10 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Pests At Home

Ways To Rid Your Home Of Pests

Natural pest control is the safest way to keep your home free from disease-causing insects and germs.

Every home has to eventually deal with pests, whether it be ants, roaches, spiders, or bed bugs. When you encounter them, you may choose to contact Aptive Pest Control or another similar company to get them removed. Alternatively, you might decide to take on the problem by yourself. If you have opted to do this, however, you don’t need to look for the harshest pesticide available every time an insect is skulking around.

Almost any annoying pest issue can be resolved at home with natural solutions that are easily available. We’ll explain how!

You might not always want to use powerful insecticides and pesticides inside or around your home, despite the fact that they are very effective.

Some people find fumes uncomfortable, while others won’t risk using chemicals near their children or pets. Natural pest solutions offer a secure solution for your insect problem, whatever your reason.

10 Best Ways To Rid Your Home Of Pests

1. Vinegar


One of nature’s best products for cleaning and for deterring pests like fruit flies and ants is vinegar. In fact, ants are repelled by the strong smell of vinegar and are discouraged from creating scent-based trails for navigation.

Fruit flies are drawn to it, and you can use it as bait to catch and get rid of them at the same time.

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2. Lemon or Lime juice

Lemon or Lime juice

Lemon and lime juice are powerful deodorizers that can also deter ants, spiders, and snails. Spiders dislike citrus, so if you spray the area around your doors and windows with a small bit of either kind of juice, they won’t venture near them.

You can mix this juice with water and spray it all over your window glass and door frames because it frequently comes in concentrated solutions.

3. Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

When it comes to battling tenacious pests like snails, worms, and mosquitoes, coffee grounds are incredibly powerful.

Coffee has strong natural pesticides in the form of caffeine and other vital chemicals that shield your plants from damaging pests. Coffee grounds can be burned, collected in a basin, and used as incense, or you can scatter them around the exterior of your house.

4. Basil


Basil’s potent scent will help rid your home of common pests and flies that frequently fall on your food and buzz about your ears.

Pests typically cannot stand basil’s potent odour. To deter pests, place basil pots near your kitchen table or bedroom window. Additionally, you can store dried basil leaves in drawers.

5. Neem


Neem oil, which has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, can kill about 200 different species of insects, including pests in gardens.

Due to its medicinal characteristics, the oil is made from the seeds of the neem tree and is frequently used in shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and cosmetics.

Neem oil is versatile and can be used on indoor plants, in gardens, and even as a floor cleaner.

6. Baking Soda

baking soda

An effective remedy for roaches is baking soda. Furthermore, when combined with powdered sugar, it is the most successful in eliminating them.

You can combine the two components and spread it around the area where the pests are visible. It is one of the greatest ways to get rid of the bugs, while being a little dirty.

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7. Cucumber Peels

Cucumber Peels

Especially bitter cucumber peels are quite efficient against ants, and pest control companies like Planet Natural even strongly advise using them.

To keep ant colonies away, place peels around windows and doors.

8. Salt


Another fantastic element for ant and flea control is salt. To keep ants out of your house, scatter salt around the windows and doors. The easiest way to get rid of fleas; which typically hang out around the carpet is to sprinkle salt directly onto carpets and rugs.

9. Cinammon


To prevent bugs from entering your home, put cinnamon outside at the entrances. Pests won’t cross the cinnamon line, especially ants.

To hide ant scent trails, sprinkle cinnamon on counters and other interior surfaces. Simply sprinkle some of it in any troublesome locations to have natural insect control. 

10. Hygiene


Keeping your home clean is one of the best natural ways to keep pests out of your home, so this isn’t exactly a trick.

Eliminate dark hiding places that spiders may find attractive, and be sure to often clean surfaces where food has been consumed to deter ants.

A natural cleaning product can serve two purposes at once: it can keep your home clean and ward off pests.

Although bugs are a natural part of the environment, they don’t necessarily have to live in your house. You can keep pests out of your home in a way that is both safe for your family and economical by using a few natural pest removal techniques.

These natural ways not just protect your homes from insects but also put less strain on the environment.

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