Best Coke Studio Songs to Get You Through Quarantine

While we were dreaming of sustainable living, flying cars and restaurants with robots, who would have thought that we would all be quarantined in our homes because of a virus? 2020 is definitely the year we will all omit from our lives because of the amount of time we have (already) spent sitting in out homes and doing nothing! (Work from home waalon, salute!)

It is indeed hard to keep up one’s sanity when everyone around is talking about increasing infected cases and death rate. We cannot help you to come out of your homes, but we can tell you how to make your time at home more relaxing and fun. Here is a list of the top coke studio songs that we have curated, only for you!

1. Laadki

Talking about the relationship between a father and his daughter, the song takes you right back into nostalgia, and the journey of growing up. The lyrics, combined with the amazing music of Amit Trivedi and vocals by make up this song- that no one can ever hate. With this song, Tanishka Sanghvi becomes the youngest singer to feature on Coke Studio.

2. Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo (2015)

Who doesn’t love this soulful song? Although there have been many renditions, this one stops the list. Written by Fayyaz Hashmi,  this ghazal has Urdu, Hindi and Sanskrit words- a rare combination. The ghazal- where a lover is trying to trying to stop his/her partner from leaving- is brought to life by the voice of Farida Khanum. Pain and desperation woven together in this ghazal, it will seep into your heart and become the tune you hum for days together.

3. Piya se Naina (2013)

The evergreen duo of Ram Sampth, and wife Sona Mohpatra will have you tapping your feet in no time when this song starts. Amir Khusro’s  verses along with guitars and mandolin work together to produce this wonderful song. The song talks about the feelings that a lover goes through in phases after settling eyes on their beloved.

4. Husna (2012)

Piyush Mishra once again makes us swoon with this song. The comparison of two lovers with the chaos of the partition if India and Pakistan is something only this man can do so artistically! The song is about two lovers, and happenings on the either side of the border. It actually brings to surface that India and Pakistan are more culturally similar than we’d like to agree to.

6. Chaudhary

As always, Amit Trivedi does something new with this song as well. He brings in apacella- producing music using one’s mouth- in this song that talks about love between a man and a young girl. Mame Khan does wonders with the vocals to bring to you a song that will take you to a magical ride to Rajasthan! Khartal, sarangi, drums and guitars, everything is here!

7. Tajdar-e-haram (2018)

Initially performed by Saabri brothers, Atif Aslam gives it the divinity that every Sufi song needs. This falls under ‘naat’ in Urdu and is sung in praise of Prophet Mohammad. Even though Youtube was banned in Pakistan when this song released in 2015, it managed to have 100 million views. Atif Aslam’s ability to hit the high notes with stellar confidence raises the bar of this song.

8. Zariya (2013)

Needless to say, everything A.R Rahman touches turns to gold, and so does this song. Falling under the concept of ‘World Music’, this song brings together artists from Jordan and Nepal. The percussions used here add the wow factor to the song. With the themes of motherhood and compassion, this song will infuse calmness within you.

9. Kattey (2013)

Ram Sampath, hard Kaur, and Bhanwari Devi produce Kattey- the rebel anthem. It also has a hidden devotional angle to it. Inculcating both modernity and traditional music, this song is a masterpiece from Rajasthani folk.

10. Tu Mane Ya Na (2011)

This song by Wadali brothers will create a place in your heart. Pure, soulful music with Punjabi lyrics remind you of love, devotion, and the time when music was unadulterated.

11. Afreen Afreen (2016)

Having over 270 million views on Facebook, this song had us falling hard for Momina Mustehsan. Her innocence and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s strong voice create a trance which is impossible to escape for weeks.

12. Bewajah (2015)

Pop arrangement, traditional instruments and Nabeel Shaukat Ali’s voice will make this song touch the places of your heart that you didn’t know existed. The lyrics are just gorgeous, and the song has the perfect blend of classical and folk music as well.

13. Saahil Tak  (2012)

Similar to the lyrics of the song, Papon’s voice acts as a guide which directs the boat of your thoughts towards light. The song is subtly about migration- a boatman who acts as a sourse of hope and takes people to new shores.

We hope that these will make your day just a little better!
We would like to urge all our readers to obey the government restrictions placed in their areas and cooperate with the authorities.
Stay home, stay safe.

Written by Saanica Wahal

Currently waltzing through life at Indian Institute of Mass Communication(IIMC) Delhi while studying advertising and public relations, Saanica is passionate about animals, shayari, and Octobers.
Her educational background in psychology and Journalism has helped her to have a broad base from which she approaches different genres that she likes writing on, namely travel, lifestyle, food, philosophy. She in an avid traveler and reader, and has worked in the fields of social media marketing, artist management, and event planning.

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