Must Watch T.V. shows and Web Series of 2010s before the decade ends!


If you often have had to hear this sentence by your disappointed friends or even by some random stranger you met at a party, then this article is specifically made for you!

The twenty-tens pioneered some path-breaking TV and web series which made it a remarkable epoch for the entertainment industry. Ranging from fantasy dramas to relatable sitcoms, it brought several dynamic shows to life which redefined the decade in terms of television.      

1. Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Game of Thrones

Not starting the article with the most clichéd show ever would’ve been a waste of opportunity so bear with us! One of the most popular T.V. shows of not just the decade but of all times is this visual adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s just as popular fantasy novel series “A song of Ice and Fire”.

Dragons, zombies, witches, giants, mighty female characters, fighting sequences, lot of deaths, time travel are just few of the many outlandish things that make this ensemble a treat for the eyes.

This Emmy record-breaker should thus certainly be on your watch list.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013- PRESENT)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This situational comedy is the most relatable new age show with characters who face daily dilemmas quite similar to ours.

The authenticity in the portrayal of flawed yet lovable characters is probably what makes this show one of a kind and so widely liked.

The plot revolves around the annoyingly adorable detective Jake Peralta of the 99th precinct of NYPD and his team who solve crimes with the assistance of their sassy yet lawful captain Raymond Holt.

The show being a huge representative of LGBTQ, non-toxic masculinity, badass female lead as well as side characters is another reason for its huge fanbase.

3. Black Mirror (2011- PRESENT)

Black Mirror

Defining the genre of this dynamic anthology is a bit challenging but it consists largely of psychological drama, science fiction and satirical thriller.

Based in the near future in some episodes and the present in the others, the show is reflective of the dystopian future that the life altering technologies are creating.

In other words, the show basically preaches why technology is a bane and it is important to come to this realization and how technical advancements/ innovations will ultimately lead to cataclysm regardless of their helpful essence.

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4. Wild Wild Country (2018)

Wild Wild Country

This Netflix original is a documentary series based on the controversial life of the godman Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, also popularly known as Osho and his personal assistant Ma Anand Sheela.

The series talks about his teachings, forms of meditation and other cultural aspects of his cult. But largely the show is based on debunking the myths and the controversies surrounding the setting up of Rajneeshpuram (a town for Rajneesh’s followers) in Oregon.

How it threatened the lifestyle of the locals, how it became a national phenomenon in the States and how it led to Ma Anand Sheela’s rise as a role model for the Rajneeshees and a threat to the whites. T

he documentary should be a must watch in case you wish to gain insight about this historic event and its consequences.

5. Money Heist (2017- Present)

Money Heist

The Spanish drama is a crime story of a mastermind going by the name “Professor” who plans a heist of the royal mint of Spain and involves a group of eight small-time criminals in his elaborate plan.

The story unfolds when these robbers capture the royal mint and create a multi-day hostage situation inside, with the professor guiding them through every step from the outside.

The plot then primarily revolves around the day-to-day happenings in the mint, the professor’s negotiations with the police and how he and his group are always a step ahead of them.

This nerve-wrecking and anxiety inducing show has great direction, exceptional acting and the above mentioned eccentric storyline apart from some very pretty faces as reasons enough for you to binge watch it.

Besides this essential must-watch catalog, a few other shows championed in the decade that should debut on your watchlist ASAP are; Ghoul, Bojack Horseman, End of the f***cking world, Sex education, Elite, The good place, Sacred games, Umbrella academy, Our planet, Stranger things and Mindhunter.   

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Written by Sugandha Singh

A student of History(Hons) from Hansraj College,Delhi University. Sugandha loves writing on contemporary ideas specially in fields related to Heritage, modern-day dilemmas, nature and more. A Netflix enthusiast and lastly a hardcore GenZ.

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