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Top 10 Things To Buy In West Bengal

Top 10 Things To Buy In West Bengal

West Bengal is the abode of art and culture which is a perfect mixture of tradition and modernity. The state has been known for many years for its unique art, literature, poetry, clothing and delicious food, especially desserts.

Modern Bengali culture differs from place to place within the state and it is heavily influenced by many historical events and people, which is specific to a region causing the cultural variations.

If you ever visit West Bengal, there are certain things that you should definitely buy to bring an artsy touch to your home and to keep the essence of the beautiful state alive in your memories.

Most of these culturally significant items are available at a very affordable price range. Here, we have curated a list of the most amazing things that you can buy from Bengal.

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1.Sholapith Handicrafts:

Sholapith Handicrafts

The Sholapith handicrafts are made from the tree birches of the Indian cork tree which grows in the marshy areas of West Bengal.

It is a lightweight material that is white in colour and easy to mold into any shape. Hence, it is the choice of artists who use it to bring their majestic imagination to reality.

The Sholapith work is famous all over the world for its unique beauty. One of the most common places where you can see the art form is the garland made for the goddess Durga during the grand festival of Durga Puja. The product has a gorgeous shine which is comparable to that of ivory.

You can find Sholapith handicrafts in Vishwa Bangla Prince, Anwar Shah Road and different tribal fairs which are regularly conducted in Kolkata.

2. Saree:


A saree is the symbol of feminine elegance and you can’t definitely miss out on the traditional sarees of Bengal like Tant, Katha and Baluchari.

Most sarees are an unique work of art in themselves and you’ll want to grab all of them, so be ready to be spoil for choice.

Tant is a crisp and elegant fabric which is perfect for traditional occasions like Puja which requires a simple yet disenchanted presentation. If you want to drape yourself in the beauty of folklore then Baluchari should be your choice. An embroidered Katha saree embodies six yards of sheer elegance for any occasion.

Kolkata, Sodepur, Gariahat, Hathi Bagan and New Market are the best places for your saree haul.

3. Dhokra Craft:

Dhokra Craft

The Dhokra craft is the wondrous art of molding brass and bronze to give rise to astounding idols that showcase different themes which reflect upon the culture and history of Bengal.

It is one of the must have tribal art forms in your home as it can turn any plain room into an artsy retreat. The talented people from Santhal and Bhumiji tribal groups usually make this craft.

You can find the beautiful figurines in the rural craft houses of West Bengal which sell tribal art forms.

You can also find them in different shops which have different sizes of idols ranging from small pocket-sized pieces to large home decor pieces which can become a centerpiece of your living room. 

4. Painting:


Painting is one of the most prevalent hobbies among the people of West Bengal. Many children are taught to paint from a young age and paintings hold immense value among the people.

There are various popular painting styles but the paintings available near the Kalighat temple are very well-known in the art world.

The paintings are rich in earthy tones and are usually based on religious themes including the eminent Indian mythologies like Ramayana, Mahabharata, the Puran and the stories of several Indian deities.

However, now it has incorporated a wider range of themes including history and politics. The artists have gained recognition in the Western world and their art adorns the art galleries of America and Europe.

5. Desserts:


West Bengal is more popular for its desserts than any other type of food.

If you visit Bengal, then you cannot miss out on the Rosogolla and the Mishti doi. That’s just the beginning as there’s a lot of other delicious sweets to explore.

If you want to pack sweets for your home then you can choose something dry yet delicious like sandesh which are available in different flavors like mango, badam and jaggery.

You can also pack some dry pitha which is another category of sweets. Patishapta and Malpua are must-haves. Don’t forget to try out the Chomchom, Lengcha, and Rasmalai!

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6. Bamboo and Jute products:

Bamboo and Jute products

Bamboo and jute products are very common in Bengal. Jute and bamboo are common crops here and widely available making it a great choice as a handicrafts material.

Several jute and bamboo furniture are produced by the artist and used by commoners. Before the era of plastic, the jute bag was commonly used.

They have caught the attention of the environmentalists for being Eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are highly durable, cheap and look embellished which is a great combination  for someone who wants to go for an Eco-friendly and stylish lifestyle. 

7. Clay Dolls:

Clay Dolls

Many art forms use clay as one of the main ingredients and the use of clay is very popular among the toy makers who make traditional toys called Putul.

The dolls represent a cute Bengali bride and groom or an average Bengali woman or girl and sometimes other things like animals, cartoon characters and musical instruments.

These traditional toys were once very popular among the children and even today can be found in many suburban and village areas.

Nowadays, many people buy them for room decor as it lightens up the room with the adorable Boho vibes.

8. Darjeeling Tea:

Darjeeling Tea

If the way to the heart is through food then the way to the soul is through tea.

Tea is not just a beverage but it is an emotion for the people and an integral part of the culture of Bengal.

All kinds of tea are available here but Darjeeling tea is the most famous for its soothing aroma. It is famous all over the world and can be found in most shops.

It can be cheap or expensive, depending on the quality you’re going for. The pure raw form of Darjeeling tea is expensive but very rich in aroma and flavour while the refined versions are lighter on your pockets. 

9. Terracotta Souvenirs:

Terracotta Souvenirs

One of the cheapest and most culturally exquisite products that you can get for yourself are the black and red late-rite bond Terracotta figurines. It originated in the Bankura and Bishnupur area.

The artists have been practicing Terracotta work for hundreds of years which makes each and every product a manifestation of art, beauty and history.

It’s the perfect decor item for your living room. Some of the best Terracotta figurines include the Bankura horses, musical instruments and jewelries. There are figurines of gods and goddesses and even utensils like bowls and spoons.

You can find these magnificent Terracotta pieces in various parts of Kolkata like Park Street, Barrackpore and Ballygunge.

10. The Conch Shell Bangles or Shakha:

The Conch Shell Bangles or Shakha

Shakha-pola are red and white bangles which are very important in the life of a married Bengali woman as it represents her marital status and wearing shakha and pola is considered to be important for the well-being of the husband.

It has been crafted in Bengal since ancient times and even though most women wear simple bangles, nowadays many unique designs are available according to your taste. Most of the bangle making takes place in the Bishnupur area.

Many intricate designs are inscribed on the bangles from Bankura horses to eminent Hindu temples. Every Bengali jewellery shop has this essential ‘Shringar’. 

How many of these items do you own?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Sharmila Feroz

Sharmila Feroz is a graduate of versatile vocations who grew up in a military household which led her to travel to interesting and beautiful parts of the country. Penning those travel experiences paved her way into writing about ethnic lifestyle and cultural celebrations in India.

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