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The centers offer several types of yoga programs and classes including Yoga Vacations, Workshops, Retreats, Yoga for Ayurveda, Karma Yoga and cultural activities.

Yoga Vacation: The Yoga vacation program is conducted in relaxing Ashrams all over the world.  The programs are designed by Swami Vishnudevananda.  During yoga vacation, you will experience meditation sessions, daily yoga, tasty vegetarian food and enriching spiritual teaching that will teach you to live a better life.

You will connect with other like-minded people and enter a state of collective physical and mental relaxation and spiritual growth. The Yoga vacation program is open to all, throughout the year.

Karma Yoga: Karma simply translates to work. In Hinduism, it is believed that Karma brings good fortune and our life is all about Karma. As yoga is a spiritual practice, the idea of Karma has been combined with yoga to form the Karma Yoga. 

Karma is nothing but selfless service to the society that brings a lot of positive changes to your own life. Through Karma Yoga, one can kill their ego and become close to all of god’s or universe’s creation!

Workshops: Several workshops and retreats are conducted by Sivananda Ashram. Most of these are short term courses that are meant to teach the basics of yogic lifestyle and help you become more aware of yogic wellness practices. Visit or contact your nearby Sivananda Ashram for updates on upcoming workshops. Some of regular workshops are as follows: 

  • Detoxification And Juice Fasting
  • Ayurveda Workshop
  • Positive Thinking And Meditation
  • 41 Days Mandalam Workshop
  • Vedic Astrology
  • Vedanta And Raja Yoga
  • Beginners Yoga Courses
  • Advanced Yoga Courses
  • Permaculture And Sustainability
  • Food As Medicine
  • Yoga Of Devotion
  • Sacred Dance And Music
  • Anatomy And Physiology Related To Yoga
  • Vegetarian Cookery

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At a glance, yoga may seem simple but when you research more you get to know that yoga is a lot more than just physical exercise. It is a lifestyle which needs a lot of dedication, practice and wisdom to master.

However, the benefits are worth the effort in this case and yoga remains a favorite among well being seekers. Swami made yoga simple for the learner by breaking it into five simple points. Yoga consists of five aspects including asana, pranayama, savasana, diet, Vedanta, and janana.

This translates to exercise breathing, relaxation, diet, thinking, and meditation. Because of Swami’s method of teaching anybody can understand the principles of a yogic lifestyle. By integrating the four principles of yoga which are janana, raja, bhakti, and karma we can create a balanced spiritual practice. 

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Sivananda Yoga is a non-profit organization started by Swami Vishnudevananda. He named the organization after his respected Guru Swami Sivananda. The non-profit has established yoga centers all over the world in order to spread the ancient knowledge of Indian sages.

The ancient knowledge attained by the

sages after years of practice is precious. This precious knowledge is necessary for the people of the modern world who are suffering from several ailments- both physical and mental.

The organization has trained more than 5000 teachers who are now teaching the ancient system to several thousands peoples around the world.

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