Kasol Travel Guide

Kasol, also known as mini Israel of India, is a small village from the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is snuggled between steep mountains of Himalayas and is situated beside River Parvati. It can surely be a place that helps you disconnect from the world, and have a blissful experience amidst lush green forests and panoramic snowy mountain ranges.

I have met so many people who go solo tripping to Kasol, just to enjoy and have peaceful experience without any distractions around you. Listening to people’s experience about Kasol, how they went backpacking through the mountains, how they set camps on the steep cliffs and woke up with the most scenic views you can ever see, the simplistic lifestyle… It made me intrigued to go and have my own experience as well.

How to reach Kasol

Since Kasol has been hyped up recently, the road connectivity is very smooth. The nearest airport to Kasol is Bhuntar airport, which is 31 kilometres away about 1-2 hours of a road trip.

You can have cab services from Bhuntar to Kasol, or there are convenient state bus services which go all the way till Manikaran. If you like to travel through trains, the nearest railway station to Kasol is Joginder Nagar railway station, which is 144 km away about 4-5 hours of a road trip.

Another common option is Chandigarh airport or Chandigarh railway station, which is almost 300 kilometres away about 9 hours of a road trip for both. Kasol has amazing road connectivity with NH-3 as the main road, thus you can take road trips or Volvo services from Delhi.

The road to Kasol is filled with dangerous ghats and thrilling panoramic views, so keep your cameras out to click some breathtaking photos.

Accommodation in Kasol

As soon as you reach Kasol, you are welcomed with this cosy vibes. There are many accommodations options available in Kasol ranging from hotels to homestays to camps.

If you want to have an authentic experience of Kasol, I would suggest you to camp. Camping in Kasol is something that you will cherish all your life because most of the camps are just by the riverside, and you can have bonfires evenings as well. Some of the camping sites that are accessible and will surely give a memorable experience are Kabila Camps, Mahadev River View Camps, Parvati Woods Camps, Orchard camps and Camp Himalayan Midway.


Kasol Travel Guide

Kasol is mainly known for its scenic treks and backpacking campsites. One of the most thrilling trekking experience you can have in Kasol is the Kheerganga trek. Kheerganga is a small hamlet which has relaxing hot water springs where you can go for baths and steep valley views. To give you a quick guide to how you trek from Kasol to Kheerganga, you can find bus services or cab services till Tosh and from there begins the real trek. From Tosh, there is a road trail till Barshaini, and then there is a forest trail till Kheerganga. During this forest trek, there is a breakpoint, a village named Nakthan which has an antique temple called Rudra Nag where people spend some time to admire the age-old architecture.

Kheerganga, which literally means ‘milky river’, is a heavenly place hidden between the Himalayas. Kheerganga does not have any hotels there, mostly small homestays and dormitories are available there. You get small huts or common dormitories for minimal charges, or you can camp out as well. Kheerganga has open-air cafés with amazing views and some cosy warm cafés for cold evenings. You wake up to most breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalayas and the hot springs are the most relaxing place where you can have an early morning bath.


Kasol Travel Guide

Another attraction near Kasol is Manikaran. You can go to Manikaran from Kasol through cab or there are frequent state bus services that are available till Manikaran itself.

Manifkaran is somewhat a religious place, having a Parvati Temple by the banks of river Parvati. Manikaran also has a blazing hot spring, but it’s situated inside the temple. Rather than having a bath, you get to see how they offer the Goddess prasad by boiling the staples or rice in the hot spring only. This is quite a different scene you get to witness, and the place has a more calming and spiritual aura.

Kasol Market

Kasol Market

Apart from this peaceful trek, Kasol has the most hippie market. You can get everything from hemp bags to earthen chillums. Kasol’s hippie clothing is known for its maximum comfort, and you can find rows of shops with vibrant prints or calming pastels clothes hanging around. You can have a stroll through the market and find some unique souvenirs to keep on your desks or bar tables.

Kasol’s Delicacy

Kasol’s Delicacy

Kasol is also famous for its Israeli food since, it’s known as mini Israel of India. There are some cafés in Kasol that will serve you one the best Israeli food, with cosy ambiance, hot teas and most indie songs blasting around the café that will surely make your day. Stone Garden café, Freedom café, Jim Morrisson café and Evergreen café are the best Israeli cafés you can find in Kasol.

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