Homeschooling Vs Normal Schooling

Schooling is that part of our journey that stays with us through eternity, the memory never washes off, it gets stuck with us since the moments with our friends and those teenage years reminds us of the stupidity and foolishness we used to undergo. 

Why are parents giving a thought to Home Schooling?

Now that we have entered into a modern age where things have evolved and even school students possess more knowledge than adults and sometimes for those intelligent ones in school the only thing they lack is the experience in life that establishes our superiority over them irrespective of their knowledge. 

So here are some reasons why parents may consider homeschooling for their kids.

Access to Unlimited Information: The textbooks, curriculum, everything has changed so much that children are exposed to all sorts of knowledge there exists in the world. The kids in the 90s were introduced to the concept of the internet and the power it holds but as we moved on it took us time to actually get used to it. Children today have ample opportunities to grow, back in the day all we had to worry about was marks, now children can always move forward with their idea of business if needed. They dont have to depend on information available only in textbooks and the schools teachers. The internet has everything.

Age Old curriculum in Indian Schools: Speaking of opportunities, parents have now started to give homeschooling a real thought since they are quite aware of the situation that exists in those affiliated schools whose curriculum hasn’t changed for decades. Although homeschooling is an extremely historic concept for those who were born even before there was a school life and in India it isn’t confirmed whether it is a legal concept or not so in order to change that people have started to consider bringing back that culture due to the horrible situation of many schools now specially in small towns and villages.

The new curriculums are expensive: The new ones like IB and IGCSE seem to give practical knowledge but they are expensive. Hence the privilege of studying a more informative and thought-provoking curriculum is in the hands of the rich, the others are still struggling with the old form of curriculum that persists from years. In order to change that, people have now pondered over on the concept of homeschooling that will help parents offer all the knowledge they believe is essential for their children to learn.

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Imagine if now you knew of a concept that is too essential for you and if it would have been taught to you in your school you must have become an expert by now? Well, now you can at least help your children acquire it so that they never have to undergo this kind of experience.

If we were to debate which is better homeschooling verses normal schooling, each has its perks, let’s discuss a few points and compare both.


Normal Schooling: Discussing the fun part, nothing can beat normal school life, the memories that you cherish from school cannot be reconstructed ever, and the family that you formed through your school life will never generate if you had adopted homeschooling.

Normal Schooling

Homeschooling: Then again, even homeschooling can be fun if accustomed properly. Studying at your own time, ample time for personal growth, learning through adopting whichever way that interests you and the list goes long. Hence both can be considered a fun experience for a child.

2. Curriculum

Normal Schooling activity

Normal Schooling:When conferred about curriculum many schools have come up with a considerably advanced curriculum for children that offer practical knowledge along with theoretical but most of the schools offer the same knowledge throughout these many decades and will probably continue to do so.

Homeschooling: Homeschooling has the advantage of constructing our own curriculum with our favored blend of subjects that the child wishes to study. Normal schooling offers a significant amount of knowledge but it is limited and unfortunately, most of the further study options require excellence in those blends of subjects only. Hence adopting homeschooling needs an appropriate amount of research for confirming the right path for your children.

3. Knowledge

Normal Schooling: Now when we say knowledge it means the knowledge of the world and psychological knowledge of ones being and practical knowledge of the circumstances one goes through in the practical life. Knowledge for normal schooling remains limited and forces children to not be left with any more time than reading the said curriculum.

Homeschooling: Homeschooling by the parents will definitely help children acquire the real-life struggles that they need to be prepared for, it also helps to offer your values and beliefs to your children that you believe right. Also, for the real knowledge homeschooling opens all doors to knowledge since there is no limit for it, they are open to learning from all books, internet, etc for their intellectual knowledge to grow.

4. Interaction with the outer world

Normal Schooling - Interaction with the outer world

Normal Schooling: It clearly helps you interact with the world that exists out of your home; you get exposed to practical life rather than just reading about it. It is very important to experience those struggles rather than just preparing for them through. The real lessons come from experiences hence interaction with the outer world is extremely necessary.

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Homeschooling: Suddenly, when the homeschooling is done, you cannot ever be prepared to face the outer world, you need to have some experience in order to go past through it. Then again, when you have the liberty of forming your own curriculum there is no limit to it, you can always form blends of practical knowledge for your child to acquire in whichever way you seem fit.

5. Control

Normal Schooling: Now you may think, normal schooling lets children do whatever they want and you might lose control over your child whereas Homeschooling will help you possess as much control as you want, it is right considering several aspects since we need to have control over our children because as modernity has arrived, our children have been exposed to various kinds of dangerous activities and in order to save them from it you need control over your child. 

6. Relationship with parents

Homeschooling: Homeschooling clearly puts emphasis towards a deeper relationship of a child with their parents since you want the best for your children and you offer as much knowledge as you think your child will require in his future struggles. Being with the parents all the time might create differences but will help create a stronger bond amongst them.

Normal Schooling: However, normal schooling doesn’t push children away from their parents; they are constantly aware of the situation and status of their children almost every month through PTMs but due to the exposed environment they undergo every day there might come situations when there isn’t complete honesty from the children’s side. It might deviate the child from their real path; hence homeschooling not just helps you possess control over them and prepare them well for the future but also forms a stronger bond of honesty.

7. Discipline from the parents side

This is a tough one to manage specially for the parents. With the busy lives that parents have with little time for kids the idea of Homeschooling is unthinkable. Homeschooling requires a lot of discipline and time commitment from the parents whereas in normal schooling the school shares a major responsibility of education their kids.

These were the few comparisons that might help you decide better whether you should be adapting homeschooling or normal schooling for your child. However, it should remain clear that the paths both the concepts follow are the same which is to help the child grow and become a better person; knowledge only comes to those who can respect it. Hence whether you choose homeschooling or normal schooling ensure that they are taught the right values.

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Written by Bishakha Nihalani

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