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Top Dietitian in Hyderabad

best dietitians and nutritionists of Hyderabad

Everyone needs a good dietitian or a nutritionist in life, especially in the aftermath of the covid19 pandemic. However it’s quite a task to find one. 

Health is wealth and eating right is the key that unlocks that health. Having a healthy nutritious diet is the prerequisite of a disease free happy life and dietitians  make that possible. 

So, here’s an extensive list of dietitians and nutritionists whom you can trust if you are based in Hyderabad. 

1. Deepa Agarwal Nutriclinic

Deepa Agarwal - Nutriclinic

With an experience of 8 years and more and a PhD in Clinical Nutrition, Deepa is one of the best nutritionists in Hyderabad who counsels and listens to people.

Many brides and grooms consult her for better health, skin and hair prior to their dream wedding.

She sits in her Banjara Hills clinic every day in the morning except for Sundays and charges around 1000 INR for a consultation.

Her clients have vouched for her weight loss and fatigue loss strategies.  She also helps pregnant women with gestational diets and Lactation Diets before and after delivery respectively.

If you are looking for a weight gain diet she can help you in that too. Her diets are natural, well planned taking care of your necessities. Most of her patients are happy with her diet plan which they say are easy to follow and she is quite caring and helpful in nature. 

Contact Details: Nutriclinic, Opposite to Karvy Office, Above Bank of Baroda, Rd Number 10,  Banjara Hills – Hyderabad

Contact Number: 9959923332 or 9940220005

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2. Karen Campos Bhatia -Vigour Health

Karen Campos Bhatia -Vigour Health

A physiologist and a lifestyle expert, Karen Campos Bhatia provides detailed nutrition insights to people through her organization the Vigour Health Consulting.

Her advice will help you make easy and transitional changes to your life which ultimately results in a healthy lifestyle. 

3.  Suresh Kumar Vunnamatla – Gene Clinix

Suresh Kumar Vunnamatla - Gene Clinix

The founder of Dr. Gene Clinix, Suresh Kumar Vunnamatla is one of the finest Dietitian and nutritionist in business who has worked in the healthcare sector for more than a decade. 

Through his organization he helps people to make slow and steady changes in their life towards a healthy lifestyle. Using his 15 years of expertise you can easily master the art of healthy living. He founded the organization because he wanted to work as a fitness and lifestyle coach, making people aware of healthy eating and living. 

4. Jyoti Chabria -Nutriline,Secunderabad

Jyoti Chabria -Nutriline,Secunderabad

This Nutritionist from Mumbai works as a Senior Consultant in various hospitals of the city and sits in her Secunderabad chamber. With an experience close to 3 decades and career spanning reputed healthcare hospitals and organization, this Clinical Nutrition PhD degree holder is a force to reckon with. 

She is a proponent of natural green food and healthy food and her diet plans show that. She has written many articles on green food and recipes pertaining to that on her website Nutriline. 

Nutriline is a well known wellness center in the city run by Chabria where she guides people throughout the week, except on Sundays for a charge of 1000 INR. Her clients say that she listens patiently and understands the issues before drawing a well suited diet plan. 

She offers weight loss and weight gain diet plans along with specialized thyroid and gestational diet plans. 

Contact Details: 09- Ground floor, Adjacent to State Bank of Hyderabad, Golden Hawk Complex, P.G Road, Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

Phone Number: 092461 18485

5.  Sujata Govala – MaxCure Hospital

Sujata Govala - MaxCure Hospital

A trained and certified nutritionist with more than a decade of experience of serving in the sector, Govala is one of the best nutritionists in Hyderabad.

If you are looking for a dietitian to take you through diabetes, heart ailments or a children friendly diet plan, then she is the one. 

She is the Chief Nutritionist in MaxCure Hospital in Madhapur having an experience in diabetics, paediatrics and cardiology. 

She also has a chamber at Nutrilicious where she guides people through healthy ways of living through diet. 

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6. Ali Mohammed

Ali Mohammed

One of Hyderabad’s chief performance nutritionists and transformation specialist, Ali works to help you transform your life into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

If you are looking for a fitness coach and nutritionist combined feature then he is it.

He makes a clear diet plan along with complimentary fitness exercises to go with according to your age and body type.

Each individual has unique needs and he works with them for better results. 

7. Deepika Chalasni

Deepika Chalasni

This resident Hyderabad nutritionist and dietitian has been changing peoples’ lives through carefully crafted well balanced diet plans.

Chalaani has a balanced approach and believes it’s all in the head. So, she ensures both your mind and body agrees with the diet plan and works to transform your body and lifestyle.

She is well known for weight-loss diet plans and specialized diet plans for specific ailments – both of which are customized according to suit the client’s needs. 

So, there you go, the best dietitians and nutritionists of Hyderabad are at your service. Don’t hesitate to take their help to transform your life. 

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Written by Pratiti Nath

A heritage and travel enthusiast with a penchant for sustainable living and travel, Pratiti writes on key issues governing health, environment, travel and culture. A microbiologist by vocation and a writer/editor by profession Pratiti brings science and innovation in her pursuits of life. When not traveling she can be found addressing key issues on her blog at

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