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New Yoga Trends: Unheard of in India- Beer Yoga, Goat Yoga and many more

Yoga, a Sanskrit word meaning union is an old discipline which took birth in India making yoga an integral part of Indian culture .Including both spirituality and physicality, Yoga mainly uses breathing techniques and meditation which helps in improving health not only physically but mentally too.

We have seen Yoga gaining popularity as more and more people have come across this form in order to attain fitness, strength and peace of mind.

You might have personally come across a lot of ‘asanas’, each with its own set of benefits.

But do you know, there are some weird yoga trends from around the world that took the internet by storm and we still have not heard about it!

1. Beer Yoga

Beer Yoga

Ever thought of alcohol and yoga as a combination?

Well yes, it is a true phenomenon. Starting in the year 2014 as a fitness trend, beer yoga basically means you drink beer while performing yoga.


What is weirder is that it is conducted in breweries or taprooms where people can stretch and perform various postures with beer bottles in their hand.

This form of yoga actually went out to gain a lot of international fame as it was not just a craze with fitness enthusiasts.

2. Tantrum Yoga

Tantrum Yoga

Yes, you heard it right!

Tantrum Yoga basically means letting the inside child out in a healthy way.

It is believed that this helps in letting the stress out completely and also the frustration by either screaming, stomping your feet, kicking and even laughing out loud exactly how a toddler does.

Though not completely weird, it is an interesting way to let all that negativity flush out of the body.

3. Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga

Popular in the United States, Goat Yoga is being seen as a great stress buster.

This form of yoga is practiced in the presence of – live goats.

It usually takes place in the outdoors, in the open due to the droppings.

It is believed that goats are not only perfect for yoga practice as it combines a blend of both nature and animals but also combines yoga in a proportionate amount going all well together.

Many people have gathered to be part of such an unique yoga form where people may get distracted but in a good way as it is all about balancing baby goats on the back while keeping the postures correct making it entertaining for both humans and goats.

4. Nude Yoga

Nude Yoga

Can you believe it?

Such a form of yoga exists and are often co-ed.

Though women may fear and back out due to various reasons mainly inappropriate behaviour from the opposite gender but people enrolling for it have to go through a set of rules and follow the guidelines.

The main aim of this form of yoga is to accept the body the way it is and appreciate it encouraging body consciousness and acceptance which people are not generally in favour off.

5. Cannabis Yoga

Cannabis Yoga
Credit: Buzzfeed

The first word itself caught your attention, right?

Teachers who teach this kind of yoga believe that their clients be more open and accept the philosophies of yoga and be more present.

It also helps people to relax and get away with the unwanted stress with music playing in the background or burning of incense sticks to calm the surroundings around.

It is believed that it is an ancient practice but has caught the spotlight in our culture now.

Crazy, isn’t it?

6. Sup Yoga

Sup Yoga

Well, we have seen people struggling to make their postures perfect on land. Then imagine the skills and practice required to be stable and to be able to do it properly on water.

All you need is a SUP which is a stand-up paddleboard to do your regular yoga but this time not on a stable surface.

Beginners can start by practicing on a sup on land and then can land on waters to practice the initial postures which is easy and convenient.

Well, how much ever the postures are easy; being a master of it on water might not be an easy way. 

7. Harmonica Yoga


Ridiculous much?

Well, yoga is all about right way and amount of breathing.

The harmonica here is used in order to draw attention to your breath and helps in realising what you are doing with it.

The logic cannot be argued about though!

This might help in improving breathing cycles and help in mindfulness, but in a room full of people with harmonicas at once might not be a very audibly pleasing experience.

8. Glowga  


A trendy form of yoga, Glowga which means glow-in-the-dark is basically about practicing yoga under neon and black lights adding a quirky twist to finding balance.

It is mainly about the connection with the fellow yogis and can be called as a group and in-sync yoga form.

With UV lights, neon lights and darkness, it looks no less than a big party.

And to add up more to this, it is hosted as a large event and have been used in to celebrate pride in certain cities in the west.

You may want to try this form as you have a DJ; you get photographed, in short yoga with lots of fun.

So now that you know many such weird yoga forms, maybe you want to give one of these a shot. But the question is – which one will it be?

Written by Sharmila Feroz

Sharmila Feroz is a graduate of versatile vocations who grew up in a military household which led her to travel to interesting and beautiful parts of the country. Penning those travel experiences paved her way into writing about ethnic lifestyle and cultural celebrations in India.


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