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Pranic Healing And Its Benefits

The use of energy for healing is an ancient practice used to treat diseases. Read on to find out about how this concept is applied in modern age and how it can benefit you.

Energy and life force has been used as a healing tool since the beginning of Indian civilization. Our ancient saints noticed the presence of a divine energy and its effects on us. They passed on this knowledge to their students, some of which got encrypted into the scriptures and other books.

Pranic Healing And Its Benefits

These scattered pieces of information were brought together and developed into a new healing system by a man named Choa Kok Sui.

Modern medicine has consecrated humanity with the miracles of science, saving many lives. However, the approach of modern medicine is based on the physical dimension. It is also more focused on treatment than on prevention.

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Frequent use of drugs can cause many unpleasant side effects. That’s why people are seeking alternative ways to manage and treat their conditions. Pranic healing is one such healing technique which can be used without the fear of developing side effects and uses natural therapies that focus more on a spiritual dimension.

What is pranic healing?

Pranic healing is a healing technique developed by Master Choa Kok Kui from the Philippines during the late 20th century. It is a modern type of alternative healing system that uses knowledge of aura cleansing, chakras and arhatic yoga to activate the innate healing process inside the body.

The idea of PRANA is actually very ancient. The word itself is derived from Sanskrit and it can be literally translated as “life force” or “vital principle”.

What is pranic healing?

It was first described in our ancient upanishads and Vedas.The first reference can be found in the 3,000-year-old Chandogya Upanishad, but there have been mentions of the term in other notable Upanishads including the Katha, Mundaka and Prasna Upanishads.

Similarly, the concept of yoga and meditation can also be found in these ancient sources. These essential concepts were updated and the modern method of pranic healing was developed.

How does pranic healing work?

How does pranic healing work?

A human being has a multidimensional existence unlike any other species on earth. We are affected by our mental and emotional health as much as by physical health.

Science used to ignore the mental aspect of health until recently when the idea of health has been broadened to include mental and emotional well being as well. That is because the mental health directly influences the physical health of a person.

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Mental health is actually affected by emotional health. So, everything is related and ignoring any one aspect of the state of being can result in degradation of another aspect.

According to the concept of pranic healing, a person’s spiritual, emotional and physical health can be affected due to an imbalance in the prana or energy. The healing practice focuses on balancing these energies through a proper methodology.

  • Firstly, the negative energy which is caused due to physical or emotional problems is identified. 
  • Then those energies are removed.
  • Finally the positive vital energy is revived.

For doing all the things mentioned above, the healer does not even need to touch the patient or provide any medications. Their job is simply to guide the person throughout the process.

How does pranic healing work?

This methodology can be repeated until the desired results are achieved. Pranic healer goes through years of practice, reading, meditation and exercise in order to achieve his or her own best energy state which can be used to heal other people’s energies.

The healer protects people against negative energy once they are healed to prevent relapse of problems. They also help to develop confidence and motivation in the patients. This can be achieved through rigorous sessions that involve increasing spiritual power while developing deeper compassion, peacefulness and intuition.

What is the difference between pranic healing and homeopathy?

Pranic healing is based on the concept of channelising positive energy and does not include the use of any medicine, whereas, in homeopathy, usually some form of medication is also given to the patient. Some professionals do use natural substances like essential oils to help the patients feel better. 

Benefits of pranic healing:

Benefits of pranic healing

Pranic healing has numerous benefits.

  1. Treatment of ailments: Nature has bestowed us with an immune system which can fight diseases itself. This immune system functions the best when it is free from emotional stress. Thus pranic healing can be used to treat ailments like fever, pain, itching, migraine, etc.
  • Spiritual Practice: Regular practice can help a person achieve inner peace by cleansing their aura from the negative energy. This helps a person to reach higher levels of consciousness.
  • Treatment for addiction: Many modern problems related to addiction can also be solved with the practice of pranic healing. The common reasons why people fall into addictive behaviour and substance abuse is related to bad emotional health. Removing negative energy can influence a person’s emotions which can help them give up addiction eventually.
  • Treatment for mental illness: Stress and depression are the most common problem of the modern life which can be treated successfully through pranic healing by adjusting the heart chakra, which is responsible for the joy and happiness in our life and the lack of which leads people into a state of the despair and consternation which is medically called depression. 
  • Increasing intelligence: A balanced state of mind, soul and body leads to the best functioning of our brains. The upper chakra of the body needs to be balanced in order to achieve maximum health and unleash our hidden potentials.
  • Preventing diseases: Apart from treating diseases, it can also be used to prevent further complications. As we know that many modern lifestyle diseases are related to one another so if a person gets one disease then there is  a high increase in the likelihood of getting another. In order to prevent such instances, pranic healing removes the negative energies before it impacts the health.

Pranic healing and Allopathy:

Pranic healing and Allopathy

A pranic healing practice is based on developing positive energy within yourself but it is not recommended to simply stop visiting your allopathic doctor while undergoing pranic treatment.

In fact, many practitioners suggest that allopathic treatment along with planning healing gives the best results. That is because a positive outlook has a great impact on physiological health.

This is why people who are under treatment due to various physical diseases can find reassurance and calmness by channelising positive energy which can help to reduce stress and anxiety that has a negative impact on the allopathic treatment itself.

However, less serious causes can be treated through Pranic healing alone. One important thing to remember is that for this treatment to work one has to have an unshakable belief in the guiding life force that is the universe itself, the force that created all life on earth and continues to preserve it. 

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