Young Mothers Catching With The New Lingo – The Language Their Kids Speak

English is a funny language.  English muffins were not invented in England; French fries were not invented in France. Quicksand takes you down slowly, Boxing rings are square. A guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.  These are some accepted phrases and each day new slang words are getting added to the English Dictionary. Some words may not make it to the dictionary but are still very much considered common parlance. The millennial generation has developed many terminologies that the Gen X or Y members probably wouldn’t be familiar with. But young mothers to this generation are ensuring to keep up with the times and speak the language their children do.

Mothers are aware of how their children are prone to learning new terms and words as a result of schooling and socialising with people their age.

Studies have shown that there are a few terms and words that most young moms are familiar with and many that they are still figuring out. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at popular slang words that are commonly used these days and what they mean-

popular slang words
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  1. OMG– Short for ‘Oh My God!’-Used to express shock, excitement, surprise.
  2. Obvio– Short for ‘Obviously’.
  3. Savage– Used to refer to someone or something that ridicules another person in a way that is borderline rude.
  4. Dope
  5. Lit– Used to express something that is enjoyable, memorable and exciting.
  6. SOS– Someone Over Shoulder. Used while texting or chatting online; to express that there is someone around the speaker and to be conscious of what the respondent sends.
  7. Netflix & Chill– Used to refer to a two people planning to engage in sexual activities.
  8. Woke– Implies that one should stay abreast and up to date with the recent social and economic events; basically about what’s trending
  9. Roast– Making fun of someone.
  10. AF- As F**k. Used to express a high level of severity.
  11. Extra– Used to refer to someone who is being overdramatic or exaggerating.
  12. On fleek– Used to refer to something that is on point or couldn’t be any better. Basically to connote something that is done well.
  13. Bae– Short for ‘Before Anyone Else’. Used to refer to someone who is priority.
  14. Basic– Used to refer to someone who is unoriginal and lacks uniqueness.
  15. Feels– Used to express emotional connectivity with the concerned subject.
  16. Goals– Used as reference to express someone’s ability to be like/ mirror the concerned subject.
  17. LMK– Short for ‘Let Me Know’-Used as an indicator of keeping one informed.
  18. HMU– Short for ‘Hit Me Up’- Used to tell others to get in touch with oneself.
  19. TBH- Short for ‘To Be Honest’- Used to indicate the fact that one is being truthful of what’s being spoken about.

There are many more short terms, millennial phrases and words that are being added as kids grown up and the young generations of mothers are catching up with these terms at a fast rate too.

But if you’re a young mother, and your child is just entering his/her teens- there are some short forms you definitely need to know and take appropriate action (speak to your child) about their usage of these phrases-

  • 53X = sneaky way to type “sex”
  • CD9 = code 9, parents around
  • WTTP = want to trade photos?
  • FWB = friends with benefits
  • ADR = what’s your address
  • TWD = texting while driving
millennial phrases and words

Apart from these, having acronyms is normal as if you think about it, actually started out as simplifying the process of communicating. So it’s alright to use such terms but mothers should be cognizant of what their children exactly mean while texting or posting things on social media.

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