Rural Tourism in India- explore best villages and opportunities startups have in Rural Tourism

In this article, we would talk about the different locations in India, where different forms of rural tourism can help the locals with income building opportunities. Further, it gives an opportunity to let you breath in fresh air, walking in the lush green grounds, spellbinding you with a stunning landscape. Exploring these top 15 rural areas as a tourist will be an enriching experience.

India is mostly about villages. It comes from the fact that almost seventy percent of the population live in the rural country.

Rural Tourism, as a concept of tourism is increasingly gaining traction. More people, thus, need to wake up to the serene and pristine beauty that the rural India beholds. This would not only boost opportunities in rural India, but also help highlight the real beauty of multicultural India. While the city culture speaks a global language, rural culture has roots in traditional languages, practices, economy, food, and most inspiring of all – an unpolluted surrounding soaking in negativity as trees perform carbon sequestration of soot.

But don’t let this stereotype the villages as some place where you see mud houses, with women making rotis on traditional chulha! Village life has become rather comfortable, with the intervention of new LPG connections and electricity under the various government schemes.

Rural Tourism, as we talked about in our article Types of Tourism in India, rural tourism is about highlighting rural art, life, heritage, and culture of the rural locations.

1. Mawlynnong – Asia’s cleanest village

Mawlynnong – Asia’s cleanest village  for rural tourism

Source – NorthEastTourism

Living root bridge, also called the sacred groves, has an aesthetic value in the villages of Meghalaya. These are 1000 years old, and because of this, Mawlynnong has emerged as one of the favourite village tourism destinations. The clean environment and famed bridges shows their commitment towards Mother Nature. There is a reason why the place is called ‘God’s own Garden’, a mystic heaven.

You can enjoy trekking, joining the cleaning efforts in the village, spending some time at Cherrapunji, climbing bamboo watchtowers.


East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

Best time to visit

Throughout the year

2. Kutch: Community Tourism

Kutch rural tourism : Community Tourism

Kutch is located in Gujarat’s Great Rann of Kutch. The region gives you an opportunity to visit artisan villages, as the as the world famous salt desert located in the region. They have mud huts especially designed to give tourists a feel of living in a village, having attached western bathrooms or tents at the Hodka’s Village Resort. You can also opt to sleep on a traditional woven bed, called the charpai, under the village stars.


Great Rann of Kutch

Best time to visit

Throughout the year

3. Pipili – for Art and Crafts

Pipili – for Art and Crafts -best place to rural tourism in india

Villages have been hub where exceptional arts originate. Applique artwork is one such art which has brought name, fame, and tourism to Pipili. Since the 10th century, Pipili has been the home of master craftsmen who make the art of canopy each year for the Rath yatra at Jagannath Temple. You can spare some time to shop through the distinct artworks, go on a sightseeing tour, or even try to learn applique art!


Puri, Odisha

Best time to visit

Can be visited between October to March to experience light winters

4. Farming in Punjab villages – Itmenaan Lodges Punjabiyat

Farming in Punjab villages - best place for rural tourism in india

Itmenaan Lodges Punjabiyat is how you spend quality time in the village of Punjab. The lodge has four stylish boutique cottages which remain nestled in the verdant fields. The cottages are made in traditional style, that is, entirely out of mud. Guests can perform activities like milking cows, tractor riding, cycling, visiting Sikh temple, experiencing religious ceremonies, etc.


Amritsar, Punjab

Best time to visit

Can be visiting in between February to March

5. Hodka – Learn the exquisite embroidery styles

Hodka on of best place for rural tourism in india

The place is believed to be established by the Halepotra clan. This place is dotted with traditional houses, which are made of distinct patterns and designs. Mud houses remain cool in the summer, while warm in the winters. You can take overnight camel safaris, watch birds, buy traditional products, learn skills from the artisans, or just chill along enjoying the serene beauty of the village.


Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Best time to visit

Can be visited from July to March

6. Spiti – An ecosphere heaven and high altitude rural tourism

Spiti - An ecosphere heaven and high altitude rural tourism

Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is an alternative to Leh and Ladakh, only that it is less talked about. You can visit the Buddhist monasteries, trek to village, live in village homestays, enjoy yak safaris, or even go to enjoy the cultural performances happening on intervals.


Himachal Pradesh

Best time to visit


7. Lachung and Lachen – Heaven made of scenic landscapes

Lachung and Lachen for rural tourism in india

Lachung and Lachen is the place to visit in order to feel the rustic magic dwindling of the twisting glacial beauties. Both the locations exude sublime beauty, and are the most picturesque villages in the country. Lachen excites with adventures, while Lachung is calmer. You can admire the vibrant beauty of Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, watch the confluence of the rivers at Chungthang, take part in Mask Dance Festival, visit Lachung Monastery, or see paradise at Zero Point. You can also enjoy the lovely views at Bhim Nala, which is a gushing waterfall.



Best time to visit – October to June

8. Puttur, Andhra Pradesh

Puttur, Andhra Pradesh - best place for rural tourism in india

A small village in Andhra Pradesh, it is most popular for the mangroves, agriculture, and prominent silk business. Homes are built traditionally, showcasing a beautiful sight. Various facets of silk saree weaving keeps the local folks involved. Surrounding villages are also perfect for on spot picnics.

9. Bishnoi villages – Experience the tribal life

Bishnoi villages - best place for rural tourism in india

Bishnoi is known both for the wild animals, as well as the scenic landscapes. Indian culture dominates the Bishnoi villages, and the natives are straightforward people who live a simple but fascinating life. They welcome guests with warm hospitality and are nature and animal lovers. Did you know that the Bishnoi people also sacrificed their lives to prevent deforestation? You can get an insight into the massacre at Khejarli, explore Singhasni, enjoying clicking pictures of Shepherds, spot wildlife at the Guda village, or buy carpets at Salawas.


Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Best time to visit

October to March

10. Shyam Gaon – Buddham, Sharanam, Gacchami

best place for rural tourism in india is Shyam Gaon

This is a small buddhist locality in the Jorhat District of Assam. The locals are mostly Khamyang tribals, who are followers of Theravada Buddhism. There is a reason why it is one of the calmest and most peaceful villages in the region. Visiting the place to get to know the culture will surely boost rural tourism at the place.


Jorhat, Assam

Best time to visit

June to September

11. Chitrakote – The tribal life in Chhattisgarh

Chitrakote is one of the best place for rural tourism

Enthusiasts who wish to learn about the vibrant and colorful tribal culture can surely look to visit Chitrakote, a small village in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. It is mainly popular for waterfalls of Chitrakoot. The village has a lot to offer from the exciting festivals, to the folk arts, handicrafts, etc. Gocha – a sport using bamboo guns and fruits as ammunition is one of the most popular ones you’d love to know about. Also visit the Jagdalpur Palace and the Danteshwari temple.

12. Munsiyari – ‘Little Kashmir’

Munsiyari – ‘Little Kashmir’ for rural tourism

A village in Kumaon, Uttrakhand, this place beautifully tucked amidst the dense valleys  of the Kumaon, hills which are snow capped in the winters, and densely green in the summers. River Goriganga absolutely adorns the beauty of the bourg, making it a must visit for the lovers of nature god. You can, as a visitor, trek to the Milam Glaciers, and the Ralam Glaciers. You can also witness the beauty and magnificence of Panchachuli mountains.


Kumaon, Uttarakhand

Best time to visit

March-June and September-October.

13. Kila Raipur – for the sports lovers

Kila Raipur – best place of rural tourism for the sports lovers

Action enthusiasts can head to Kila Raipur, where an annual Sports Festival is organized. The highlight of this fete is the bullock cart racing. It is one of the best rural destinations in Punjab, giving you an authentic feel of the place. You can also savor the delicious Langar, tune in to the Punjabi folk, practice Bhangra, pay homage to the local gurudwaras, or visit Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum.


Ludhiana, Punjab

Best time to visit

October – March

14. Kumbalangi Island Village, Kerala

best place for rural tourism in India is Kumbalangi Island Village, Kerala

Backwaters are a Kochi speciality. It is a less explored secret – an ecotourism destination called Kumbalangi. It is a small island village, the first initiative to promote rural tourism in Kerala. It has a number of beautiful scenics, and one of the major features you’d easily find in the place are the Chinese nets. Kalagramam has well nurtured mangroves, having both environmental and aesthetic significance. You can also try your hand at bait fishing!


Kochi, Kerala

Time to visit

October – December

15. Amadubi Village – a place of sustainable patronage

Amadubi Village - a place of sustainable patronage for village tourism in India

This village is situated at a distance of 65 km from Jamshedput. The place has an untold history of artists, called the Pyatkar, who are scroll painters. Pyatkar painting is one of the older, though lesser known, tribal paintings around the whole world! The painter paints on the scrolls, which are made from barks and leaves of trees, connecting the past legends with pictures they make.


Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Time to visit

All round the year.

How can rural tourism benefit the startup culture?

Being from the rural areas, the idea of being surrounded by the peace loving and serene atmosphere remains adamant. But the fact that there are few job opportunities at our place cannot be denied. Here, we’ll talk about startup ideas, that can be incorporated using the elements rural areas, to increasing rural tourism in the country –

  1. A platform to sell items solely from the rural market, in the form of paintings, arts, crafts, can be sold.
  2. A platform to connect ‘trained professionals’ who can work as Tourist Guides in such areas to the ones who are planning such a visit can be made.
  3. Agriculture, in the form of organic farming, can benefit both from tourism and direct selling of organic food to customers. There are a lot of startups dealing in similar ideas.
  4. A platform which organizes and deals with homestays in places like Punjab, where people from other countries come to experience the culture and place, can be a startup idea.
  5. Event Organizing companies can plan rural festivals, village games like Gilli Danda competitions can be organized which can be made exciting enough to attract the urban audience to participate as tourists.

How did you like the list? Is a place you know not listed? Do let us know in the comment section –

Written by Nitish Singh

Nitish is a full time dreamer aspiring for his dreams of being an able administrator in the future and he loves to pen down his thoughts relating to India. He has worked with Tata Steel as a Mechanical Supervisor , and an analyst in financial market. Living most of his life in the small town of Jamshedpur, he has been able to grasp keen interest over social and cultural matters. He has completed his from Amity University and has survived 7 years of his life living all around Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow.
Today's youth attracts him a lot and he thinks increasing the analytical quotient by gaining some knowledge on current events of 'New India' will help inculcate in them a sense of accountability to the society and the government alike.


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  2. Sharell Cook lives in Mumbai full-time and has covered India for TripSavvy since its launch in 2017. The growth in the India rural tourism market in recent years means that many Indian villages have now found a place on the tourist map. Not only does it provide the villagers with a much needed additional source of income, visitors are able to interact with them and gain a rare insight into their way of life. They say the heart of India lies in her villages. Here are some top ways of experiencing them. If you re concerned about having to sacrifice your comforts, don t be. There are luxury accommodation options too in some places!

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