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A Yogi’s Heaven: 10 Must Have Yoga Accessories 

Yoga Accessories

Be it any ailment, physical or mental, what could be a better antidote than yoga!

Yoga has been leading the movement towards attaining tranquility of mind and refinement of health since time unknown.

Through centuries, many have joined this movement and extricated enormous benefits from this series of physical, mental and spiritual practices we call yoga.

Sages and yogis, back in the ancient days, used minimal equipment while indulging in daily asanas. However, with the onset of innovation, comfortable and affordable equipments are now cramming up the markets with an aim to accentuate one’s experience with yoga.

Ranging from simple yoga mats to knee pads, there is a wide spectrum of products for yoga enthusiasts to avail.

Besides enriching experience, yoga gear is also helpful for beginners to help them grasp the habit of practicing yoga daily. That being the case, the importance of yoga gear definitely holds a high place. 

If you are looking to augment your experience as a yogi or wish to become a one in the first place, then you are about to find yourself just where you want to be.

Scroll through this list to find the best yoga accessories that would propel you towards your fitness goal.

A Guide to The Best Yoga Gear in the Market

1. Yoga Mat

yoga mat

While every yogi already has access to yoga mats and has been using them since the time they embarked on this journey, this accessory is a prerequisite for newbies.

This is the first thing you need to purchase to kick start your voyage towards spirituality. It provides an anti-slip and stable surface for you to perform every asana demonstrated in the books.

A cushiony mat with a thickness of about 8 mm would provide you maximum comfort and is quite ideal for low intensity yoga postures.

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2. Yoga Resistance Bands and Blocks

Yoga Resistance Bands and Blocks

Yoga straps or bands are a genius innovation for helping yogis ease into hard to achieve positions with utmost comfort.

They enable you to gradually slip into difficult poses which is quite the right practice for mastering these postures with time. A 2.5 m long cotton strap is ideal to mould you into different postures.

Improving your yoga postures would become much easier with foam yoga blocks. They are pertinent to ensure stability and comfort. Foam blocks come with the additional advantages of being light weight and easy-to-carry.

3. Yoga Towel

Yoga Towel

Yoga Towels are designed to accentuate the non-slippery nature of mats. While performing asanas, they are laid on top of the yoga mat.

These towels not only safeguard grip onto the mat surface, but also absorb sweat and help keep the mat clean.

4. Yoga Sports Bag

Yoga Sports Bag

Carry all the yoga gear you have in this bag specifically designed for your Yoga essentials.

A strapped canvas bag which would easily fit your basic yoga equipment is ideal. 

5. Yoga Wrist and Knee Pads

Yoga Wrist and Knee Pads

These knee and wrist pads ease pressure exerted on your knees and wrists while practicing difficult postures.

Spare yourself some comfort and ease while performing the most strenuous of asanas by enlisting yoga knee and wrist pads in your Yoga practice.

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6. Mat Wash

Mat Wash

Keeping your equipment clean is the first step to a healthy and better lifestyle.

Pick up a good surface disinfectant from the shelves (preferably with a formulation of ethyl alcohol) and scrub off every spot from your yoga gear.

Yoga equipment washes, in the price range of Rs. 200 – 300, are now available in the market.

7. Hand Towel

Hand Towel

It is quite obvious to get all sweaty during daily yoga sessions. However, what is not obvious is to let yourself bathe in your sweat.

Which is why, it is advisable to keep a hand towel within reach to avoid such embarrassing situations.

Cotton hand towels will absorb all the moisture and sweat accumulating on your skin, thereby, keeping all hindrances while practicing yoga at bay.

8. Bolster Pillow

Bolster Pillow

A bolster or a meditation cushion is a soft, cylindrical pillow used for support to easily slip into tough meditative poses.

It provides support to the back while doing meditation.

Usage of cotton-filled washable bolster pillow is advised for best results.

9. Yoga Rings

Yoga Rings

Yoga Wheels and Rings are the newest accessories to have become every yogi’s favorite.

These wheels come in different sizes and are a perfect tool to enhance your flexibility and elasticity.

What’s better? Even though this equipment is lightweight, it can support body weight of up to a whopping 240 kgs!

10.Yoga Headband

Yoga Headband

Ever felt your hair tickling your face while trying hard to hold your posture? Well, that’s something all yogis must have been through.

Yoga headbands are a stylish, yet effective way of solving this problem. These adjustable headbands come in different colors and work well in keeping your hair in place.

An add-on advantage of cotton headbands is that it effectively absorbs sweat and fits right on as a style statement. 

Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical detox in today’s era of clutter and chaos. It is almost indispensable to ensure wellbeing of the body and mind without your daily practice of asanas and Pranayama.

To make your Yoga experience even better and fulfilling, grab all the gear you need and start afresh.

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Written by Prachi Bora

Born and brought up in Guwahati, Assam, I have always been galvanized towards a diverse and dynamic career. My interests expand across fields like writing, finance, marketing and public speaking. As a life science student, my favourite genre of writing has to be health and wellness.
Besides, to ensure personal growth everyday, I jot down one lesson each day had to teach me.

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