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How To Make Your Hair Grow Longer, Faster: 15 Proven Hair Growth Tips

Looking to unlock the secrets to luscious, faster hair growth? In this article, we'll explore proven hair growth tips that can help you achieve the long, flowing locks you've always desired.

Hair growth tips - How To Make Your Hair Grow Longer, Faster

Are you longing for those super-long, flowy tresses that effortlessly capture everyone’s attention? Perhaps you wish to bid farewell to thin, dull and lacklustre hair and welcome a mane that’s not only thicker but also shinier and bouncier.

In your quest to achieve your desired hair length, there’s no need to empty your wallet on expensive treatments. Instead, embrace the power of natural hair growth procedures and watch your locks flourish in unimaginable ways

When it comes to the ideal hair length for women, there are no fixed standards. However, the allure of long hair often transcends the impact of makeup or lash extensions, playing a pivotal role in enhancing facial attractiveness.

Historically, long hair has been revered as a symbol of beauty, and this trend shows no signs of fading. In India, it’s a common sight to witness women adorning their lengthy locks with flowers and jewels on special occasions, underlining the cultural significance of having long hair.

Now, let’s delve into a carefully curated collection of proven hair growth tips that can help you achieve the length you’ve been yearning for. These natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments are your key to unlocking the secret to growing hair longer and faster.

1. Load Up On Biotin, B Vitamins

Load Up On Biotin, B Vitamins

First and foremost, rule out any possibilities of nutritional deficiencies with the inclusion of foods rich in hair-growing nutrients such as Biotin and B vitamins. In every scenario, where your hair finds it hard to grow long or lacks health and vitality, these nutrients would turn out to be a lifesaver in attaining your desired length. 

For quick nutrient replenishment, stock up on hair growth gummies containing essential nutrients that help with hair growth. 

2. Weekly Hot Oil Hair Massage

Weekly Hot Oil Hair Massage

Treating your barren tresses with hot oil massage every week can help you achieve long, lustrous, resilient hair within a short period. While concocting hot oil remedies for your hair, be specific about the ingredients you add and the type of carrier oil you choose for yourself. If you plan to add essential oils into the mix, then do a patch test of the oil beforehand in diluted form. 

In any case, refrain from using ingredients that carry health risks. It is pertinent to gain knowledge on ayurvedic herbs meant to be added to hair oils. 

3. Hair Masks For Intensive Nourishment

Hair Masks For Intensive Nourishment

A lot of women are seen resorting to DIY hair masks to boost hair volume and length. To get the best results, it’s a good idea to start with ingredients you already have in your kitchens. Always make sure that the hair masks you prepare contain proteins to quicken hair repair for that much-needed bounce. 

If you want long hair you must also make efforts to improve hair density as thin hair quickly loses its texture and shape, if kept long. Egg whites, Fenugreek seeds, Yoghurt, Honey, Flaxseeds and onion juice are the best ingredients you can apply to your hair to make it grow thick and long. 

4. Steam Therapy

Steam Therapy

Every once in a while, give your scalp a detox with hair steaming that can open up hair pores for better hair growth. Steaming hair and scalp is also thought to be extremely beneficial for hair health as it allows better blood circulation which is instrumental in hair growth. In many ways, it’s like a hair massage that stimulates hair follicles to produce healthy hair. 

5. Wear a Swimming Cap

Often, your hair comes in contact with certain substances that are in no way considered good for hair. If you’re an avid swimmer, the water in the pool might make your hair limp, dry and brittle. To minimize any chance of hair coming in contact with irritating chemicals in pool water, it’s better to wear a swimming cap. 

While showering, put on a shower cap to lower the risk that comes from excess exposure to chlorinated water. 

6. Hair Growth Supplements

Those promising nutritional supplements you see in health stores might make you want to try them to see the results. But, let us tell you, they are not for everyone. The only people who should be consuming these supplements have tried all other ways to grow hair but didn’t get the expected results.

To your surprise, these supplements can act on the real cause of poor hair health and work to induce better hair growth in people suffering from hair thinning and weak or limp hair. 

Among the most notable ingredients, the ones that have been proven to accelerate hair growth are Saw Palmetto, Gotu Kola, Gingko Biloba, Horsetail, Amaranth, Ginseng and Brahmi.

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7. Hair Growth Teas

Hair Growth Teas

Herbal hair growth teas are dominating the health and beauty stores, for a good reason. These tea blends are thoughtfully curated to provide a healthy dose of hair-rebuilding nutrients through select herbs and natural extracts such as Lavender, Dandelion, Nettle, Peppermint, Spearmint, Hibiscus and Jasmine. They are packed with antioxidants that work to provide the necessary nutrition to dry, brittle hair.

What’s great about these teas is that they can be readily consumed at any time of the day to reap the various benefits of herbs known to promote hair health. 

8. Rice Water Therapy

Rice water is an age-old secret that women from China and Japan routinely employ to get long, luminous hair. It’s the presence of amino acids, vitamins B and E, antioxidants and minerals in rice water that account for its hair-growing activity.

Not just with hair growth, rice water is a great detangler that works to eliminate tangles, frizz and knots. For this reason, it is hailed as an excellent weapon against hair breakage that routinely impacts hair appearance.

The ideal way to use rice water to speed up hair growth is to use it as a hair rinse and let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes. Let the hair absorb all the nutrients in rice water and rinse it off with warm water.

9. Herbal Shampoos

Herbal Shampoos

Ensuring there is minimal contact with chemicals that tend to deplete hair surface, it’s imperative to opt for herbal shampoos that cleanse hair and scalp without disrupting natural oils and the hair growth process. Always pick shampoos that are 100% natural and come with no sulfates or other harmful additives. Also, refrain from over shampooing hair. 

Once or twice a week is ideal but if you live in warm places, you can shampoo on alternate days or just use plain water to cleanse hair instead of using shampoos too frequently. 

10. Go for frequent trims

Understanding the natural hair growth process is crucial to know the factors that obstruct hair growth. From time to time, hair starts to split at the ends due to several factors like poor nutrition, contact with chemicals, irritants or pollutants, heat styling, etc.

To curb this possibility, trim the ends of your hair once every month or every 8 weeks. This step will help boost hair growth without any chances of hair-splitting.

11. Get Enough Proteins

In your attempts to grow long hair, never miss a day without including proteins in your diet. They are an essential source of nourishment your hair requires on a routine basis to grow long and healthy hair. Without this one nutrient, the hair growth process is likely to be obstructed. For prolonged hair health, it is extremely important to consume foods rich in proteins. 

12. Wear A Silk Scarf

Don’t let friction ruin your hair texture when you sleep. It can lead to breakage and split ends and make your hair weary. Wrap your hair in a hair scarf made from silk or satin fabric before going to sleep. This one step can make or break your hair-growing journey, so, be mindful of the condition of your hair when you sleep to minimize any damage risks that come from wear and tear of hair tissues that happens when you’re sleeping.  

13. Natural Remedies

The application of natural ingredients like henna, egg yolk, and yogurt to your hair can work wonders in promoting healthy hair growth.

  • Henna, a natural dye, not only adds a beautiful tint to your hair but also strengthens the strands, reducing breakage.
  • Egg yolk, rich in proteins and essential nutrients, nourishes the hair, making it thicker and more resilient.
  • Yoghurt, with its high protein content and lactic acid, can improve the overall health of your hair and enhance its growth potential.

These natural remedies provide a chemical-free, rejuvenating approach to achieving longer, more vibrant hair.

14. Hair Serums

Treat your hair with the right level of care with hair serums that help eliminate factors leading to hair loss and hair breakage such as tangles and frizz. Hair prone to drying almost always takes a tough time to style and comb. That is why, it is of utmost importance to apply a hair serum before you style your hair to help restore moisture and make its stray strands manageable. 

15. Skip using chemical hair colourants

If you want your hair to stay healthy, black and youthful, it is best to abstain from chemical hair colourants that run a risk of damaging hair. Use natural hair colourants only on hair that has visible signs of greying. Continual use of chemical hair colours strips your hair of essential elements that keep it protected from external damage. 

Needless to say, relying on natural hair colouring solutions is considered safer compared to chemical hair colourants for any type of hair if you want to prolong your hair’s natural colour and texture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I promote hair growth naturally?

To encourage natural hair growth, maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, like biotin, vitamin E, and iron. Use gentle hair care practices, avoid excessive heat styling, and consider using natural remedies like coconut oil or aloe vera on your scalp.

2. Are there specific foods that can help with hair growth?

Yes, foods like salmon, eggs, nuts, and leafy greens are excellent choices for promoting hair growth. They provide essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamins that support healthy hair.

3. Is regular trimming necessary for faster hair growth?

Trimming hair regularly won’t make it grow faster, but it can help maintain healthier hair by preventing split ends. This can make your hair look better as it grows longer.

4. How can I prevent hair loss and breakage to support growth?

To prevent hair loss and breakage, avoid tight hairstyles, be gentle when brushing and washing your hair, and use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, manage stress and consider using products designed to strengthen hair.

5. Are there specific hair growth products or supplements that work?

Some products and supplements can aid hair growth, such as minoxidil and biotin supplements. However, results vary from person to person. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new product or supplement to ensure it’s safe and suitable for your needs.

Written by Sukomal Joshua

Sukomal Joshua is a Beauty Writer with an incessant pursuit for everything that's natural and organic. With over a decade long experience in researching natural beauty products and recipes, she wishes to instill awareness about the power of nature in nurturing beauty and health.

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