Jewellery Designing: Career options & Institutes to study

You know how they say your jewellery introduces you before you speak because it’s the most lustrous and polished item that catches the eye even before you start to make your own impression. It is very ironic that such a small element on your body can create such a colossal impact on anybody’s mind.

It is considered as the best first impression to be placed before anybody; it opens doors of luxury, respect, and lavishness. It is needless to mention that jewellery designing is one of the most creative and the most challenging career prospects to chase down for an individual.

jewellery designing

A piece of jewellery carries honor and reverence towards the person wearing it, it shows luxury, the more expensive it is, the more impact it holds. Well, there are various students across the country who procure interest in this line since not everybody chooses to enter this industry hence there is less competition than the fashion world but not too little to start off with, few institutions that offer the best training for it demand a great profile for becoming a jewellery designer. Let’s discuss them in detail.

So, to start off with the career options for this line of designing, the conceptualization agnate to the importance and need for it in the industry should be the core aim. It is not like designing a gown or a dress, it’s the minute details that matter in this line because every little dime counts.

Here, are some of the career opportunities that one can choose from in order to pursue jewellery designing as a full-time course:

  1. Gem Retailing
  2. Research and Development Organisations
  3. Educational Institutions
  4. Design firms
  5. Marketing Industry
  6. Manufacturing industry
  7. Hospitality jobs
  8. Jewellery houses
  9. Antique houses
  10. Museums

Well, let’s hope that these many opportunities are not too limited to start off with your career at jewellery designing, and this is not it, there are many more opportunities existing and under progress in order to impart proper exposure towards this industry.

Emphasising towards the education required for successfully entering into this industry is a little challenging.

Here’s a list of colleges that offer Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma programs:

1. Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, Delhi

The Prime institution, affiliated to the UGC, specialises in offering courses specifically designed for jewellery design and manufacturing. It is a very unique institution and the third largest in Asia.

It aims at expanding the jewellery business of the country domestically and internationally. The value of the degree by this institution holds a high amount of reliability before the jewellery business owners and their graduated students are well versed with the manufacturing of new designs and trends. It offers course ranging from graduate programs to diplomas and certificates and offers a wide choice for the students to choose from. They are listed as follows:

  • B.A. in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Techniques
  • Post Graduate Diploma in jewellery Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Jewellery Studies
  • Skill Development Courses
    • Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Courses
  • Industry Relevant Basic Courses
    • Foundation Course in jewellery
    • Diamond Grading
    • Gemmology
    • Gem Identification
    • CAD-Matrix
    • Basic Jewellery Manufacturing
    • Aligned Courses
      • CAD- Rhino
      • Jewellery Casting Techniques
      • Jewellery Merchandising
      • Advance Jewellery Finishing Techniques

2. Gemology Institute of India, Mumbai

It is another esteemed institute that offers education specialising in jewellery management, manufacturing, and design. It got established in 1971 and the campus is located in Mumbai, the fashion capital of India. It is the leading authority for gemology; the courses here are constructed keeping in mind the international and domestic standards for students to shine just like their designs in every part of the world.

The courses that they offer are:

  • Diploma in Gemology
  • Diploma in Diamond Grading
  • Diploma in Jewellery designing
  • Short terms courses
    • Short term certification in gem identification
    • Polished Diamond grading
    • Rough Diamond assortment

These are the few specialised courses that the institute offers and every year they try to improve their curriculum in accordance with the existing and upcoming trends all over the world.

3. Gemological Institute of America, Mumbai

This is an international institute that expanded the reach of it in various countries of the world including India; the Indian campus is situated in Mumbai and New Delhi. It is a grand and prestigious institution that focuses on producing very bright students in terms of the shine that they can sparkle into an item of jewellery.

The courses offered by this institution are as follows:

  • Diplomas
    • Graduate Gemologist course
    • Graduate coloured stones course
    • Graduate Diamonds course
    • Applied jewellery professional course
  • Professional Development Courses
    • Introduction to Merchandising
    • SWIFT Jewellery design
    • Small Diamond Assortment

These diplomas and professional development courses offer expertise in the area of jewellery professionals and provide detailed education and training for better career prospects in future.

4. Arch College of Design and Business, Jaipur

Being jewellery trade majoring in the export-led growth of India, the college focusses deeply towards providing quality education towards Jewellery designing. Situated in Jaipur, it offers various professional course and degrees in this domain. The reputation of this institute is highly appreciated among the aspirers.

The courses are:

  • Undergraduate courses
    • B.Des Jewellery Design
    • B.Voc Jewellery Desing
  • Postgraduate courses
    • M.Voc Jewellery Design and Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Courses
    • Jewellery Designing
    • Advance 3D Software
    • Jewel CAD

The courses offer special expertise and prepare students for professional designing and manufacturing along with briefing them about the possible career prospects and industries to surf from.

5. National Institute of Fashion Technology

Being one of the most sought institutes for fashion technology in India, NIFT has the greatest amount of exposure for students entering into the fashion industry whether it’s clothes or accessories. Although, the exposure provided by them is limited.

It has been noticed that the Kolkata and Gandhinagar campus are the only two campuses that offer a course in jewellery design. Also, their career prospects as compared to the apparel industry are narrow and limited acknowledgement is observed.

 But, contrary to that the course offered in the Kolkata and Gandhinagar specialise in jewellery design, whereas other NIFTs do offer a degree under the name of Accessories design, here, the ornaments might not be studied in detail as compared to above colleges mentioned, but the institute definitely has a reputable image and offer better career prospects than any other whether in terms of apparels or accessories.

These were some of the institutes that are primarily acknowledged by the students who aspire to pursue jewellery designing, they create better professionals for tomorrow as compared to other institutes offering the same kind of courses.

These professionals aim at providing the best services to the consumers, you know how they say the biggest present comes in the smallest box, and they say it right.

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Written by Bishakha Nihalani

Bishakha has a passion for writing about clean beauty and wellness. She believes in the Indian Science of Ayurveda and including it in our daily lives through food and skincare.

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