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Best Places To Buy Ajrakh: Best Online Ajrakh Websites

Ajrak is a block print textile and is one of the oldest handlooms in India whose origins can be traced back to over 4000 years ago.

Today, Ajrakh work is practiced in Kutch in Gujarat, Barmer region of Rajasthan and Sindh in Pakistan.

The styles of these regions vary to a great extent but the technique is similar.

The gorgeous block printing work is very elaborate and involves about 14 steps.

The first step for making gorgeous Ajrakh work is washing the cloth to make the fabric soft and free from any debris.

After that, ‘harda’ – a vegetable dye is used to treat the fabric and help other dyes to stick on the cloth.

The washing and drying process is repeated many times until the perfect fabric is achieved.

Resist painting is the technique that helps to create the unique and beautiful designs of the Ajrakh.

In this technique, only a specific portion of the cloth is dyed white the rest of it remains plain.

Usually, complex geometric designs with floral motifs are made.

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Why Ajrakh Is So Special: A Historical Account

Why Ajrakh Is So Special: A Historical Account

The gorgeous block printing technique was probably invented near river Indus.

It was during the times of the historical Harappa civilization known for Indigo and Cotton.

Many of the civilizations’ statues, images, and other artworks represent aristocratic people flaunting the gorgeous Ajrakh work.

Let’s look at the modern history of Ajrakh.

It was popularly practiced in Sindh region which is present in today’s Pakistan.

The communities of this region moved to damak ikka in Kutch around 400 years ago.

Dhamadka village was present until 2001 when the Gujarat earthquake unfortunately demolished it completely.

A new village was established and became the home for Ajrakh craftsmen, aptly named Ajrakhpur.

The elaborate printing technique did not change much throughout its course.

It retained its authenticity though contemporary styles have been added.

So, where do you find the authentic version of this ancient craftsmanship?

Here, we have culminated a list of the best places to buy authentic Ajrakh work:

1. Sindh Crafts

Sindh Crafts

If you want to buy original Ajrakh work, then there is no better online platform than Sindh Crafts.

It brings you the best work right from the original Sindh region of Pakistan.

Ajrakh work is available in different forms including bags, wedding chunri, dresses, topis and anarkalis.

The variety of colors and motifs featuring beautiful patterns makes it one of the best places to buy Ajrakh online.

There are home decor items like the beautiful ‘roti plate’ featuring pompoms and huge embroidered wall art pieces.

2. Fabriclore


If you are looking for Ajrakh fabric for tailor fitted outfits then Fabriclore is the best website for you.

Beautiful authentic Ajrakh work fabric is available on this website on different types of fabrics like cotton, chanderi, rayon, satin, silk, handloom, viscose, and even velvet.

Ajrakh printing technique is used to print beautiful geometric, floral, abstract, striped, Mughal, Chevron, and Pacific designs on the fabrics.

All these works are done on various vibrant colored fabrics that can be made into various beautiful outfits and home decor items.

Moreover, the cost is on the lower side.

The starting price is INR 240 per metre for beautiful yellow and green floral printed work on rayon.

Apart from the fabric, you can also buy beautiful Ajrakh printed sarees starting at INR 3199.

Various home décor items are also available.

3. Itokri


Itokri is synonymous with quality handmade products in India.

They have a great collection of authentic Ajrakh work from the Barmer and Kutch region.

The beautiful silk fabrics are printed with vibrant colors using several geometrical floral designs with natural dyes to bring about the most elegant results.

Gorgeous shades of Ajrakh Fabric like energetic golden yellow, black, red, blue and are available for you.

It can be used to tailor your favorite festive outfit or a stunning home décor item.

The starting price is INR 290 per metre for Ajrak cotton fabrics.

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4. Sanskriti Store

Sanskriti Store

Sanskriti Store has a great collection of sarees, suits, dupattas with Ajrakh work.

Accessories like handbags, wallets, and handmade notebooks are also available to go with your glorious traditional outfits.

Dynamic colors like orange, french blue, and yellow are perfect for summers.

The block printing style is simple yet elegant making it great for casual wear.

The suits start at an affordable rate of INR 1350 for lovely pure cotton suits that are great for hot weather.

Ajrakh fabric is also available at an affordable price of INR 280 per metre.

5. Matkatus


Matkatus is another great online store selling a wide variety of clothing items.

It features Ajrakh work including blouse, saree, fabric, stoles, dupattas, and unstitched suit materials.

Accessories like pouches, purses, and bags with Ajrakh work make your outfit complete.

The collections are available in different glorious colors and patterns including traditional geometric prints and contemporary stripes of contrasting colors.

You will find a beautiful collection of items no matter what your favorite color is.

Right from mystic blacks to vibrant yellows and exquisite indigo to tranquil blue.

6. Scarlet Thread

Scarlet Thread

Scarlet Thread ensures 100% quality to all the lovers of natural and authentic handloom.

The brand has established trust among its customers with its organic colors and the eco-friendly designs.

The clothes are comfortable for the hot and humid Indian climate and easy on the skin.

The Ajrakh fabric is delicate but highly durable and you can make book covers, bags, jewelry, and footwear from it.

You can buy the readymade blouse, kurtis, and trousers available on the website.

The products are made with beautiful vibrant colors in exquisite patterns and designs.

Yellow and Indigo are the most popular colors on Scarlet Thread designs.

Beautiful kurtis in both cotton and silk fabrics are available while modern items like plazo and pants are also there for you to mix and match with the kurtis of your choice.

Most of their designs reflect a royal feel which are actually crafted by underprivileged women from rural areas that makes it an empowerment drive as well.

Prices are very affordable with cotton kurtis starting at INR 1099.

7. Gaatha


If you are looking for premium quality designer items Gaatha is the best place to go.

They have a variety of items in Ajrakh work including handmade bags, sarees, stoles, skirts, dupattas, etc.

The sarees are available in vibrant and elegant colors like red and indigo with wonderful geometric and flowery prints done with the natural dyes.

Ajrakh work are also available at an affordable price of just INR 1200 that can be given as gifts such as beautiful combos of bags, folders, and diaries.

The sarees are absolutely elegant and start at a price of INR 3500.

While you can find gorgeous dupattas of INR 1900.

8. Tjori


Tjori is a well-known traditional handloom brand in India and they have a good collection of Ajrakh work.

You can find beautiful kurtis, dresses, dupatta stoles, plazos, pants, and sarees featuring Ajrakh work in elegant and bold colours like red, blue, brown, indigo, maroon, and golden yellow.

They even have shoes and sandals embellished with Ajrakh work on cotton.

The sarees are available at an affordable price of INR 3849 and kurtas start at INR 1500.

So, these were some of the best online stores for Ajrakh work items.

There are other handloom websites with famous Ajrakh work. Each store has its advantages and signature style.

The type of outfit you should buy and wear will depend on the occasion and season.

For traditional festivals, go for elaborate pieces with deep rich colors like indigo and golden yellow whereas for casual wear, choose lighter colours like white, light blue, and vibrant yellow.

Most of these store’s retail Ajrakh fabric as well, so you can get your piece tailored according to your preference and style.

Don’t forget to match your footwear and handbag to complete the outfit.

The home decor items available in these shops add a touch of authentic elegance to your home which is great for contemporary fusion decors.

Moreover, Ajrakh work items like home décor items and everyday utilities like bags holders and footwears are great for gifting to your close ones.

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