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Curry Leaves: Nature’s Gift for Strong and Lustrous Hair

One of nature's best-kept hair secrets, Curry leaves are hailed for their regenerative power that helps wish away every hair woe likely to impact hair health.

Curry Leaves hair benefits

Explore the most potent hair vitalizer nature can offer, Curry Leaves, a potent herb rich in essential nutrients for your hair’s optimum health.

Long, dark tresses that can be easily styled and cared for might be something hard to achieve but not unattainable. With nature at your dispense, your hair can bounce with vitality and shine. 

Treating your hair with finely blended fresh green curry leaves every once in a while immensely helps in regaining the luminescence and tensility it loses to pollution, chemical treatments and frequent shampooing.

Quality of water and overall health roughens your hair too often. It leaves them moisture-less and severely damaged. A deeply nourishing therapy can reinfuse youth back into your locks.

It also saves your hair from the chemicals in the water you unknowingly use to keep your hair clean and manageable. For thinning hair, it proves to be a miracle remedy that can help stimulate the scalp for denser hair growth. 

Why Use Curry Leaves for Hair?

Before digging into all the other benefits this nutrient-packed culinary ingredient claims to offer, it’s vital to know in what way it works to restore health and vitality to your ailing tresses. 

Firstly, most natural hair experts or treatments advocate using fresh curry leaves on hair simply because they are a rich and readily available source of chlorophyll, a component that holds the ability to revamp hair texture instantly. 

Hair that demands instant replenishment tends to recover easily from damage when treated with a chlorophyll-rich mask. This way all the nutrients can get easily absorbed into your hair making for a quicker recovery from several kinds of hair issues. 

Secondly, curry leaves can help beat oxidative damage to keep ageing at bay which can make your hair lose its texture and agility very quickly. This quality of curry leaves is attributed to their being rich in antioxidants and proteins which are necessary for thicker hair growth.

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Consuming curry leaves in your daily diet also helps ward off hair problems that arise from poor nutrition as they are particularly rich in hair-building nutrients that are largely missing in daily food items.

Benefits of Curry Leaves For Hair

Benefits of Curry Leaves For Hair

1. Reverses Greying

Curry leaves help to alleviate factors that contribute to premature greying when applied frequently on greying hair whether as a hair oil, mask or consumed in your meals. 

These leaves are packed with iron, vitamin B and minerals like selenium, and zinc which help maintain healthy blood flow to hair follicles and further lead to the quicker formation of melanin in hair roots which helps turn greying hair black again.

2. Promotes Hair Regrowth

Hair regrowth is another area where curry leaves show terrific results especially when applied as a remedy for thinning hair along with other natural hair foods like Fenugreek, Amla and Brahmi.

They work by supplying a healthy dose of nutrients to the scalp to let the follicles receive ample nutrition which is instrumental in regrowing hair on thinning parts. 

3. Soothes Scalp

If your itchy scalp keeps disrupting your peace, you can benefit greatly from a fresh concoction of finely pureed curry leaves applied directly to your scalp and hair. 

This way your hair will not only feel refreshed and rejuvenated with the healing touch of nature but your scalp will also get respite from irritation or itching brought about by poor weather, pollution or lack of moisture and nutrients. 

4. Boosts Hair Volume

For those who have issues with their existing hair volume or have a tough time styling their hair that tends to get limp very quickly, curry leaves can be the saviour you need to help your hair regain its form and texture leading it to become well managed and bouncy once again. 

5. Adds Shine

Benefits of Curry Leaves For Hair shine

Lacklustre hair can expect to get its natural gleam back with curry leaf oil hair massage done twice every week. This oil helps unclog hair follicles so they can supply your hair with an active dose of trace elements to make them look shinier than ever.  

Alternatively, you can also try applying a mask of fresh curry leaves mixed with Fenugreek, and Amla to restore the shine to your dull-looking locks, if oiling seems tricky. 

6. Fights Dandruff

Curry leaves come in handy whenever you have to deal with a dry, flaky scalp which makes daily hair care and styling a struggle. The worst part is when you’re all ready to make an impactful presence at an event, those tiny unappealing flakes of dandruff fall onto your clothes or get stuck on your hair only to shatter your looks.

So, remember to soak your hair in the natural goodness of pureed curry leaves mixed with aloe gel or coconut oil to soothe scalp dryness and inflammation that results in dandruff. 

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7. Speeds up Hair Repair

Known to be an abundant source of hair repair nutrients, curry leaves are often incorporated in hair recipes to reverse hair damage brought by heat styling or chemical treatments. 

Loaded with a chock full of vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene that help manufacture keratin to fill up damaged hair structure, these leaves can instantly transform damaged tresses into healthy, beautiful-looking hair. 

8. Detoxifies Scalp

A notable trait that speaks to millions about the nurturing power of curry leaves is scalp detoxification. When ground into a fine paste, the leaves are a great fix for product and pollution buildup that inflicts damage to your scalp making it difficult for hair follicles to breathe or draw in nutrients.

To improve the breathability of the scalp and foster better nutrient absorption, applying a fresh blend of curry leaves and Aloe juice can work wonders in obtaining renewed hair texture and health.  

9. Strengthens Hair

Benefits of Curry Leaves For Hair make strong

Hair prone to breakage can avail massive hair-strengthening qualities from curry leaves whether in oil or as a hair-strengthening mask. 

They can easily help you obtain hair that can be easily combed, styled or tied without any breakage. Curry leaves work by infusing vital hair-regenerating elements that prevent hair from getting entangled and unruly.

10. Prevents Frizz

Frizzy, moisture-less hair is a leading issue that can only be fixed if you spare some time to stem the real reason that is taking away nutrients and moisture from your hair. 

In most cases, frizziness is brought on by dry weather or when your hair is treated with a harsh chemical or a product that degrades hair texture. 

To treat frizziness, it’s vital to let your hair relax and regenerate itself with the help of oil infused with curry leaves. 

Such remedies are of great help in deeply moisturizing your hair so they become smooth, and silkened and can withstand heat, humidity or harsh climatic conditions.

Ways To Use Curry Leaves For Healthy Hair

Ways To Use Curry Leaves For Healthy Hair

For Greying Hair

  • Hair mask

Blend a cup of curry leaves with ground Amla (gooseberry) and some water and apply directly to your hair beginning from the roots down to the ends of your hair ensuring each hair strand is covered with the blend. 

  • Hair rinse

Place 20-30 fresh curry leaves with a tablespoon of black tea in a skillet. Add half a litre of water and bring it to a boil. Let the liquid simmer for 10 minutes to obtain a darker colour. Give enough time for this liquid to cool down. If it’s summer season, you can refrigerate it. Use it to rinse your hair right after you shampoo your hair. 

For Thinning Hair

  • Hair oil

Mix a cup of dried curry leaves and Fenugreek seeds and grind them into a fine powder. Heat some coconut oil in another pan just for a minute and turn off the flame. 

Add curry leaf and fenugreek seed powder into the oil and let it crackle. Pour this oil into another container to prevent burning. When cooled, strain the oil and store it in a container. 

Use this oil thrice every week to improve hair density. For better effect leave this oil overnight on your hair and shampoo the next morning. 

  • Hair mask

Grind a handful of fresh green curry leaves with a teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of glycerine. Untangle and wet your hair with water sprayed onto the scalp. 

Apply this paste onto your hair with a hair dye brush and once done, roll the hair up and secure with a hair clip. 

Let the ingredients release the nutrients for 30 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Shampoo afterwards to eliminate any leftover greasiness.

  • Hair Pack

Grind 10 – 15 Curry leaves together with two teaspoons of freshly extracted onion juice. 

Work this blend onto the scalp massage with coconut oil and leave it for 30 minutes to stimulate blood flow. Wash off the blend slowly with warm water and a mild shampoo. 

For Damaged Hair

  • Hair mask

Blanch a cup of fresh curry leaves in half a cup of water. Let this concoction cool and transfer in a blender. 

Mix in a tablespoon of honey and grind again. Work this mixture onto your scalp with a hair dye brush and wash off after 30 minutes. 

  • Hair pack

Mix 10-12 pureed curry leaves with beaten egg yolk and apply to your damaged tresses once a month to reclaim your hair’s lost health. 

Wash off with warm water after 30 minutes. Use vinegar rinse and mild shampoo to eliminate the unpleasant odour of the egg.

  • Hair rinse

Steep 4 – 5 dried Hibiscus blossoms, 10-15 curry leaves and a teaspoon of green tea in a skillet filled with half-litre water. 

Bring it to a boil and set this brew aside to cool down. Strain the liquid in a separate container and pour it on your hair as a hair rinse once or twice a week.

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For Frizzy Hair

  • Hair Serum

Heat a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil and add half a teaspoon of dried curry leaf powder. Let this oil cool and then strain it into a serum container. 

Add 5 drops of Glycerin with a tablespoon of rose water. Shake the container several times to let the ingredients incorporate easily. 

If the serum feels too greasy, you can add distilled water and a drop of glycerine into the container and shake the contents once again to obtain a thinner consistency. Apply this serum to your hair every day to prevent frizziness that results from lack of moisture.

  • Hair oil

Heat a cup of olive oil with ¼ teaspoon onion seeds. Let them sputter and turn off the flame. Add dried curry leaves into the oil when it is still warm. 

When cooled, strain the oil into a separate container and use it to relax your frizz-prone hair with a nightly hair massage done once every week.

  • Hair pack

In a blender grind a cup of fresh curry leaves with yoghurt. Apply this to your hair once a week to ease the tangles and frizz that make hair care a tough ordeal. 

Wash off this pack after 30 minutes and use a hair serum to lock in nutrients. 

For Dry, Brittle Hair

  • Hair oil

Heat a tablespoon of gingelly or flaxseed oil with 3 – 4 curry leaves. Let the oil cool. Massage your scalp with this oil when it is still warm for better hydration.

  • Hair mask

Place a tablespoon of flax seeds with a cup of water in a skillet and bring it to a boil. Once you notice the liquid turning into a thick gel, turn off the flame. 

Let the gel cool. Grind 10 – 12 fresh curry leaves, mix them with the flax seed gel and apply to your hair as a mask. 

For colour-treated hair

  • Hair serum

Heat a teaspoon of coconut oil. Add 3 – 4 curry leaves. When cooled, remove the leaves and add one teaspoon of argan oil, one teaspoon of aloe gel, 1 tablespoon rose water, 1 tablespoon distilled water, 2- 3 drops glycerine and 2 – 3 drops tea tree oil into the curry leaf infused coconut oil. 

Transfer this blend to a serum container and shake it well enough to let the contents blend in evenly. Use it as a hydrating serum to seal in colour and keep your hair protected from damaging elements. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should you use curry leaves on your hair?

Fresh curry leaves, whether as a mask or hair pack tend to exhibit allergic properties especially if they’re used frequently on your scalp, due to the high potency of nutrients. So, it is best to limit their topical usage to just once or in rare circumstances, twice a month. 

However, if you wish to continue to benefit from their natural ability to restore hair pigment and density, you can use curry leaf hair oil or serum twice a week.

Q. Are there any side effects associated with the frequent application of curry leaves?

Evidence suggests that people wishing to obtain quick results sometimes suffer from skin irritation that arises with frequent application of curry leaf paste on their skin and scalp. Hence, the best course is to limit the application to just once a week for deriving the best hair colouring and regrowing properties. 

If you continue to suffer from itchy scalp or contact dermatitis even after restricted applications, it’s better to switch to curry leaf hair rinse and oil which can help extract similar results without any irritation or itchiness. 

Q. Do curry leaves leave an unpleasant odour on your hair? What can you do to keep away the odour?

If you can wash off the mask effectively with warm water there is minimal chance of any resulting odour. However, if you do feel uncomfortable with the way your hair smells, it would help to add a few drops of T-tree oil or Lavender essential oil in the curry leaf hair pack to restrain the odour-causing agents.

Curry leaf hair oil does leave your hair smelling a bit odd but using an herbal shampoo or a hair rinse solves this issue. So, remember to massage your hair with this oil only when you plan to wash your hair afterwards and not practice it as a regular hair care ritual. 

Q. Is eating curry leaves better than applying them to your hair? Should you take any precautions when including curry leaves in your diet?

Direct consumption of curry leaves helps meet your body’s nutritional needs to overcome issues that affect your hair. However, you should never attempt to consume large quantities of these leaves to obtain quicker results. This can never happen because your body can digest only the recommended levels of nutrients. 

Also, if your hair is struggling to recover from the damage it undergoes on a routine basis, direct application of curry leaves on hair helps deliver nutrients much faster. 

Curry leaves are ideally consumed as a tempering ingredient in lentils, soups, snacks and chutneys. To obtain their healing properties for damaged, greying or thinned-out hair, 5 – 10 curry leaves added to your daily meals can help you achieve thicker and darker hair. 

While consuming curry leaves, it’s vital to be watchful of any side effects they might bring to take necessary measures to prevent the results from turning worse. 

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Written by Sukomal Joshua

Sukomal Joshua is a Beauty Writer with an incessant pursuit for everything that's natural and organic. With over a decade long experience in researching natural beauty products and recipes, she wishes to instill awareness about the power of nature in nurturing beauty and health.

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