Prof Haritha Nayak

Professor Haritha Nayak, an esteemed expert in Dream Analysis and Decoding Indian spirituality symbolically, has made significant contributions to the field during her more than 10-year association with UCM Teaching & Research Center.

An Angelic Guide and Spiritual Teacher

Haritha Nayak is a native of the Himalayas in India. She has always been drawn to the profound questions of life and spirituality. Growing up in a family that cherished spiritual practices, she developed a deep curiosity about the meaning of existence from an early age. Her upbringing in a household of lawyers instilled in her a sense of discipline and intellectual exploration.

An Illuminative Childhood

As a child, Haritha spent much of her time with her wise grandfather, who introduced her to the ancient wisdom of sages, Vedas, and Yogis. She embraced meditation and contemplation, focusing on her third eye, the sixth chakra, as a pathway to divine connection.

Challenging the conventional notion of prayer, she sought her grandmother’s guidance and discovered the power of asking for strength and patience to navigate life’s challenges and grow as a person.

Beginning of an Intellectual Transformation

Haritha’s journey continued to unfold as she developed a fascination with Buddhism during her formative years. A pivotal moment occurred when she heard the mantra “Buddham Sharanam Gacchami…” during a class, which filled her with tears of joy and ignited a profound transformation within her.

Academic Journey and Inspiring Young Minds

Teaching came naturally to Haritha, even as a young child. At the tender age of eight, she shared her knowledge with the children in her community. Her exceptional academic performance and a keen interest in computer science led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications.

Remarkably, during her first year of college, she was already instructing master’s degree students in computer language and programming.

After completing her Master’s degree in Administration from Banasthali Vidhyapith, one of India’s esteemed women’s universities, Haritha embarked on a career in the corporate world. Her journey took her to prominent companies such as Bennett, Coleman & Company, Times of India, Oracle, and Lenovo, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience.

Embracing the Call Within

However, signs from the universe began to call Haritha towards a deeper purpose. She had been receiving powerful dreams throughout her life, sensing a profound message within them.

Seeking guidance and understanding, she embarked on a soul-searching adventure in 2012, visiting an Ashram in Rishikesh, situated on the sacred banks of the Ganges.

While the experience brought her peace, she yearned for more profound knowledge and embarked on a silent retreat in the Buddhist tradition.

Shifting Paradigms

Still feeling that something vital was missing, Haritha delved into past life regression techniques and became a therapist in 2013.

Her soul remained open to the universe’s guidance, and it was in October of that year that she encountered Kaya and Christiane at Pyramid Valley, Bangalore. As she connected with them, an overwhelming familiarity swept over her as if they were kindred spirits.

The purity and depth of their energy made her realize that she had finally found what she had been searching for across lifetimes.

Exploring the Realms of Dreams and Signs

Christiane introduced Haritha to the Angel 65 Damabiah, invoking the angel to understand the meaning behind the recurring nightmares she experienced as a child.

To her amazement, after chanting the angel’s mantra for a mere five minutes, the nightmares ceased completely. This profound encounter marked the beginning of her journey into the world of angelic knowledge.

Eager to deepen her understanding, Haritha immersed herself in Universal Consciousness Metaphysics (UCM) teachings. She devoured the UCM website, acquainted herself with her birth angels, and attended transformative workshops.

Guided by Christiane, Haritha began working with the Angelic calendar, invoking the angels and meticulously recording her dreams. This inner exploration and the subsequent cleansing of deep-seated subconscious memories became the most profound work she had ever encountered.


Haritha Nayak, supported by her husband Santhosh, shares the wisdom of Angelica Yana throughout India and Asia. Both dedicated to their Angelic Mission, they actively participate in the DSSI Training (Dream-Sign-Symbol Interpretation) under the guidance of UCM professors.

Passionate about helping individuals connect with the source code of their souls, Haritha is committed to facilitating deep inner transformations and guiding others on their journey to becoming angels themselves.

Haritha’s Angelic mission continues to unfold, and she remains inspired by the profound teachings of Kaya and Christiane Muller. Together with her husband, she tirelessly works to bring the transformative knowledge of UCM to those who have long awaited the path of deep understanding.

As one of the UCM Directors, she has played a key role in spreading the knowledge of Dream Interpretation and Symbolic Language in countries like India, Singapore, Vietnam, and beyond.

With an impressive background as a healer, therapist, and gold medalist in Past Life Regression, she has decoded over 15,000 dreams and guided thousands of students worldwide towards self-transformation.

Her profound understanding of various subjects, combined with her corporate experience, allows her to provide practical and precise guidance to those seeking help. Professor Haritha Nayak’s passion for sharing knowledge and her deep insights at the soul level have also earned her a devoted following on her Facebook page.

Join her on the remarkable journey of uncovering the inner truths hidden within our dreams and symbols.

Events presented by Prof Haritha Nayak

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Himalayan Retreat 2023 (Sept 24-29)

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