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Checkout these Dietary Guidelines During Festivals

Dietary Guidelines During Festivals

As we all are aware that Festival season is here and Festival of lights, Diwali is around the corner. Amidst all these celebrations, chances of your health getting neglected increases. However, by practicing a few health hacks we can maintain the integrity of our health.

1.   Portion Control

It’s a bit hard to stay away from sweets, relishes and junk food during festival times. Therefore, controlling the portions especially when you are consuming fried foods, sweets or other unhealthy options is extremely pivotal during festivals. Hence, we must try to eat our favourite food items and sweets in small portions. Try to cook these delicacies at home instead of buying from stores.

This way you can control the ingredients and their quantity.

2.   Make Water Your New Best Friend

We get preoccupied so much in festivities and decorations that we tend to forget to drink water and keep ourselves hydrated. We must make water our best friend. Apart from plain water, we can acquire our hydration dose by lemon, cucumber infused drinks, herbal teas or coconut water. These drinks will suffice the job of hydration along with provision of essential vitamins and minerals. Try to limit guzzling in carbonated and soft drinks as they only provide empty calories with no other significant nutritional benefits.

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3.   No Skipping Of Meals

Food is the fuel for our body and mind. Just as a car needs petrol to drive, similarly our body needs fuel to perform the tasks. Skipping meals demands avoiding this fuel which does more harm than good. We usually tend to skip our meals if we have to go outside for dinner or so. This results in overeating at the time of dinner. Therefore, we must consume all the meals and even have a small healthy snack thirty minutes before going out for the festivity.

4.   Stay Active

Spare some time out to move your body. You can take out time either for a brisk walk or dance your heart out. There is no need to over exercise in order to punish yourself for whatever sugary and fried foods you have consumed.

Exercise must be an enjoyable activity. Even baby steps such as walking to the market instead of taking out your two wheelers or climbing stairs and ditching lifts will eventually make your festival days more energetic and mobile.

5.   Eat Guilt Free

Do you feel guilty after having your favourite kaju katli? Well, this feeling of guilt and regret can take a toll on our health. Let me tell you that whenever you are feeling guilty after consuming food, the stress hormone namely cortisol gets stimulated and enhances the hunger pangs, which eventually leads to weight

gain. In addition, this food guilt and shame shows that you are experiencing a negative relationship with food. Having said that, incorporating your favourite platters once in a while is totally fine. Just be mindful of the portions and enjoy the festival season.

The bottom line is that festival season is meant to be celebrated; hence, don’t be hard on yourself in terms of food and follow the mool mantra of moderation.

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Written by Rakshita Mehra

Ms. Rakshita Mehra is a Food and Nutrition Expert. She is a well qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Dietician.She holds a degree in B.Sc. Home Science with specialization in Food and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. She is a Certified COVID-19 and Food Safety Supervisor by FSSAI. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator.
She has gained experience at two of the esteemed hospitals, Safdarjung Hospital and Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi. She is the Founder and Director of a Health and Wellness company, namely Nutrishala; Paathshala of Nutrition.

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