the golden era of Bollywood.

For original hand painted posters, go to Chor Bazaar where you can find an enormous collection of different movie posters.



Jewelry is an extremely important part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Most women love to adorn her with gorgeous jewelry in difficult parts of the body.

The beauty of India lies in the fact that all women, irrespective of caste, creed or class can wear jewelry as it holds cultural and religious significance.

The jewellery is made up of several precious stones and metals.

Maharashtra has several types of jewellery but one of the most famous types includes the gemstone jewelries.

Apart from that, many shops have exquisite gold jewellery that can complete any traditional attire.

Other handmade jewellery of less expensive materials is also available in the markets. You can find accessories for Western outfits too.

The best artificial jewellery markets are Cobala Causeway, Hill Road, Fashion Street and Lokhandwala market.

In these places you can find elegant jewelries, even at a shoestring budget, especially if you are good at bargaining.

Block Print Fabrics

Block Print Fabrics

Block printing is a very ancient tradition which dates back to as far as 2000 BC.

This tradition was practiced by the ancient artisans who created exquisite fabric for the royalty.

Thus, this block print became a sign of wealth and heritage.

Today, this craft is practiced in different parts of India and the artisans are trying their best to preserve this traditional art.

Modern machine-made products can never compete with the vibrant and splendid beauty of traditional block prints.

Artificial or natural dyes are printed with a wooden block which are carved with different types of designs and often includes designs of traditional Indian themes.

The block print fabrics are used in wall hanging, furniture, carpets, and canopies.

Choose any of these items and bring an artsy touch to your home.

Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades

When you come home from a hard day at work, you want to retreat into a soothing atmosphere.

For creating such an ambience in your home, a lamp can be great help.

With the help of a beautiful traditional lamp you can change the whole vibe of your home.

You can even place it in the bathroom, near the bathtub, to create an exquisite spa-like atmosphere.

The traditional lamp shade is crafted carefully with natural fibers loll cotton, jute, and bamboo.

These Eco-friendly and beautiful products are made from readily available and inexpensive materials.

It features delicate art work including cut work, handmade drawings or ribbons in exquisite patterns.

You can also use these lamp shades for decorating wedding venues or during festivals like Diwali.



All Indian cities are famous for some or the other kinds of spices.

The local spices in Maharashtra have unique taste and flavor.

It is one of the common souvenirs that many travelers to Maharashtra to buy.

The spices available here are very fresh and most of them are hand ground which is the reason why they have a strong aroma and taste.

There are many markets in Mumbai where you can buy these spices.

Mirchi Galli in Kalbadevi has an enormous collection of dried chilli powder and fresh chillies from different parts of the country.

You can find all varieties of chilli in this market.

The Lalbaug Spice Market near the Lower Parcel Railway Station is also a great place for finding the best spice vendors who will grind the spices of your choice to perfection.

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Paithani Sarees

Paithani Sarees

The Paithani sarees originate from the Paithani town in Maharashtra.

In modern day, Yeola town in Nashik is the leading manufacturer of Paithani sarees.

The sarees are made of pure silk, even though initially it was made of cotton and silk was used only in the borders.

The characteristic feature of a paithani saree design is an oblique square border design and a gorgeous and intricate peacock design on the pallu.

Apart from that, several other motifs are used as a theme for the saree and most are inspired by the Ajanta caves paintings due to the close proximity to the place.

Often a gorgeous lotus flower with a Buddha sitting is depicted on the saree.

Hans’s motif, Ashrafi motif, tota-maina, humar parinda (the peasant bird) and coconut are also commonly represented.

The pallu features geometrical designs and peacock along with flowering plants and a parrot.

Simpler designs are also available such as solid colours and kaleidoscopic patterns.

Embroidery Work

Embroidery Work

The embroidery work of Maharashtra is famous all over India because of its interesting appeal.

There are several talented artists who make this embroidery work so vibrant and colorful that it can instantly brighten up your room or outfit.

The traditional embroidery is stitched into various stuff including handkerchiefs, sarees, clothing items, wall hangings, purses, table cloths, etc.

You can buy the embroidery work from different cities.

You can visit Shrujan, a non- profit organization which sells the embroidery of women from different villages of Maharashtra.

They have an amazing collection of souvenirs to choose from including clothing and decor items.

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Written by Sharmila Feroz

Sharmila Feroz is a graduate of versatile vocations who grew up in a military household which led her to travel to interesting and beautiful parts of the country. Penning those travel experiences paved her way into writing about ethnic lifestyle and cultural celebrations in India.

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