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Where to Buy The Most Startling Kalamkari Artwork

“Kalam is pen, Kari is craftsmanship: Kalamkari together is a unique artform”

Kalamkari is a fabric painting technique traditionally performed on a cotton cloth using natural dyes, creating illustrations narrating puranas like Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

This craft has captivated, fascinated, and charmed all many.The colours, themes, sharpness of the lines, intricate detailing and its applicability over a wide range of fabrics have all contributed to its popularity.

To make this craft yours, you can visit the following websites:

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1. Exotic India

Kalamkari art

Exotic India started its operations in 1998 and is well known for the consistently high quality of its offerings. 

They value high aesthetic handpicked artworks using the most standard material. 

Their aim is to share a fair amount of profits with the numerous highly skilled artisans they work with. Over the years, they have been providing an enormous hand-picked product range.

That includes Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry, Paintings from India and Nepal, Sculptures, Beads and carefully selected Herbal Health & Beauty Products. 

Exotic India adheres to the principles of fair trade and their mission is to make India’s famed arts, crafts, and spiritual depth accessible to all. 

They provide a variety of Kalamkari paintings for prices ranging from INR 3000 to INR 9500. 

The most appreciated are:

2. MeMeraki

MeMeraki is one of the India’s first ‘culture-tech’ driven platforms that uses technology as means to accelerate the artisan economy. 

The company offers a range of authentic arts and crafts sourced from popular cultures of India and from India’s best master artists.

Memeraki’s Kalamkari collection brings you finest artsmanship that is carried through generations. 

The company brings you some of the biggest curated collection of paintings on Fabrics, Handbags, clutches, Tote bags, Home Deco, Masks and stoles and sarees! 

The collection includes beautiful artistic paints of ancient cultures, Gods and Goddesses, some of the finest artworks on life of Krishna, paintings of Shri Ganesha, Buddha and ancient illustrations of Ramayana. 

Buy Kalamkari Paintings from MeMeraki HERE

The paintings cost anywhere from INR 3000-INR 2,00,000 and the products can be customized as per customer requirements. 

3. Artisera


Artisera is a labour of love and commitment celebrating uniqueness and is founded by Lisa Jain and Varun Backliwal. 

It is an effort to showcase pieces that last a lifetime. They curate artsy luxury for those who appreciate quality, class, artistry, and craftsmanship.

A one-stop destination where one can get the most exquisite fine art pieces, collectibles, furniture, and home décor from India and around the world. 

Buying unique, high value items online isn’t easy!

But Artisera brings to you uncompromised quality, buyer protection, impeccable curation, fair pricing, and exceptional service.

Artisera is a destination for artistic luxury where you can discover and buy the most exquisite pieces of Kalamkari. 

Buy Kalamkari Piantings from Artisera HERE

With an unwavering focus on quality and curation, they bring to you a handpicked selection of Kalamkari paintings.

They also provide the artist with due credit for the same.

3. Laasya Art

Laasya Art is a leading Indian Art Gallery well known for its contemporary Indian and Tribal art. 

They work with a range of recognized and emerging Indian artists to offer original paintings, prints and other works for sale, as well as commissioned artwork. 

Art collectors visit this gallery from around the world. They also provide their clients with complimentary art advisory services.

Laasya Art provides you with a curated collection of original Kalamkari paintings from artists whose families have pursued this art form across several generations. 

They are among some of the finest Kalamkari artists living in India today.Their works are housed internationally in eminent museums and collections around the world. 

Some of these artists are Padma Shri awardees as well.One can visit their online website to buy the paintings. 

Buy Laasya Art Kalamkari Piantings HERE

All artworks include a certificate of authenticity and the most famous Kalamkari art being several variations of tree of life done with natural dyes.

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4. LePakshi


LePakshi Handicrafts is a treasure trove of a tremendous range of art forms and traditional crafts.

Each of it has an unique style, concept, theme, form, and expression. 

These crafts maintain an enriching and endearing freshness, displaying innate flexibility, and durability without exception.

Le Pakshi aims at reviving, developing and promoting handicrafts, supporting its marketing, establishing showrooms, organising exhibitions, and providing a proper platform to take up wide publicity for the same. 

They work with the artisans to upgrade their skills and increase base production.

The most famous Kalamkari art by this is Srikalahasti Paintings. It represents a style of Kalamkari work, related to the dyed hand-painting of fabrics. 

It is produced mainly in Srikalahasti town of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. 

One can visit Retail Showrooms, Craft Bazaars, Exhibitions, Craft Melas, and EXPOs held by LePakshi to look out for these beautiful pieces.

5. Ganges India

Ganges India

Ganges India is an online initiative of Shrimad India Pvt. Ltd. with its physical showroom in New Delhi, India. 

It is your one stop store for the handpicked collection of unique handmade products. 

They are involved in manufacturing, collecting, and trading of unique merchandise.

The list include Books, Indian Sculptures, Folk Art Paintings, Spiritual Accessories, Home Decorative, Fashion Jewellery, Apparels, and much more.

Their main motto is the satisfaction of their customers.

Ganges India never compromises with quality and assures to provide value for money products, superior customer services, and security of your payments.

You can Buy the most famous pieces below:

Do not forget to check out these sites and their specially curated artwork.

And, do add a Kalamkari painting to your collection today, because it’s worth it!

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Written by Ayushi Surana

A graduate in knitwear designing from NIFT, New Delhi. Belonging to the city of ghats, Varanasi, I have always been attracted to any art form or Indian culture I have come across. I have an open mind for key ideas and a keen eye for details. I believe that my art and design journey is an active and ongoing learning process. I like to explore, develop and let my imagination guide me based on my knowledge

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