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How to Make Madhubani Paintings: Learn Online

Madhubani Paintings

Learn the art of Madhubani by enrolling in these online classes created just for you!

Embellished with intricate patterns and exquisite colours, Madhubani Art is surely one of the most recognizable forms of Indian folk art.

The art form originated in a small village of Bihar named ‘Madhubani’.

It was traditionally made with natural colours from twigs of the trees, rice powder, and other stuff found in the forest.

Madhubani Paintings usually depict religious stories and feature Hindu deities like the Radha-Krishna, Maa Durga, Shiv-Parvati.

However, it also draws inspiration from nature depicting majestic animals like elephants or commonplace animals like fish surrounded with flowers, leaves, etc.

Art as a Therapy

Art is more than just aesthetics; it has therapeutic value as well.

It is a known fact that painting improves patience, concentration, memory, and creativity.

These skills not just help you in art but may prove to be fruitful in other areas of your life as well.

The meditative property of the activity makes it an essential part of therapy as the painting process makes the mind calm and focused.

There are many reasons why you may want to learn Madhubani painting.

Maybe you are a student and want an extracurricular activity for learning or you could be a housewife who wants to try a new hobby!

Nowadays, many people turn their passions into side hustles or even full-time businesses.

There are never-ending possibilities with Madhubani art which is gaining popularity throughout the world.

The popularity of Madhubani Painting today is such that there is a museum dedicated only to Madhubani painting in Japan.

Moreover, making gorgeous Madhubani art takes more than just a few art supplies.

To learn this extravagant art form, one needs regular guidance from a skilled teacher.

In this digital age, adorning traditional beauty doesn’t require you to attend physical classes as you can learn Madhubani Painting through online classes.

Let us explore the Best Online Classes for learning how to make Madhubani Painting:

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1.National Institute of Mithila Art

National Institute of Mithila Art

Madhubani Painting originated in the Mithila region of Bihar and so, as the name suggests, this institute teaches Madhubani Art.

They have an offline modern art institute in Darbhanga in which young people are taught Madhubani and other forms of Mithila art.

Recently in November 2019, they launched an online certification course.

The online course has become very popular among art lovers and currently, you can enroll in their online certification course.

It is a six-month course with online classes which comprises of both practical and theory classes for the complete knowledge and skill development of the student.

Age is no bar and anyone can learn Mithila art.

Along with the live classes, you will get monthly online workshops and 10 minutes of teacher support sessions where you can clear your doubts.

Your work will constantly be reviewed which will help in improving it.

For registration, visit their official website.

2. Himanshu Art Institute

Himanshu Art Institute

This institute provides an online certification course on Madhubani Painting that consists of 25 sessions and covers the basics of Madhubani.

You may go through their official website and see the different exquisite Madhubani painting works produced by their students to know how impactful their teaching is.

First off, you will be taught the Basics of Painting.

This includes: freehand drawing, movements of pencil, the different techniques of painting, the materials used, colour theory, and the procedure of natural color making.

Then, you will be taught the different types of Madhubani work which can be devotional, figurative or inspired by nature.

This course will teach you the authentic traditional form of Madhubani Work on natural medium.

The total course fee is 18k and the duration of the course is 3 months. Classes are held twice weekly.

You can register for the course through their website.

Himanshu Art Institute also offers different types of art scholarships to its talented and disciplined students.

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3. Pencraft


Pencraft believes that one does not have to be an expert to be an artist as you can learn any art through constant practice and impactful inspiration.

The right inspiration and teaching are what they aim to provide through their Madhubani Painting online classes.

This course will teach you different designs that can be created for the paintings.

They will also teach the use of colours, the use of different brushes and how to take care of them, and painting on different types of material like canvas, cartridge, normal paper, and MDF board—everything from scratch!

For making great art you need the right tools and you will get required materials and tools for Madhubani art as a ready-to-use kit that is available online.

The course fee is minimal at INR 999 and consists of 20 hours of online classes spanning over 25 days.

4. Areawala Painting Classes

Areawala Painting Classes

It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife or a student, anyone can learn the magnificent Madhubani Painting at Areawala online classes.

You can book their classes through their website.

The batches are divided according to the age group so that special attention and guidance can be given to students from all age groups.

The duration of the course is of six months and classes are held thrice a week with an hour duration.

You can pay a one-time fee of INR 4000 or a monthly fee of INR 800.

The course is open for housewives as well. You will be taught Madhubani painting right from the basics.

It includes making of the different complex and detailed borders and the motif present in the painting including flowers, fishes, animals, birds, gods, and goddesses.

You will also learn to make these paintings on fabric which may help you to start your entrepreneurship journey.

Students are assured of complete guidance for Government Painter Registration and then you can start your own online business.

You can join the Facebook group and watch videos on their YouTube channel for an insight into their teaching style.

5. Udemy: Madhubani Painting Beginners Guide

Udemy: Madhubani Painting Beginners Guide

A Madhubani Painting has aesthetic and therapeutic value for the painter.

In this class, one can learn the basics of Madhubani Painting with watercolor at an affordable price.

You need not have any knowledge of fine arts to take this class and anyone from any age group can take this short-term certification course.

The price of the course is INR 455 and so far, 985 students have completed this course.

The instructor, Navodit Kar, is an artist and a Youtuber and has been practicing fine arts since 2015.

He considers art to be a therapeutic meditative experience which he attempts to teach you through the eight lectures in this course.

After the completion of the course, you will also be given a project that will help you to test your skills and use your newly learned techniques.

Madhubani Paintings are gaining traction worldwide. Due to the increasing popularity of this art, many people are interested in learning the painting style.

You need to develop skills like dedication, attention to detail, and of course, improve your painting style and that is why learning it systematically is a great idea.

Once you learn the art, you can practice it as a hobby or even start your own business!

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