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What is Past Life Regression Therapy and Top Practitioners in India

It is said past life regressions can help us connect with our souls.’

What is past life regression therapy? 

Past life regression therapy is a technique which uses gentle hypnotherapy to recover memories from previous lives. Through this hypnotherapy, an individual goes back through time to their previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that were normally hidden in their subconscious mind. Past life regression therapists believe many mental health issues that patients experience might be due to the traumatic experiences of their past lives.

Who needs this therapy?

Some people experience impulsive flashbacks amid the waking state. This could be activated by an event, for example, visiting a spot where one might have lived in the past life. Some past life memories may come to the fore in dreams or amid meditation. The best and beneficial way to review a past life is to have a session with a skilled and specialized past-life regression therapist.

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History and Development of regression therapy

History and Development of regression therapy

 Past life regression therapy mainly developed from the theories and techniques of hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis therapy. Both these techniques emphasized rediscovering details of past events to solve current conflicts and emotions.

History and Development of regression therapy

Morris Netherton was the first person who published the first book Past Lives Therapy, in the field of regression therapy. Some Indian authors too have published books on regression therapy like- A Glorious Journey of Past Life Regression by Dr Rakesh Jain. Brian Weiss is a prominent figure who is renowned for his work on the development of regression therapy techniques since the 1980s.

What is the theory behind past life regression?

Past Life Regression is based mainly on two theories. First is the Theory ofReincarnation, this theory states that living beings are reborn until they attain a state of Nirvana or absolute enlightenment. Each of their life has unique learnings, teachings and experiences which are carried forward in some way or the other to their future lives.

 Second is the Law of Karma which affirms the fact as sow so shall you reap. A person’s Karma gets stored and turns into a Karmic Body, which transcends lifetimes. 

Past Life Regression is considered a technique to access the previous lives that a person has lived to clear up the energy blockages in their Karmic Body and learn from them as well.

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The principles of past life regression theory

There are three levels adopted by past life regression therapy.The three levels recognized in PLR therapy include:

  1. The conscious mind, which represents the thoughts of a person which he is aware of having 
  2. The subconscious mind, which represents emotions or feelings, habits, and instincts a person is unaware of having
  3. The superconscious mind, which is also known as the spirit or soul, of a person, which provides an insight as to how that person wants to think or act in the world  

Regression therapy works on the fact that when a person moves through in life, he collects memories that are then stored in the mind. Some of these memories are available to the conscious mind, but the remaining few memories may remain hidden in the subconscious mind, and a person is unable to bring the details of those memories present in the subconscious to the conscious awareness without help.  Past life regression therapy is the aid which can bring the hidden subconscious memories to the conscious to heal people so that they can lead a normal life.  

Memories are the energy blockers, so one needs someone who understands how to reach and clear these energy blockers. The therapist should be trained and open-minded.

How is the therapy performed

How is the therapy performed

 This Hypnotic regression therapy  occurs in five phases:

  1. Preparation
  2. Conducting regression techniques 
  3. Expression and release of suppressed emotions 
  4. Reprogramming of the subconscious
  5. Session conclusion

The therapist helps the person relax with the use of deep breathing techniques.

The therapist acts as an aid to facilitate the process of regression as the person closes his eyes and speaks out loud about his past significant experience. The therapist keeps prodding the person to be as detailed as possible about his surroundings and any sensory feelings that he may feel during the process.

It is felt that through this process, a person can access his subconscious mind and isolate the emotions associated with the past event. Regression therapy can help the person to return to trauma to understand the impact the trauma may be having on his behaviours and choices. 

The minute these emotions are isolated and brought to the conscious mind, the therapist and the person can identify the possible ways the trauma may be creating a harmful impact. 

In the reprogramming phase, the therapist and the person receiving the treatment work together to develop alternative ways of describing the past event that helps a person become stronger and face things with a lot of fortitude. 

What is the cost of PLR therapy in India-

It depends on several factors like qualification, place and years of experience of the therapist

Benefits of past life regression therapy

Benefits of past life regression therapy

 It is felt that a person’s past life behaviour patterns and emotional baggage gets manifested in his current life, and it becomes important to let go of that emotional baggage and clear those blockages. PLR therapy is said to break past life patterns and overcome emotional and physical hurdles. This helps one in both his current and future lives as the therapy tends to clean up the Karmic Body.

People being troubled by traumas to tend to come out of them. People suffering from traumas like the following are greatly benefitted.

  • Feelings of guilt without any cause
  • Reconnects with past life experiences.
  • Helps a person understand why one feels a deep connection with certain places.
  • Explores one’s past life and current relationship & intimacy issues
  • Identifies physical ailments which one has, which may be the remnants of past life experiences.
  • Explores unresolved emotions which have carried through from the past life to the present life creating fears or beliefs which one has been unable to explain.
  •  Helps in Acknowledging and embracing the key lessons learned through past lives.

Top practitioners of PLR in India

  1. Dr Newton Kondaveti, Hyderabad
  2. Dr Surekha Sengupta, Mumbai
  3. Dr Trupti Jayin, Mumbai (Cozy Clinique and Nursing Home)
  4. Dr Shalini Verma, Mumbai ( MindAccess)

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