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Top Organic Milk Brands Available in Delhi & NCR

Are you looking for the best organic milk brands in Delhi? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore some of the top organic milk brands available in Delhi, their products, and where to buy them.

Organic milk is gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers in Delhi. It is produced without the use of synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides, making it a healthier and more environmentally friendly option. In this article, we will delve into the world of organic milk and explore some of the top organic milk brands available in Delhi & NCR.

Health Benefits of Milk

Cow’s milk is a popular dairy product consumed by millions of people worldwide. It is known for its high nutritional value and provides a range of important nutrients essential for a healthy diet. It is an excellent source of protein, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and other essential nutrients. These nutrients play a crucial role in maintaining strong bones, muscles, and overall body function.

In terms of health benefits, cow milk consumption in humans has been linked to a lower risk of several chronic diseases, including osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, it is believed that cow milk may help support healthy brain function and improve heart health.

For children, cow milk is a vital component of their diet, providing essential nutrients required for growth and development. It is a rich source of calcium, which is necessary for healthy bone growth and development. Cow milk also contains high-quality protein, which is essential for building and repairing muscle tissues.

It is an excellent choice for individuals of all ages, including adults and children, as long as they do not have any allergies or intolerances to it.

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Adulteration in Milk- Present Scenario

Milk is considered to be a wholesome food which provides nutrition and promotes good health. But in the present day scenario, this wholesome milk provided to the people is adulterated which instead of being beneficial is leading to a lot of health issues.​

Adulteration in milk has become a cause of concern for both the Government and the Dairy Industry. The Indian Council of Medical Research has reported that “milk adulterants have hazardous health effects on the human body.” The most common adulterant found in our milk is water. Milk diluted with water loses its nutritional value and contaminated water can cause health issues.

Detergent, foreign fat, starch, sodium hydroxide or (caustic soda), sugar, urea, pond water, salt, maltodextrin, sodium carbonate, formalin, and ammonium sulphate are the rest of the adulterants found in milk. These can cause gastrointestinal ailments, heart issues, and cancer and can even lead to death.

Once people became aware of adulteration and its harmful effects on health, they started looking for healthier options and one such option is organic milk.

What is Organic Milk?

What is Organic Milk?

People today are quite aware of the health hazards related to an unhealthy diet. They now focus on healthy eating for healthy living, organic and natural foods have created a lot of buzz amongst people and are seen as the panacea for many lifestyle diseases. So, the focus is on organic milk compared to regular milk.

Organic milk is obtained from animals that are fed with organic fodder grown on chemical-free soil and are not injected with antibiotics and hormones. It is sourced from one farm, where there is complete control over the animals, their health, feed, milk production, etc.

If the product is collected from several farms, it is highly difficult to maintain a certain level of quality and uniform organic standards. Also, there is a quality check for​ organic dairy animals as they are not pushed to their milk-producing limits compared to non-organic dairy cows. ​

Animals are fed on a diet free from artificial additives, chemicals and in hygienic conditions. The organic milk production system does not involve the use of antibiotics. Sometimes organic fodder is also fed depending on the health requirements.​ The udder of the animal is cleaned before and after the milking process; human interaction is zero to avoid any contamination of the milk.

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Organic Milk vs Regular Milk

In terms of nutrition, the caloric value of organic milk is higher than regular milk with 161 calories per cup (240 ml). The protein and carbohydrate content is comparable in both varieties. The overall content is slightly higher in organic milk, with 11 g of fats, 6 g of saturated fats and 36 g of cholesterol.

Nutrients present in milk
NutrientOrganic Whole MilkRegular Whole Milk
Carbohydrates (g)1112
Proteins (g)98
Fats (g)118
Saturated fats (g)64.5
Cholesterol (mg)3624
Calcium (mg)290281
Potassium (mg)367331
Sodium (mg)120106
Source: Healthline – Organic vs. Regular Milk: What’s the Difference?

Benefits of Using Organic Milk

Benefits of Using Organic Milk

From childhood, we are fed milk as we know it provides kids with nutrients and vitamins needed to build strong bones and healthy muscles. But milk today isn’t providing kids with the vitamins and nutrients as the milk we get isn’t pure.

Organic milk is healthier compared to regular milk as it doesn’t contain antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones or controversial pesticides. The animals on these farms are happier and healthier compared to normal ones which leads to more nutritious milk.

By opting for ​organic milk,​ one can get the nutritional benefits of milk without exposing one’s family to chemical contaminants. Studies have shown that organic milk has a higher nutritional content, more healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and more disease-fighting antioxidants compared to non-organic milk.

List of Top Organic Milk Brands in Delhi & NCR

This list showcases some of the top organic milk brands in Delhi & NCR that offer pure, natural, and chemical-free milk products.

  1. 4S Foods
  2. Cowboys Desi
  3. Milk Of Life
  4. Whyte Farms
  5. South Ville Maelk
  6. Binsar Farms Pvt. Ltd
  7. Ksheerdham Dairy Products
  8. Happy Nature
  9. The Celiac Store
  10. Doodhvale
  11. iOrganic
  12. TruMilk
  13. Farmery
List of Top Organic Milk Brands Available in Delhi & NCR

We have chosen the five best organic milk brands in Delhi and NCR from this list and gathered details about each of these brands for you here.

1. 4S Foods

4S Foods use lead-free glass bottles for the storage and delivery of milk. They have 1L packs and supply from farm to table.

Products Available:

  • 4S Organic Cow Milk: Rs 75 (1L)
  • 4S Organic Paneer: Rs 100 (200g)
  • 4S Organic Ghee: Rs 400 (250ml)
  • 4S Organic Butter: Rs 400 (250g)
  • 4S Organic Curd: Rs 55 (500g)

Supplies in: Delhi & Gurugram


2. Farmery

Milk is delivered in lead-free glass bottles.

Products Available:

  • Cow milk: Rs 70 (1L)
  • Buffalo milk: Rs 80 (1L)
  • Probiotic Curd: Rs 42 (200 gms)
  • A2 Desi Cow Milk: Rs 110 (1L)
  • Buttermilk: Rs 32 (300ml)
  • Cow Ghee: Rs 650 (500 ml) 
  • A2 Cow Ghee: Rs 1050 (500 ml)
  • Fresh Paneer: Rs 110 (200 gms)

Supplies in: Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Meerut


3. TruMilk

You can choose from variants including whole milk, toned and double-toned. One can buy TruMilk products from retailers or get them on their doorsteps via a delivery service.

Products Available:

  • TruMilk Milk: 2L and 1L bottles, 500ml pouches
  • TruMilk Dahi: 400 and 200gsm
  • TruMilk Ghee: 500ml and 1L

Supplies in: Delhi, NCR​


4. Cowboys Desi

Cowboys supply fresh, organic milk in nifty sealed bottles.

Products Available:

  • Cowboys Pure & Fresh Cow Milk 1L
  • Cowboys Pure Cow Ghee

Supplies in: South Delhi and Gurugram

5. Whyte Farms

These products arrive directly at your doorstep by booking online on their websites.

Products Available:

  • Organic Cow’s Milk: Rs 86 (1L)
  • Desi Cow’s Ghee: Rs 650 (500ml)
  • Whyte Farms Curd
  • Whyte Farms Paneer

Supplies in: Delhi


It’s cheering for life by drinking organic milk throughout life. Don’t think twice about switching to a healthy lifestyle by opting for organic milk instead of regular milk!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is organic milk?

Organic milk is produced by cows that are raised according to organic farming practices. These cows feed on organic feed free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones. Organic milk is also free from any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

2. Is organic milk healthier than regular milk?

Organic milk has been found to have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta-carotene compared to regular milk. It is also free from any residues of synthetic pesticides or antibiotics, making it a healthier option.

3. Why is organic milk more expensive than regular milk?

The cost of producing organic milk is higher because organic farmers must follow strict guidelines and use expensive organic feed, which can cost up to twice as much as conventional feed. Organic farmers also receive lower yields due to the absence of synthetic fertilizers, which increases their overall costs.

4. How long does organic milk last?

Organic milk lasts about the same length of time as regular milk, which is typically 5-7 days when stored properly in the refrigerator. However, it is important to note that organic milk does not contain any preservatives, so it may spoil faster if not stored properly.

5. Can lactose intolerant individuals consume organic milk?

Organic milk contains lactose, which may cause discomfort for lactose intolerant individuals. It is best to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best milk option for those with lactose intolerance.

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