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Top Places To Buy Authentic Miniature Paintings

Buy Authentic Miniature Paintings

Authentic miniature paintings to add to your home décor!

Last time we discussed about the art of Miniature Painting.

We gave you a detailed glimpse of how this beautiful form of illuminated paintings originated in the medieval time and gradually conquered the world. 

We also showed you how miniature paintings evolved in India during the Mughal period, depicting different festivals, folklores, and portraits of emperors. 

So, you have an idea about this and how modern day miniature paintings are done using water colours, acrylic colours, and metallic colours. 

Now, it’s time we get you acquainted with the top places to buy Authentic Miniature Paintings. 

So, let’s get on with it!

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1. Artisera


This Bangalore based artwork boutique is the powerhouse of original miniature paintings from the Mughal, Rajasthani, and Pahari Gharana. 

They have the biggest collection of authentic miniature paintings with prices ranging from INR 23,000 to  INR 50,000 and so on. 

Buy Miniature Paintings from Artisera HERE

Their main office is Indiranagar but they also have an art cafe at a popular hotel in Bangalore where their artworks are showcased. 

Most of their art pieces are beautiful miniature paintings showing life in Mughal era, such as royal processions, courtrooms, garden scenes, folklores etc. 

2. MeMeraki

MeMeraki is one of the India’s first ‘culture-tech’ driven platforms that uses technology as means to accelerate the artisan economy. 

The company offers a range of authentic arts and crafts sourced from popular cultures of India and from India’s best master artists.

The company brings you some of the best curated collection of Miniature paintings from India’s finest artists who practice artforms inherited from generations. 

The collecting includes beautiful depictions of ancient and civilizational cultures, mystical love  like those of Radha Krishna of Radha Krishna, Kings and Queens painted in Bani Thani Miniature style, Amritsari pairs, among others. 

Buy Miniature Paintings from MeMeraki HERE

The prices range anywhere between INR 3000-INR 10,000 depending upon the material used, size of the painting and the nature of the artform. 

3. ArtZolo


This is an online community of art lovers and artists who sell authentic artwork from real artists.

They have more than 1000 artists and 16,000 original artworks. 

The miniature paintings available here are as diverse as it gets.

They have paintings with animals to folklores to women in villages etc.

You can get miniature paintings starting at a price of INR 1500 to INR 8000 based on the dimension, material used, and intricate works done. 

Buy Miniature Paintings from Artzolo HERE

There are miniature paintings in clothes, papers, and other materials. 

They have offices based in Kerala and Mumbai and an extensive profile of artists on the website which gives you a clear idea about their expertise and their outlook.

This makes it easier for customers to decide the kind of miniature paintings they want to purchase. 

4. Tallenge Store

Tallenge Store

This is an exclusive website selling miniature paintings both traditional and contemporary for people looking for affordable artwork to decorate their homes. 

Based on that, they offer a wide range of home decor options like large and medium sized canvas miniature paintings, digital prints etc. 

All of these are prints of the original miniature paintings from the Mughal era or the ancient period. 

Buy Miniature Paintings from Tallenge Here

They also have different folktales categories like Radha Krishna stories, or religious categories like Vishnu or Ganesha or Lord Budha paintings. 

Even specially curated rare miniature painting collections are available for sale here. 

5. Gothwal Art

Gothwal Art

This Udaipur based art store sells a beautiful range of miniature paintings at affordable prices. 

It is run by Mr and Mrs Gothwal who do the paintings themselves.  

You can get their artworks both online and in store as they have an Instagram profile through which they take orders.

The miniature paintings here are true to Rajasthani style with intricate works of gold and silver colours. 

You can also get contemporary miniature works of floral motifs and sceneries here along with traditional art pieces. 

The store is located at 20, Gangour Ghatt Marg in Udaipur and is often frequented by tourists, a majority of whom have left positive reviews of the place in TripAdvisor. 

The store is open Monday – Friday from 11am to 8:30pm. 

So, the next time you visit Udaipur don’t forget to get some miniature paintings from Gothwal Art.

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6. Craft Maestros

Craft Maestros

This Indian handicraft and artwork brand has an aesthetic collection of miniature paintings made in silk cloth and paper. 

Most of their artwork are natural motifs like birds, animals such as elephants, cows etc. 

Other than this you have miniature paintings of mughal musicians, lord Krishna with radha in a jhula and different folktales. 

All of these are done in vibrant bright colours by Padma Shri winning artists. 

The price range is quite affordable going from INR 2000 and up. 

The brand has a good rapport amongst customers who trust their products and has been featured by acclaimed newspapers like ‘The Hindu’. 

So, there you go!

Some of the best places to buy miniature paintings in India. 

Apart from these, there are many art galleries and museums in Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur and other cities which sell good quality miniature painting. 

But make sure you purchase them from authentic places not roadside shops and markets which are mostly fraud. 

Miniature painting is an art form you can easily cherish if you look at the right places. 

They are not that expensive as you can see from the above examples. So, get going and decorate your home with aesthetic miniature paintings. 

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