Consumer is the king of the market and that is how the beauty and personal care industry is becoming one of the fastest growing consumer products sectors in India.

The growth of the industry has just been continuous and constant by making their way into the major portions of the retail stores storing and stacking in the cosmetics from around the world.

With the steady growth in the Indian Cosmetics and Beauty Products segment, the products have been categorised under five sub-segments namely: Body Care, Face Care, Hair Care, Hand Care, and Colour Cosmetics.

The BPC Industry was estimated to be worth USD 8 billion in 2016 and has been continuously growing and presently estimated to be USD 9.5-10.5 in 2021, aligning in line with the India’s GDP growth.

Though many international brands have been dominating and are said to be the key players in this industry, the domestic players are also trying to catch up with the review period with the emergence of natural, herbal, organic, and Ayurvedic products.

There are various trends that are shaping the beauty and personal care industry making it prominent and a pivotal segment in the Indian market.

  • There has been a shift towards mental and physical well-being due to constant awareness through use of natural, organic, anti-fatigue, anti-pollution, and anti-ageing products.
  • Men grooming products have picked up a great speed as there has been increasing adoption.
  • There has been shift in spending more on year-long skincare regimes especially considered as a bridal solution.
  • Increasing use of technology in the beauty segment by investing and purchasing technology-infused beauty devices that ensures high efficiency.
  • Consumers have opted for online buying ensuring convenience and safety especially during these tough times.
  • Consumers have also shifted their interest towards in-house services, keeping in mind the uncertainty of the current scenario and situation.
  • The millennials have a sense of individualism, opinion, and personal choices affecting their buying behaviour.
  • There has been a constant rise in review process and increasing demand for consumer feedback in order to keep improving the quality of the products and suggestions taken to keep up with the expectations of the consumers by improving their experiences.
  • Due to rising consciousness among people about healthy skin and hair, there has been constant demand for organic and Ayurvedic products with no side-effects.

Due to the swift and consistent growth in the beauty industry, the domestic market now has a pool of opportunities waiting for them to gain access in the global market and also has lured in many international brands operating in the country.

The crucial key factor when entering into the big market of beauty and personal care industry is to understand and adapt according to the Indian skin tones and types and provide customized products accordingly.

Though the initial stages are challenging due to stiff competition and the sales may come across as low to average but gradually, with right understanding of the market the scenario will change as sales are expected to increase.

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Organic Beauty Start-Ups in India

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The demand for skin care has been on the rise with the improving financial situation of the middle class.

Investing in beauty products has become more acceptable for the people. After all, once you have your basic needs met, the next thing you will want is to invest in yourself. Beauty increases your confidence and your overall health.

But the journey of beauty and skincare isn’t very smooth for everyone and it takes many trials and errors to figure out what works the best for you. Until recent years, chemical based products dominated the Indian market.

However, time and again, many of these products have been in a number of controversies related to health effects which made the public question their authenticity.

This led to the rise of a new type of product that only contains natural and organically grown ingredients. In recent times, there has been a rapid shift towards organic products.

The Indian cosmetic industry is expected to grow into an enormous 220 billion dollar by 2025. This makes India the hub of cosmetic products, a large percentage of which is now occupied by the organic companies. Campaigns such as “Make in India” by the government have aided in highlighting the local brands and creating a reliable image of these products.  

What is an Organic Beauty Product?

Organic products mean the products which are produced from organically grown ingredients. Most of these products have no preservatives or risk of contamination from pesticides and insecticides that are used for growing plants. The products are made up of natural ingredients that are very less likely to generate any allergic reaction or side effect.

Here, we introduce you to the best and most promising Indian start-ups in the field of organic beauty:

1. Skincraft

2. Natures Tattva

3. mCaffeine

4. Wild Earth

5. Plum

6. Tribe Concepts

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Top Organic Beauty Brands in India

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Who doesn’t love that flawless glowing skin? But with the growing awareness of extensive use of chemicals in skin care products, no one want beauty at the cost of health.

Hence, Organic skin care products are being adopted by more and more Indians. We are gradually understanding how adulterated and heavy chemical toxins used in most of the daily skincare and beauty products damages our skin to a great extent.

Therefore, Organic Brands in India are gaining immense popularity.

And with such a variety of options of organic brand in India nowadays, we can go natural by using only organic skincare products which are natural and free from chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, silicones and many more such heavy toxics.

Although, somewhere we fail to understand that there is a major difference between natural and organic products where organic products are largely chemical free whereas, natural products are 50-60 per cent chemical free.

Here, presenting to you the list of Top Beauty Brands in India:

1. Forest Essentials

2. Soulflower

3. Organic Harvest

4. Dear Earth

5. Khadi Natural

6. Kama Ayurveda

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7. Skinyoga

8. Ruby’s Organics

9. Juicy Chemistry

10. Azafran

11. Lotus Organics+

12. Himalayan Organics

There are newer brands being introduced and are upcoming with their own set of products. One such brand presented is Bella Vita Organics, check out their top reviewed products here: Bella Vita Organic – Reviewing their Best Ayurvedic Beauty Products (

The Future of Organic Beauty: The Establishment & Growth of Clean Products

With the pandemic taken over the world by storm, the curiosity of the consumers regarding the ingredients used in the products and manufacturing practices have peaked.

Not only restricted to a particular field but now each consumer wants to be aware of how the products are being made, who are making them, and the safety and security standards of it.

Organic products and clean products are the new terminologies taking over the skincare and beauty industry by storm and well it is clearly here to stay for long. The brands have all introduced customised products along with the convenience of online shopping and delivery at the doorstep which is in return helping in boosting the sales.

The increasing women workforce, urbanization, and changing dynamics of working youth population is laying down newer opportunities for the brands.

The constant growth is due to the awareness and consciousness in the customers which is helping the brands to help make better products for their positive experience and satisfaction.

This particular industry is highly dynamic and gradually growing as the brands are constantly working on introducing new functionalities and features attracting more consumers.

There is a huge shift towards the paraben-free products though each brand has categorised the products into different segments and sub-segments still with consumers heavily preferring non-paraben products for their skin.

Though the business is growing and flourishing, with right supply chain, logistics, and marketing strategies, the industry is surely going to flourish further.