“The Happyness Factory” by Mr. Yogesh Karikurve – A New Meaning to Independence

Being one of the largest democracies in the world, India will celebrate its 74th independence day tomorrow. However, the topic of independence is quite subjective, just like happiness. Both of these abstract yet important forms of life can be perceived in different ways to different people. 

To understand the aspect of happiness in one’s life, Yeh Hai India had the chance to have a candid conversation with the founder of The Happyness Factory, Yogesh Karikurve.

A seasoned traveler, worldly cosmopolitan and a seeker, Mr. Karikurve always does what makes him happy. 

Based on this philosophy, his venture THF provides the not-so-regular workshops to find happiness taking people from somewhere far from the speed, and monotony of life. Atrangi in its tune, this 15th August, The Happyness factory is organizing one-of-its kind virtual event “Free’Drum” with eminent DJ Rocky in the house. On 16th, there is “Tirang’Art”- another innovative way to get indulged into doodling and painting on one’s own accord. 

There’s more to the kitty. Read the interview to know further:

1. What was the exact thought process that worked behind this brainchild?

I have spent 25 years in the corporate world, holding various positions in the FMCG market and the media industry. During my stint with an international holistic living channel, I was doing the research to launch it in India. It was at this time that I realised that everything eventually boils down to happiness. And to stay happy trading one’s energy, time, and life in doing something s/he enjoys doing is the most vital thing. 

Keeping this in mind, when I came back to India I introduced Salsa and became an entertrainer- I started using entertainment for training purposes. In fact, I was one of the first guys who started Salsa workshops in India! I encountered a growing problem,  that people tend to find excuses for not doing what they love. Courtesy: Lack of time.

There was also a certain notion in the people that once they turn, say, 30 or 35, they just have too much on their plates already to take up an alternate hobby, or do something that makes them happy. I found that very absurd! Considering that I was involved in multiple things and  was still able to find time to do the things that I truly loved, this mindset kind of put me off. 

Over time, with fierce advancements in every field, a notable change unfurled. A lifestyle change happened, where people started wanting to spend quality time with their kids, trying to make happy memories that would last a lifetime; that would last the difference of distance between them. Alternatively, people were indulging in all sorts of happiness workshops, without realizing that the true mantra of happiness lies within ourselves. The Happyness Factory rests upon three solid pillars- creativity, community building and fruitful connections. 

2. How do you define creativity and how does it align with peace of mind?

To me, creativity is looking at the same thing in a different way. So, whenever one is overloaded with a problem, perceiving it with creative solutions channelize lateral thinking. Precisely, getting indulged in creative pursuits allow people to look at their life and problems in an unusual manner. This, in turn, facilitates them to come up with various solutions and help to maintain peace of mind. 

3. New and innovative in its way, how would you differentiate The Happyness Factory from other workshop providers?

Happyness Factory

The Happyness Factory comes with a consolidated approach without sticking to a niche. Starting from Yoga to dance to creatives, we are the one-stop destination for people to trace their likings. Our team is constantly brainstorming to expand the horizons in the coming days so that THF has  something for every individual. 

4. Tell us something more about Organic Dance Meditation. 

Not much mainstream in India, organic dance meditation or ODM is a cross between yoga and dance. Therapeutics in its way,  ODM came from the confluence of the Indian Classical philosophies and wisdom in tune with the contemporary times. In fact, people chant while performing this art to attain peace of mind. Slowly, with our platform, ODM is gradually gaining popularity. 

5. These days The Happyness Factory is virtual. What is the BTS and how much hard work goes to organize such events online?

Happyness Factory

The Happyness Factory advocates happiness transcending every barrier. So, going virtual for the time being is never a deterring point for us. Our team is churning their grey cells to strategize things in such a way that users get nothing but the best result. 

Moreover, I personally feel this as an opportunity to bring people under one roof. We strive to provide a bridge and not a barrier irrespective of the medium. 

6. As India went global with its soft power brand “Yoga”, how is The Happyness Factory helping to elevate that in the coming years?

Happyness Factory

Yoga has already established itself as a soft power representing India in the global domain. So, we are trying to explore the uncharted water that goes beyond the usual. For instance, we cater to a large audience in Latin America and Europe who enjoy the Indian culture to the core. To keep them engaged by focusing on their interest areas we conduct workshops like Bollywood dance. The idea is to rejuvenate the essence of Indianness not only in India but across the globe in a refined manner where people will live a happy life spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

Moreover, I also believe in introducing new culture to our country. I was the first to bring forth the Korean cultures in India to foster a global environment and know the unknowns. 

7. We would also like to know how The Happyness Factory is helping to foster employee engagement amid the lockdown. 

Unfortunately, these days employees are attending the online meeting mostly without any objectives. They are getting saturated with this new-normal leading to a state of unhappiness. Understanding the same, our workshop tries to break the ice to connect the employees on a personal level and imbibe in a sense of camaraderie. 

Our initiative ViTeamIn rightly emphasizes on this, where employees can learn something new and interesting with their colleagues. Furthermore, this campaign also caters to the corporate objectives to meet their criteria in the truest sense. 

8. Great! Our last question, how The Happyness Factory helps individuals to retain their happiness?

I think that’s the most difficult part of any workshop. For people after hearing those dull lectures and eons of knowledge fail to execute anything substantial in their life to stay happy. 

However, The Happyness Factory is repelled by this principle. In an attempt to restore happiness in people’s life, our mantra is simple. Do what you love! So, we come up innovative themes every month that intrigue individuals and render a fresh breath of air in their otherwise dull routine. The Happyness Factory seamlessly allows people to get involved in what makes them content. For lasting joy and fulfillment must come from within.

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Written by Priyanka Mondal

In the backyard of IIMC, amidst chaos and euphoria of Journalism students, Priyanka finds herself among the intricacies of Tagore and festivities of Ruskin Bond. For her life is easy with these two stalwarts and she can live an eternity among them. A copywriter from the core, she nurtures a tiny cinephile, a shutterbug, and a foodie within her. Oh yes, she takes a great interest in human behavioral science and the Universe!

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