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Top 9 Music Tracks for Practicing Yoga: Experience the Nirvana

Is your daily yoga session becoming dull and boring? Need something interesting to spruce it up?

If it’s yes, music is the answer!

The right music can play a significant role in getting you in the right mindset for a yoga workout. This is why practicing yoga with music was never foreign to the yogis. Whether it is chanting mantras or listening to the mesmerizing notes of a musical instrument, music is a surefire way to uplift the spirit and heighten the state of one’s consciousness.

So, if you are hunting for the perfect playlist for your yoga session, look nowhere. We have curated one that is worth trying.

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1. Moola Mantra by Deva Premal

Moola Mantra by Deva Premal

The Moola Mantra is said to give the ultimate peace of mind that is similar to when one receives a blessing. It calls on the Divine to bring grace into life, regardless of one’s culture and faith. Start your morning yoga session with the mystic tune of Moola Mantra by Deva Premal. 

Raised in an atmosphere of mantra and spiritual discipline, the soothing voice of Deva Premal helps bring down the unwanted stress and anxiety. Swinging to the divine tune will sway away all the woes and help to hold the pose for a long time.

The track is undeviating. So, if you are a beginner and struggling to concentrate, this track can be a good fit to have control over your thoughts.

2. Gentle Awakening by Manose

Gentle Awakening by Manose

Sink into this lovely track by the famous artist, Manose Singh as you start the yoga workout session in the early morning or after the sunset. The track Gentle Awakening is a blissful blend of the bansuri, kalimba, and hang drum that will transport you to a zen mode.

Manose Singh, known for composing enchanting tracks bestows a sense of calmness in this instrumental track. Apart from this one, you can also be earful to the rest of the tracks from the album ‘Call Within’. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

3. Shiva Sambho by Satyaa & Pari

Shiva Sambho by Satyaa & Pari

The music of Saatya and Pari can be best described as a healing space for all those souls who are in quest of peace and tranquility. You don’t have to be a follower of Shiva to immerse yourself in this track. The euphonious voice and the melodious background score will certainly set your body in harmony with the tune.

Moreover, it is great if you often have the problem of focusing on breath while practicing. Try this out. That being said, embark on a pleasant journey as you listen to Shiva Shambo for restorative yoga.

4. Dreamcatcher by  Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor

Dreamcatcher by  Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor

Dreamcatcher by Bahramhji and Maneesh de Moor is an absolute delight to the souls as it ages like a fine wine. Released way back in 2004, the track is a phenomenal blend of instrumental wonder and thoughtful Persian lyrics.

The track is perfect for those hectic days when you have less time to do your yoga session. Don’t worry, simply put on the music and get ready to experience a uniqueness taking you through a universal silence.

ALERT: If your vibe strikes right with this track, it can really become addicted to your mind and soul.

5. Tracks by Sol Rising

Tracks by Sol Rising

Before coming to the tracks of Sol Rising, here is the thing you need to know about this talented soul. Sol Rising AKA Brandon Au had his tryst with meditation at the age of four with a walking mantra technique.

With such a strong foundation, it goes without saying the immense impact one can explore while listening to his music. Calming and rejuvenating, tracks by Sol Rising boast yogic-rooted attributes with earthly instrumental tunes.

Some of the most famous tracks are- The Journey, Pure Space, I Will Love You, Float, and The Misty Morning to name a few.

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6. Shanti by MC Yogi

Shanti by MC Yogi

Unconventional in its way, Shanti is intense enough to carry its listener to a profound state of wholeness. Nicholas Christian Giacomini better known by his stage name MC Yogi has put his heart and soul in this track with a mind-boggling amalgamation of flute and other Indian instruments.

This 3 minutes 49 seconds track will definitely help you to find balance as you slowly dive deep into slo-mo electronic symphonies perfect for yoga sessions.

7. Sita Ram by Tina Malia

Sita Ram by Tina Malia

Composed and sung by Tina Malia, Sita Ram is a soul-cleansing track adorned with Sanskrit mantras. Each of the mantras is carefully chosen to render an impact on  the listener. Malia is considered as a visionary in the sacred chant musical community offers a clear lyrical voice through this track that is too good to be true.

Put the track and experience a zen-like ambience at your home forgetting all the conundrums only to feel the ultimate peace of mind. You can also hear such more tracks from the album Bridge to Vallabha for a clutter-free mind.

8. Om Namah Shivaya by Shantala

Mystic, whirling, and otherworldly Om Namah Shivaya by Shantala offers everything to calm a mind. A lot of yoga experts found this particular track deeply relaxing & ideal for stress relief, sleep, meditative and therapeutic activities.

As you hear, your soul will ease with the beautiful fusion of acoustic guitar, tabla, and mellow chorus. Perfect for a quick yoga session in the morning, start your day in a blissful way. 

9. Dreaming Drops by Thomas Forschbach

Least known to a lot, Dreaming Drops by Thomas Forshbach is a sweet-toned track played on piano released this month. If you are searching for something simple yet appeasing, settle for this instrumental track.

It starts slow and gradually picks pace. Though a small track, you can plan your asanas beforehand and keep your spirits high to channelize your thoughts in a linear way.

P.S. These tracks are available on Spotify and YouTube apart from other music streaming platforms.

Interestingly, motion and music are intertwined seamlessly. So, if you are thinking how music can benefit your yoga sessions, it’s time to understand the sync between science and mystic. The right music can greatly reduce stress, and blood pressure resulting in releasing dopamine (a feel-good hormone) during yoga sessions.

It has been proven that any kind of harmonious melody alleviates one’s life condition and helps to attain the final state of well-being. So, coordinate your movement and breathing pattern as you listen to the tracks mentioned above.

Hey, if you have any personal favourite track while doing yoga, do let us know in the comment box.

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Written by Priyanka Mondal

In the backyard of IIMC, amidst chaos and euphoria of Journalism students, Priyanka finds herself among the intricacies of Tagore and festivities of Ruskin Bond. For her life is easy with these two stalwarts and she can live an eternity among them. A copywriter from the core, she nurtures a tiny cinephile, a shutterbug, and a foodie within her. Oh yes, she takes a great interest in human behavioral science and the Universe!

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