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TRAVEL GUIDE- Bangalore! Must know things before you visit

Heads Up are our new series of ‘What to Expect’ when you’re visiting India. It will give you a Heads Up on what to do to ensure your trip is hassle-free! The list will also help you make the most of your time here.

Read on the find out ‘What To Know’ before visiting the IT Hub of India- Bengaluru.

The Traffic

bangalore india traffic

The one thing people know about Bangalore, if not anything else, is about the traffic situation here. The common mode of transport for most people is cabs and hence during office hours in the morning and evening, you can get stuck for upto 2 hours if your destination is far off! And upto 2 hours even if your destination is walking distance. There is always the option of choosing the metro and hopping onto local buses, but unfortunately, the metro isn’t very well connected and the local buses can get very crowded during peak hours!

Heads Up! Getting stuck in traffic is just a part and parcel of life in Bangalore so if you’re planning on going somewhere far, we recommend carrying a book and some food to munch on along the way! Also, Bangalore has a bunch of apps to avoid cabs and autos; bike taxis (Rapido App), car pool service (Quick Ride App) as well as electric scooters (Yulu App) that you can opt for to reach your destination sooner!

The Autowallahs


Let us first explain who an ‘autowallah’ is. Autowallah is a colloquial term for an auto rickshaw driver. Usually autos in India have meters which indicate the cost of the ride. However, Bangalorean autowallahs, for reasons best known only to them, do not use their meters; rather they charge their own rates depending on the time and weather conditions. Mind you, the price quoted will never just take into consideration the actual distance to be covered.

Heads Up! Download Uber or Ola or any app regulated transportation available and try booking your ride through the app. If you take running autos you are bound to be quoted minimum thrice the price that the app indicates. If you’re unable to get transport via apps, do check the price quoted on the app and negotiate with running auto drivers to ensure you’re not looted!

Don’t Miss Out On The Food!

restaurants in koramangala

Bangalore is the place to eat. You will find everything from street food to fine dining restaurants, rooftop bars to aesthetic cafes. There are abundance of good restaurants around MG road, Indiranagar and Koramangala. Look up your favourite cuisines on Zomato and head over for some yummy yet affordable meals. The cost of meals here is also very affordable due to the immense student population in Bangalore. So you can go for an exquisite meal without burning a hole in your pocket!

Heads Up! If you have a sensitive stomach, be cautious of the street food. And if the weather looks cloudy, be extra cautious! This is not to say avoid them completely, but make sure you choose hygiene places to eat street food.

The Weather

One of the biggest reasons people who come to study or work for a while in Bangalore choose to stay back and continue in this city is the weather. Compared to other metropolitan cities in India, Bangalore is blessed with good weather, pleasant showers here and there and cool nights. You will find it hard to sweat here and while the weather may make you lazy, it still allows for long days of visiting the city without getting tired!

Heads Up! It can rain anytime so make sure you carry an umbrella or raincoat along if you notice the skies to be even slightly cloudy. You also may find it difficult to find transport if it starts to rain so keep that in mind and plan your day or night accordingly!

The Airport Distance

banglore airport

Often people who visit Bangalore joke about the distance of the airport to the main city. The distance is roughly 30kms to reach the main city and there are locations even further. And how can you forget the traffic?  Taking into consideration all factors, it is safe to say that it will feel like another journey altogether- the airport to your destination.

Heads Up! Bangalore has a very efficient Airport Shuttle that takes you to your locality quickly and at affordable rates. Try hopping onto one of the KIAS buses at the Kempegowda International Airport. The bus conductors will also help you find out where exactly you should get off.

Chai and Kaapi


Bangalore is known for its food indeed, but if you like trying out new beverages, something you need to get your hands on is the Tea and Coffee. Being a South Indian state, Bangalore offers a variety of coffees and teas- Tea is also called Chai and Coffee is called Kaapi. From roadside shops to proper restaurants, there are some amazing chai and coffee spots you should try out!

Heads Up! The weather in Bangalore makes for the perfect Chai weather. If the weather is cloudy, you can always order in or step out for a hot cup of Chai with some Indian refreshments, like pakoda, on the side!

The Tourist Spots

tourist spots bangalore

Bangalore has its set of touristy spots that you should definitely try to make time for. Iskon Temple, the Planetarium, catching a play at Ranga Shankara, going for a walk at Cubbon Park, visiting Bangalore Place, Vidhan Soudha or taking a drive right upto Nandi Hills! There may not be as many touristy places as other metropolitan cities of India but the few ones here are surely worth it!

Heads Up! Make sure you do your research about timings, rules and best times to visit the tourist spots. You don’t want to go all the way there and face issues because of minor regulation violations. So read up on the history of the place as well as other critical information before you head out and you should be good to go! So looks like you have almost everything covered! Remember these little notes on What To Know while visiting Bangalore and you will be just fine. There will always be some unexpected occurrences on your trip, embrace them too- everything becomes a memory in the end.

Hope the Bangalore travel guide was helpful and would prepare you for the trip better. Read more Travel guides about other places in India on Ye Hai India .

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