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Salwar Kameez- Trends, Styles and Designs

Salwar Kameez has robbed the hearts of women all around the globe. Renowned for it’s versatility, comfortability, ethnic authenticity, beauty, fusion with contemporary style it’s undoubtedly an essential attire for women’s wardrobe. These suits were originally worn by the Punjabi state women and since then this ageless, phenomenal attractive outfit has spread like a wild fire not only in India but all around the world.

Indian Salwar Kameez has 3 key pieces :

  1. The Kameez ( Kurti ) long tunic worn on the top
  2. The Salwar ( bottoms/ pair of trousers ).
  3. This duo is complimented with a flowing scarf known as Dupatha or chunni. 

The kurti/kameez comes in different styles like A-line, anarkali, caped, asymmetric ; even the Salwar has evolved to more stylist and comfortable straight paints, plazzos, churidars, skirts and what not! To give your body a perfect outfit that accentuates all your curves. That’s why this whole ensemble is graceful for women of every age, color, size, and ethnicity.


When it comes to the myriad varities of Salwar Kameez suits, you don’t have to look anywhere else than Indian local shops ; they have every style and pattern that you can wish for your wardrobe. Indian craftsmen offer trendsetting charismatic Salwar Kameez designs that will fulfil all your fashion goals! Refresh your ethnic wear with the modern contemporary fusion range of Salwar suits.

Whether it’s your friend’s wedding, function, formal event , casual party, festival or a simple get together Salwar Kameez is best suited for every occasion.

Different Indian tailors provide every silhouette, fabric, colour, texture, pattern, textile, stonework, beads, mirror work, patch-work ,prints and style that you can wish for. They have everything from designer Sharara to traditional Pakistani Salwar Kameez.

Pick out authentic hand embroidered and embellished Salwar suits designs for the wedding you have been planning to go to.

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Flaunt with your Flow ! With  readymade, semi stitched, and unstitched Salwar Kameez suits available in India.

Here is a list of different types of Salwar Kameez which are MUST HAVES in your wardrobe-Origin,Design & Variety:



Anarkali Disco chali’ ( Anarkali goes to disco). This Bollywood song justifies the gracefulness and versatile nature of Anarkali suits!


The fashion of this style originated from Mughal times yet is still continues to dazzle. Renditions of the extremely popular Kalidar Salwaar Kameez of the 1960s are ruling the Bollywood scenario, the association of the Anarkali dress with the royal courtesan “Anarkali”, portrayed by Madhubala, who became famous because of her relationship with the Crown prince, lent this dress a charm that is symbolic of royalty and gracefulness.


Essentially, an Anarkali Salwaar Kameez consists of three important separates:

  • The shirt (Anarkali Kameez)
  • The bottom (Anarkali Salwaar)
  • The stole (dupata)
Anarkali Kameez

The Anarkali Kameez is a long gown (sometimes until floor length) top, fitted on the top and flared like a frock as you go down, featuring a slim look which flatters every body type. The bottom part is usually made of trapezoid panels of cloth (known as Kali, hence the name Kalidar), starting from the waist and these panels give flare to the shirt. It highlights the top and accentuating the waist and hips in their long pleats.

The bottoms are usually tight, fitted at the waist with the help of drawstrings and gathered at the calves and above the ankles in multiple pleats, also known as churis.

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The stole or the dupatta is a matching loose piece of cloth which can be styled in many ways and completes the traditional look of the suit. Sometimes an ethnic jacket is also added, either long or short, similar to the style worn by Madhubala in Mughal-E-Azam.


indo western dresses

Considered to be an alternate version of indo western dresses, because the modern floor length Anarkali with long frock almost looks like a gown. Though Anarkalis are purely Indian, the long gowns of these suits provide an Indo-Western touch to the outfit.

Women love such fusions and this is why such suits are popular. From pleated to full flared ghaghra style, Anarkali suits are available in wonderful catalogue with a variety of clothing material ,decorated with sharp embroideries.

Contemporary Jacket style anarkali, Mughal layered anarkali, asymmetrical anarkalis, A-line anarkalis, gown style anarkalis, paired with churidars to plazas even will surely bring joy to your heart.


A version of the salwar suit with roots tracing back to Patiala City situated in the Northern region of Punjab, India. In earlier times, it was the king of this city who wore such a suit as his royal garb.

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The Patiala Salwar has a close resemblance to the Pathani suit, which has loose layers similar to those of a salwar and a long knee-length top known as a kameez. But over the centuries, the garment has transformed from customary men’s attire to women’s wear in new styles and cuts. Punjab region’s flourishing cotton industry also aided the evolution of the rich, exuberant Patiala suits.


Essentially, a Punjabi patiala consists of three important separates:

  • The shirt (Kameez)
  • The bottom (Salwaar)
  • The stole (dupatta)

The top paired with salwar is known as Kurta and it comes in a plethora of designs which includes, mandarin collars or V-necks, square necks, and generally traditional patiala suits have knee length shirts.

Patiala suit

What makes the Patiala suit stand out from the rest are the trousers. Loose with heavily pleated pattern at the top(waist) which bellow outwards in the middle and again narrow towards the ankles. A distinctive feature of the salwar is the use of the drawstring which can be adjusted to fit as per personalised levels of comfort. This design affords a wide range of movements, looks great on every body type and is extremely comfortable.

Usually this combination is incomplete without a long scarf called the dupatta or odhani, worn folded over the shoulders. It can also be worn around the neck or over the head, as per individual tastes.

Patiala suit

The Phulkari work is a native punjabi embroidery technique which is extensively to add quirkiness to Punjabi patiala suits. In a simple Patiala Salwar Kameez, a dupatta with phulkari work Phulkari chunnis paired with Patiala suits can add oodles of glamour and style and will make you feel like a diva.


Patiyala Salwar Suits too can be made in a variety of fabrics like Chiffon, Net, Crepe, Brocade, Georgette, Cotton, Silk, Satin etc. The colors used in Patiala Salwar Kameez can be bright, light, dark, deep, understated or gradient. In short, you can be as creative with prints and embellishments, cuts and designs of your Punjabi Patiala suit as you want.

Patiala suit

From royal patiyala suits to angarkha patialas, from diamante studded outfits to richly embroidered ensembles, Patiala salwar kameez collection is vast and unique. The colour combinations and intricate embroidery merge beautifully and create apparels that are beyond comparison.

Punjabi patiala suits are one of those suits which help you look elegant, sophisticated at all time regardless of the occasion. They are so beautiful and delicate that any pattern would be just right for any one.


Churidar is a timeless ethnic attire that has expanded its popularity across South Asia. Different literary works and paintings often mention the prevalence of attires in those times. Both commoners and royals wore the outfit, but in had different styles of cladding.

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This ethnic outfit has the history of a rich heritage. Churidar suit is a variant of salwar suits. The churidar fits below the knees with horizontal gathers near the ankles.The length of the churidar is usually longer than the leg and this combined with the tight fit below the knee results in the unique bunched up folds which resemble Indian bangles or ‘chooris’, hence the name, churidar. Churidar salwar kameez have a beautiful fit and drape the figure of a woman perfectly, emphasizing the curves in a modest, appealing manner.


Churidars Dress

Clinged to your legs to give a perfect fit yet breathable and comfortable bottoms are none other than Churidars. It is a blend of fashion, grace and style and is adored by women of different age groups. Different cuts and designs of churidar suits give it a sleek and elegant look. The ensemble comprises of a kurta or kameez that might vary in height and a stole to get you a complete wear.

Combined with All Types of Kameez – In the modern age, where each and every product we use is about functionality and ease of use the churidar is one such bottom wear that has stood the test of time and emerged as one of the most functional outfits.

Churidar can be worn with all types of kameez be it short kurta or kurti, tunics, knee length kameez or flowing anarkalis, A-line, asymmetrical kurtis etc; Churidars give you a new refreshing look with pleats near the ankles.


Churidars dress

The comfort and elegance it offers can never be over took. Churidars are available in almost all the popular fabrics, one can choose it in accordance to their comfort and need.

Churidars dress

There are enticing patterns, style, works and embroideries on the Churidars available. Churidaar suits can be worn at a casual occasion, a party or a formal event, depending on the designs used to decorate the outfit.

Churidar with heavy works will be one of your best choices for special occasions. The effervescent look it offers to the wearer will stun the people around. Whether you want to flaunt a traditional look or a contemporary one designer churidar suits can never go wrong.

Nowadays, it is also made of stretchable dress materials called leggings in order to give tight fitting look and enhance beauty of women. Because of the elegance and glamour attached with it, this dress is very popular with young women not in Indian but also over the globe


A sharara is a pair of loose pleated or flared pants that look like a skirt or lehenga. It is also called a flared palazzo.Typically detailed with a pleated flare bottom, sharara suits have their roots in the Islamic culture.

This silhouette was brought to India during the Mughal rule and has stayed on as a popular garment for weddings, festivals and other occasions of merriment.


Sharara salwar suit

Sharara salwar suit basically is a three-piece Indian ethnic wear that comes with a kurta which can be made in various lengths but short kurtas are preferred, a wide-legged bottom called sharara which is fitted till the knees or lower and then a wide flare starts till the floor and the third thing is a dupatta.

From bright and vibrant to pastel colour you can find an awesome extravagant range of Shararas with heavy fabric and work. They closely resemble and give an ultimate look of a lehenga, since they are more convenient to carry around. Shararas are loose fitting bottoms – hence more comfortable and breezy.


Sharara salwar suit

Sharara suits have a tinge of Mughal aesthetics that redefine modern royalty. There are various styles of a sharara dress that you can carry at different junctures.

These wide legged and flared pants worn with small kurtis, frock style Kurtis, and flared Kurtis look spectacularly gorgeous and accentuates one’s silhouette as it suits every body type.

From amping up the anarkalis, Shararas in Classic, Indo Western, layered, jacket, and frilled style  bring the old world charm back. A trendy and modern twist to the sharara is pairing it with a crop top. An extension to the crop top and sharara pants look, the sharara can also be paired with a choli and dupatta.Pair the sharara and choli with some chunky jewellery to amp up the look!


Sharara salwar suit

Shararas and Ghararas; These two are like cousins only difference between them is their vastly different silhouettes. While both resemble flared pants, gharara’s silhouette is fitted from the waist to the knee, just above the knees sits a band (traditionally, a gota), where the cloth is ruched or gathered to create breath-taking flare till the toes.

A sharara or a gharara with its vintage royal visage can oomph up your desi style and turn you into a headturner!

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