Top Career Counselling Platforms in India for Students

Career Counselling is becoming more and more important for students in India than ever before as students have started looking beyond the age old professional choices of engineering and medicine. They want to explore career options as per their interest and while doing so require some guidance from experts . In this article we bring to you few top career counselling platforms which helps students in choosing the most suitable careers for them.

We design numerous plans every day regarding several daily life occurrences but it takes courage and a significant period of time to determine career choice. It involves research and right judgment over your choices and interests. It isn’t an easy task, in fact till early twenties people are not sure of their field of interest. It takes patience; one can’t simply arrive at a conclusion after thinking for a day or two.

Arriving at a conclusion occurs when your traits, hobbies, interests, personality matches the field you are interested in. A wrong choice of career has destroyed people’s lives. This decision must not be taken quickly. The first thing that is important is to determine your choice, what do you want? Now at a young age, you are not expected to know what you want, hence what needs to be done is cancelling out choices that you think don’t belong to you. For example, a student who is interested in science can be assured that the field of law is not suitable for them.

In India, most of the people have their career planned through their choice of college and their placements show them their path, but in reality, there are many students who need to explore more and choose their own path rather than the aforementioned career field by the parents and staff. Similarly, how IITians end up becoming an actor or musician, it is not necessary for the degree to draw conclusions of their future.

Once the wide picture has been considered it is time to discover the specialty in you, everybody possesses a certain set of talents in them which makes them unique but it is difficult to identify them. Students spend years to answer their question of ambition, but what if you realize that you can take a general quiz with daily life questions to determine the right field of career for you. It’s possible now. We have several Career Guidance Platforms that can help you choose the right field and follow the path that fits your lifestyle and talent.

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We need to compare the different platforms and their ability to govern the right path for you, their choice of interests and fields has to be well researched since it’s a big deal and their choices will form opinions and further future plans that will shape the student’s life.

1. Mindler


Mindler is the leading platform for Career guidance as it is the only platform that offers assessments under various sections in order to become extra sure of the choice of career you adopt. The features of this platform are:

  • It evaluates five segments that involve Style, Interest, Aptitude, Personality, and Emotional Intelligence.
  • It features Career assessments especially designed for the Indian education system and official industry.
  • It evaluates 10 Aptitudes comparing all sections of elements possible.
  • It assesses 56 Elements for a single candidate.
  • It is recognized by NCIDA, APCDA, Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of India.
  • It contains an exhaustive 34 pages report generating a detailed result of the whole assessment.
  • It provides orientation and reports understanding sessions and expert solutions for detailed insights into career selection.
  •  Shortlisting Institutes for better selection
  • Regular career updates such as entrance examinations and their dates.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Training, Application Essays Writing, Overseas College profiling.

The founders of the company possess an educational background of Harvard University, ISB Hyderabad, IIT Kharagpur, Delhi University, Country’s leading Psychologists.



This website is very similar to the concept of Mindler and offers similar services but with their own blend and wide range of options. Their features involve:

  • They evaluate four dimensions namely Personality, Aptitude, Interest, Motivators.
  • They have well-planned Assessment processed for Indian education and economy.
  • They evaluate 5 Aptitudes.
  • 29 elements have been assessed by
  • They offer their best career matches for better development and choice-making process.
  •  They also perform motivator mapping for exploring student’s key drivers in career.
  • Their experts are responsible for providing detailed information about the field to the students.
  • They also hold an assessment of the Primary and backup career plan for students.
  • They shortlist Institutes on the basis of the candidate’s ability.
  • They also offer to teach Resume and Cover letter writing, Letters of Recommendation, Application Essays value and writing, overseas courses lineup.
  • Their educational background features BITS Pilani, Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi,    

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Mapmytalent is a platform which is one of the few lucrative options that have proved their worth among the other platforms. They believe in removing the confusion for the right choice as quickly as possible. Their features include:

  • They evaluate Personality, Aptitude and Interest.
  • They evaluate 7 Aptitudes
  • They give assess to 35 elements.
  • They have experts on behalf of different fields existing in the world.
  • They help candidate a full-proof plan for achieving the goal along with a backup one.
  • They shortlist appropriate Institutes that fit the candidate’s application.
  •  They have a library that includes all the information they can gain.
  • They upload well-researched blogs for candidate’s reference.
  • Their educational background includes IIM Lucknow, IIT, Delhi University, NCERT, and JNU.

4. iDreamcareer


iDreamCareer is one of the largest non-biased career counseling ventures with 2.5 million students yearly. They offer lots of packages with a different blend of services including:

  • They evaluate Personality, Aptitude, and Interest.
  • They evaluate Aptitudes.
  • Their experts give away precious information about their career path and suggest the best way towards success.
  • Their formation of plans involves detailed information about all the steps to climb.
  • They assist in shortlisting Institutions.
  • Their Library sells out all the necessary information.
  • Their blogs help numerous candidates choose the right path.
  • They help in course corrections and goal tracking of the candidate.
  • They conduct seminars for educating about Overseas programs.
  • They also offer services of teaching how to write a resume, cover letter, Statement of purpose, application essays, college profile, etc.
  • Their education background features IIT, Indian Air force, IBS,

5. Univariety


Univarierty help candidates around the country remove confusion, achieve clarity, get admissions in colleges, and alumni engagement. It is India’s foremost Career Counseling platform. They offer:

  • Evaluation similar to that of CareerGuide
  • Customized details of matches suggested by experts in the report.
  • Instant generation of Career matches after the online assessment.
  • Mapping of motivations and exploring student’s key talents.
  • Suggesting appropriate future plans according to the right capabilities.
  • Shortlist the best institutes matching their abilities.
  • Conduct seminars for overseas program admissions.
  • Piles of books that provide useful career and college information.
  • Blogs that help candidate relate to several situations lived by real people.
  • Teaching formats and writing of letters consumed for official purposes.
  • The founders and staff belonged to IIM Lucknow, INSEAD, and NMIMS.

These are the top platforms that help the candidate choose the right path and achieve the success that they deserve. It is a difficult task to have someone else’s career in your hand, it is not something to play with, the experts in these platforms are experienced enough to guide the today’s and upcoming generation ahead in the future. Their evaluations are based on different aspects of a human being to demonstrate the right choice of careers.

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Written by Bishakha Nihalani

Bishakha has a passion for writing about clean beauty and wellness. She believes in the Indian Science of Ayurveda and including it in our daily lives through food and skincare.


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      I am a known counsellor and running a career counselling centre in Delhi for the last 5 years. I have used all the platforms and can say from experience that edumilestones is the best in a league.

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