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Government Approved Immunity Boosting Diet Supplements for COVID

Immunity Boosting Diet

As we continue to battle the pandemic which is getting gruesome day by day, the need for a healthy and nutritious diet has come to the forefront. 

Today, everyone is looking for immunity boosting nutritious health supplements instead of quick fix food solutions.

The pandemic has caused a massive paradigm shift in the FMCG and health supplements industry. 

So much so that immunity boosting health products like Tulsi, Ashwagandha etc. by popular brands like Dabur, Baidyanath etc have become a rage.

But beyond these conventional health supplements, the pandemic scenario has opened up the opportunity for nutraceuticals startups to take the game to next level. 

People are inventing and coming up with immunity diet supplements like chapatis, soups, potions etc.

Here is a look at some Start ups and their products that have proven to be essential for Covid Care: 

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CoronAid Immunity Boosting Food Supplement 

CoronAid Immunity Boosting Food Supplement

This is a research backed clinically trailed food supplement made by scientists at ‘Centre for Cellular Molecular Biology CCMB’, Hyderabad. 

Named CoronAid, this is an immunity boosting nutritious food supplement made up of the mushroom Cordyceps Militaris.

It is a highly nutritious variety of mushroom growing in the Himalayas, having antioxidant and immunity boosting properties.

The mushroom has a substance called Cordycepin which prevents the formation of new DNA and RNA particles of the virus, stopping its growth. 

This food supplement has been developed jointly by a CCMB incubated start up and Hyderabad based Ambrosia food company, Clone Deals.

Together they have made the food supplement rich in the mushroom and Curcumin found in turmeric.

It will act as an oral immunity boosting food suspension. 

It’s an FSSAI certified product available in stores from December last year. 

Cordytea Immunity Boosting Tea

Cordytea Immunity Boosting Tea

Manufactured by ‘Cordyceps India’, this immunity boosting tea supplement contains a range of substances including the mushroom Cordyceps, beta glycans, vitamins, copper, and zinc. 

Along with immunity boosting ability, it also has an energising effect.

It relieves stress and increases your endurance. It also has anti-tumour property. 

Cordytea Immunity Boosting Tea supplement is easily available in the market both online and offline.

It is available on Amazon at a price of INR 1600 for a 15 gm pack. 

It is approved by Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre (BBC) under the Biotechnology Department of the Indian Government.

Dr. Moushumi Monday of Mallipatra Nutraceuticals is the brain behind this product. 

BeamRoti Immunity Boosting Roti

BeamRoti Immunity Boosting Roti

This is an easy to use immunity boosting Chapatti or roti made from Ayurvedic medicinal herbs approved by the AYUSH ministry.

Srinivas from Bangalore based start up ‘Aspartika Biotech’ is the brain behind this product. 

BeamRoti contains Ayurvedic herbs like Aswagandha, Giloy, Tulsi etc which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

Daily intake of this can boost your immunity and help fight viruses. 

The product is approved by the Department of Biotechnology and BBC. 

The products are available on the official website of Aspartika and on Indimart.

The company also has daily immunity drops, an oral drop that boosts your immunity.

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CD4 Shield Immunity Boosting Lozenges

CD4 Shield Immunity Boosting Lozenges

Dr. Vijaya Lanka of ‘Stabicon Lifescience Pvt.Limited’ created CD4 Shield Immunity Boosting lozenges that help to increase blood cells and immunity. 

It’s rich in vitamin B12 and Curcumin that empowers the immunity system to fight the cytokine storm caused by the Coronavirus.

This nutraceuticals lozenge is also approved by BBC and the Department of Biotechnology. 

You can find this on the CD4 Shield website and other platforms. 

ENZO-power Milk Immunity Boosting Milk

ENZO-power Milk Immunity Boosting Milk

This is the brainchild of Abhijit Panshikar, the Director of Pune based nutraceuticals company ‘Ayurzin Biogenoics’.

This Ayurvedic milk variant captures the real essence of milk and boosts it with medicinal herbs to give a superior quality milk supplement. 

They have combined all beneficial aspects of all types of milk like cow milk, goat milk, camel milk, and combined with immunity boosting Ayurvedic herbs to make this product. 

Milk is often regarded as the perfect balanced diet as it has all the essentials vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and other nutrients required by the body.

This milk supplement takes it to the next level with added health benefits from medicinal herbs. 

The product has immune boosting and growth enhancing property thus, making it ideal for both kids and adults. 

So, there you go! Few effective diet supplements that can help boost your immunity during the pandemic.

Switch your regular food with these easy-to-use healthy products that meet your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. 

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Written by Pratiti Nath

A heritage and travel enthusiast with a penchant for sustainable living and travel, Pratiti writes on key issues governing health, environment, travel and culture. A microbiologist by vocation and a writer/editor by profession Pratiti brings science and innovation in her pursuits of life. When not traveling she can be found addressing key issues on her blog at

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