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Best Places to Buy Authentic Tanjore Paintings Online

Top 7 Online platforms providing the perfect quality Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore paintings are one of the most magnificent artforms that originated in South India.

This classical art of Tamil Nadu is also known as ‘Thanjavur Painting’, named after the place of its emergence.

Tanjore is considered to be the ‘Heart of South Indian Paintings’ as it is famed for its unique style all around the world.

People love to own such beautiful and matchless artworks but as the demand inclines, so does the unclear piracy.

It is also difficult to travel and visit reliable stores to shop for the artworks we love.

The question is, where to find authentic Tanjore art and save ourselves from the frauds of duplicity and wrong figures?

Well, this article facilitates you with the answer.

Read on to find the most authentic online destinations with the best collectors and curators of Tanjore Art.

Top 7 Online platforms providing the perfect quality Tanjore Paintings:

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1. MeMeraki

Memeraki is one of the India’s first ‘culture-tech’ driven platforms that uses technology as means to accelerate the artisan economy. 

The company offers a range of authentic arts and crafts sourced from popular cultures of India and from India’s best master artists. 

The company brings you some of the biggest curated collection of Tanjore paintings that evoke a sense of class and timelessness with alluring illustration of Gods and Goddesses and of puranic scenes and cultures. 

Buy Tanjore Paintings from MeMeraki HERE

The prices range from anywhere between INR 5000- INR 1,00,000 depending upon the nature of the art and the artist. 

2. Tarang Arts

Tarang Arts is one of the leading sellers of Tanjore paintings.

The rich workmanship and quality of their artworks are renowned worldwide.

Tanjore painting gallery of Tarang arts features more than 76 different Puranic depictions of Indian Gods and Goddesses.

Buy Tanjore Paintings from Tarangarts HERE

Tarang has managed to maintain a strong customer base over the years aiming to rediscover the Indian arts and giving them a new life.

3. Tamil Tanjore Art Gallery

The Tamil Tanjore Art Gallery or ‘ttagallery’ is an online platform solely dedicated to authentic Tanjore paintings and dolls.

This online website was established with the aim to reach the customers directly without any agents or middlemen.

The TTA Gallery has served its customers for years, through its traditional offerings in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Their website assures its customers of the right value and quality of the products as they are the direct manufacturers.

Buy Tanjore Painting from Tamil Tanjore Art Gallery HERE

Another perk of shopping with is that you get your favourite paintings at wholesale prices and also have the option of customizable designs.

4. Artisera

Artisera is an online destination for all types of authentic artistic luxuries.

It brings to you the handpicked traditional and modern artforms with the best quality.

Artisera’s collection of Tanjore paintings are curated with an unwavering focus on craftsmanship.

The website also sources all its pieces from the most trustworthy artists and collectors; so, you get to shop the most beautiful pieces without facing the hassle to surf through the ones with low quality or pirated elements.

Buy Tanjore Paintings from Artisera HERE

Artisera can be your go-to platform if you are looking for properly curated Tanjore art.

5. Cholaimpressions

Chola Impressions is the only ISO certified manufacturer of authentic Tanjore paintings designed with 22 carats Gold-foil.

This Gold-foil is assured to not fade for generations and can be a legacy to be passed on from generation to generation.

Chola Impressions also renders their assurance of quality by issuing an Authenticity Certificate when you buy their artwork.

Their company is situated in the originating town of the Thanjavur art and employs the best local artists who’ve been creating Tanjore paintings for years.

Apart from having the most experienced artists, Chola Impressions also provides training to the rural youth and women of Thanjavur and nearby villages.

Buy Tanjore Paintings From Chola Impressions HERE

Therefore, with each piece of art you buy with Chola Impressions, you contribute towards building the lives of artists in Tanjore.

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6. Artzolo

Art Zolo is an online art marketplace that facilitates art enthusiasts and collectors with a platform to sell and buy artworks with ease.

It bridges the gap between art lovers and the best art makers, suppliers, and galleries.

The website caters to different forms of original art like paintings, sculptures, crafts, etc.

They have a dynamic internet-based community that fulfils their aim of bringing together emerging technology and art.

Buy Tanjore Paintings From Art Zolo HERE

Art Zolo provides you space to explore, curate, share, sell, buy, and collect the best pieces of Tanjore painting from around the world.

7. Chaya Tanjore

Chaya Tanjore is an initiative by a mother-daughter duo of Mrs. Champa Kumar and Mrs. Sowmya Kumar Arjun.

The name of the gallery is drawn from the combination of their first names and just like the name of their venture, their work is also inspiring.

Tanjore paintings presented on the website provides you with impeccable products having an old-world charm with the ethnic feels.

Chaya Tanjore also renders its customers with the option of customizable products and a varied price ranges from lowest to highest.

Buy Tanjore Paintings From Chaya Tanjore HERE

Apart from the flawless painting designs, you can also shop for other available art pieces.

8. Balajitanjoreartgallery

The ‘Balaji Tanjore Art Gallery’ is a specialist-based platform wherein the gallery is managed and the paintings are done by Mr. Panner Selvam.

Their website provides its customers with a variety of frameworks and designer layering.

Authentic Tanjore paintings of the gallery are loved by many international customers and they have also exported their unique designs to many international temples.

They also help you come across some of the best styles, figurines, and diverse items of Tanjore art.

Share your artsy shopping experience with us in the comment box!

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