The Yoga Institute

The Yoga Institute

The Yoga Institute

  • Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga
  • Mantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga
  • Laya Yoga
The Yoga Institute

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The Yoga Institute conducts several types of classes, camps and workshops along with training and certification courses. 

Workshops And Camps: Yoga is an essential tool for living a healthy life. However, different people have different goals when it comes to achieving something through yoga. Many people want to improve or solve certain problems through yoga therapy and for such people the institute offers various workshops based on specific goals. The workshops offered by Yoga Institute include:

  • Cardiac And Hypertension Workshop
  • Diabetes Camp
  • Life Management Camp
  • Pranayam Workshop
  • Pregnancy Camp
  • Respiratory Workshop
  • Senior Citizen Workshop
  • Stress Management Workshop
  • Women’s Camp
  • Back And Joint Disorder Workshop
  • 7 Days Health Camp In Both Hindi And English

Online Classes:

Modern life can get stressful and busy. It can be difficult to squeeze in some self-care time in such hectic schedules and that’s why the institute offers several online classes to yoga enthusiasts. Live classes are conducted and you can select a time and date which fits into your schedule. The online classes offered by The Yoga Institute are: 

  • Healing Moment And Rhythm Classes
  • Yoga Asana Classes
  • Meditation Foundation Course
  • Regular Meditation Classes
  • Yog Prayas
  • Couples Classes
  • Weekend Asana Classes.

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The Yoga Institute is also associated with several non-profit social initiatives. The organization serves healthy and fresh food to 1000 underprivileged people all over the country. Everyday under the Annam Brahma initiative.

The institute has trained more than 13000 police men and women in Yoga. This has helped the police force to become physically and mentally healthier and become more focused and sharp to perform their duty better.

The Yoga Institute also provides scholarships to many bright and underprivileged children and teaches them the basics of yogic life. The institute is associated with providing education to 10000 children. 

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The Yoga Institute was established in 1918. The Yoga Institute is the world’s first Yoga Center founded by Yogi Shri Yogendra ji. Yogendra ji is known as the father of modern yoga. The Yoga Institute has trained many people and transformed them into dedicated yoga teachers or helped

them actively practice yoga in daily life.

The Yoga Institute has been awarded the  eminent Prime Minister’s award because of their amazing service. Yogendra ji received his training from Paramhamsa Madhavdas Ji. The institute  conducts classes of different schools of yoga including Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Laya Yoga. 

The various types of yoga practices offer people numerous benefits. The director of the institute, doctor Hansaji Yogendra leads the collaborative efforts of the institute to inspire the lives of thousands of people.

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