Indian Culture Through The Eyes of Millennials

India is a country known for its diverse culture and varying ethnicities. It is home to people of numerous backgrounds that are kept united despite the infinite disparities. There are over 15 national languages recognised by the Indian Constitution, 29 states and 7 union territories that the country has been divided into, yet we all manage to identify ourselves with one word- Indian. And what is it that makes us who we are? Our culture.

The Indian culture has been passed on from many generations leading us to what we are today. But of course, not all values have remained constant. As they say, change is the only constant. In order keep up with the times, India too needed to change its values to be at par with its Western counterparts. The changes over the years have been examined and analysed by scholars all over the world.

According to the millennial age group, the youth and future of our nation, these changes can be seen as both a bane and a boon. This generation ( ages 22 to 37 years ) are of the opinion that things have changed indeed, but we can do either of two things. Embrace it or dispraise it.

Embracing The Change

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We Did Away With Absurd Laws!

Many years ago Indians greatly believed in certain practices that in today’s day and age can be categorized as obnoxious and unnerving. Practices such as child marriage, bride burning ( also known as sati ) , female infanticide and the like were considered common practice and were even openly accepted. Over the years, people have questioned these practices and have abolished them for our benefit.

Feminism at The Forefront!

The millennial age group greatly identifies with being feminists, secular and radical thinkers. They question circumstances rather than taking them at face value and accepting them as they are. Millennials take pride in the achievements of their female folk, a great contrast to what happened all these years.

Tech Savvy to Culturally Savvy!

Technology has conspicuously helped shape our Indian values. Access to upgrates in all spheres of life from across the globe have been made accessible to us thus keeping us at par with what’s happening. It is hard to not change when changes all over the world are screaming at you in the face.

Dispraising The Change

While many feel our Indian values have changed for the better with such exposure, there are also some of the viewpoint that our true culture has eroded over the years. Whether or not that in itself is a good thing or bad, each person has to decide for themselves. But according to popular opinion of the millennial, it was high time we upgraded our thinking to suit international standards.

And it is safe to say that while India has a long way to go, it is definitely a good start!

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