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Srishti Chadha offers training in basic yoga asanas:

Yoga Asana for Beginners: If you are a beginner in yoga asanas and confused, it’s time to enroll in the beginners yoga asana course where you will learn about the basic asanas and how to perform them. Yoga asanas are more than just tools to achieve weight loss.

Further, you will be enlightened on how these asanas help your body and increase flexibility and strength.  

Advanced Yoga Asana Training: Once you master the basic yoga poses, you are now ready to move to a more advanced level of asanas which require a greater level of flexibility and strength. To reach such a level, you first need to go through proper initial training and develop basic strength required for such as. 

Yoga For Weight Loss: Obesity is not simply a cosmetic issue anymore. Excessive weight causes several health problems. Yoga can be a great tool to achieve your ideal body weight and maintain it in the long term.

Srishti offers a weight loss yoga program in which you will learn specific yoga asanas that  target certain body parts where excessive fat is told. Eventually you will attain a perfect body weight and BMI. 

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1. Who should join online yoga classes? 

Anybody who has no time to invest in on-campus or offline yoga classes because of personal or professional responsibilities should consider joining online yoga classes. 

2. What are the benefits of offline yoga classes?

Offline yoga classes definitely have certain advantages like you will be able to socialize more which will motivate you to be consistent. You will also come to the dedicated place for practicing yoga which will automatically change your mode and make you want to do yoga. However, offline yoga classes are not for everyone.

3. Should I join online yoga classes?

If you do not have a yoga center nearby and have to travel for hours to reach one then online classes may be a better option. Online classes are also a great option for people who have very less time like business women and men and housewives and parents of newborn children. 

4. What are the benefits of online yoga classes?

Online yoga classes will let you practice yoga at your own pace from the comfort of your home. You will also save the time to get ready and travel and may utilize it to finish some other important work. Another great advantage of online classes is the flexibility in terms of timings.

Even if you fail to attend your yoga class at the designated hours, you will always have the option to watch the recorder classes and practice whenever you get the time. This ensures consistency in Yoga practice

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Srishti Chadha is a professional cabin crew turned certified yoga trainer. She is also an enthusiastic dancer and extremely passionate about bringing a spark of fitness into the lives of people through yoga and dance.

She has a YouTube channel where she talks about the benefits

of yoga and also presents energetic dance videos that will make you want to get up from the couch and start changing your life for the better with fun!

Srishti believes that yoga is the best tool for achieving discipline, flexibility, and fitness while keeping diseases at bay. She offers regular zoom classes at flexible timings to her clients. A major part of our work is to provide motivation to people so they are consistent in their routine. 

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