Corporate Life in India for the Newbies. The working culture and tips to adjust

This article is helpful for all who have just passed out from their universities and are about to start their first job in a corporate office in India. Some tips to deal with the Indian corporate world.

Joining a corporate office for the first time can be intimidating. The Indian corporate world demands a lot of you and it can be demotivating at times. However, you must remember your boss hired you for a reason! Keep that in mind along with the below given strategies and you’re to find yourself in a better position!

Disclaimer: A lot of the strategies may be difficult to implement if you’re an extrovert like me, but trust me, better learn now than suffer later.

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1. Be mindful of your actions

This is a double edged sword. If you seem too confident and outgoing, hierarchy may think of you as a threat or a show-off. If you’re too quiet, colleagues might think of you as dull and uninterested. Thus, you will need to find a balance between the two. This will come with experience over a couple of months thus don’t be too hard on yourself if you falter in the start, try having conversations with your boss on your progress and keep them in loop with how you’re feeling as well. This is will make life less stressful for you.

2. Keep a success-oriented mind-set

Being new to a company can be overwhelming, but never lose your confidence in yourself. You are great at what you do, that is why you are there. Take advantage of the possibilities your company can offer. However, avoid setting high, unrealistic standards for yourself. Sometimes you may think you’re on the right track but the exact opposite could be true. Thus, set small goals and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for every job well done.

3. College to Corporate

When speaking among your colleagues, show them that have transitioned from a college graduate to a young professional by being mindful of your tone. Always be confident that what you are saying holds value, and it will. Again, this is not to say over speak hierarchy. As this can always been misinterpreted. Know when to say what- this only comes with experience and you will have to learn through your mistakes. It’s a pro if you’re someone who can learn through the mistakes of others as well.

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5. Actions & Reactions

Your response to actions occurring around the office and feedback received from colleagues shows a lot about your character and work ethic. Everyone has eyes on the newbie – you probably thing since you’re new you wouldn’t be the focus of attention but there are more eyes on you than you’re aware of. Another word of advice, avoid taking negative feedback as criticism, taking it constructively can only help you grow.

6. Review your work

While this may seem like an obvious thing to remember and practice, the stress of working for an MNC often does get to you due to which you may falter in small things. Review your work completely before submitting it to your boss/client for review. And this is not just reports or presentations but every document you share.It’s normal to make mistakes but “silly” mistakes are often remembered and they also help form an impression of you. In university, teachers often overlook these small things but unfortunately that’s not the case in the MNC world.

7. Maintain/ develop a hobby.

Remember the disclaimer? A lot of these strategies may seem difficult to practice? Well, this is one of them. The workload and stress of your work will only give you time to catch on your sleep. However it is important to have a life apart from work; to do something that makes you truly happy. Develop a hobby or do something you are passionate about, it will help keeping you sane. Initially you may find it difficult to find the time, but slowly you will learn to manage your time at work effectively, giving you enough time to engage in activities that you love.

8. Keep an eye on your “frolleagues”

Frolleague is a new age term coined for someone you work with, but is also your friend. With a newer generation entering the workforce, organisations are becoming more open to having better relations at work and are also upgrading themselves to accommodate newer members. Having said that, be mindful of the people you work it. They may seem like your friends, but you never know when things can change. There is a reason they say “your colleagues are not your friends”

The corporate world is a difficult place for any newbie. No matter which college you have graduated from, the real world differs greatly and you will have to start from scratch here. Having said that, it’s is far from an impossible task. Slowly and gradually, you will learn to manage yourself and conduct yourself in “corporate” appropriate ways. However, this article was not to scare you but merely to ensure you’re well prepared to deal with whatever is thrown at you and for you to eventually, emerge victorious.

Written by Suzanne Dsouza

Suzanne is a Market Research Analyst for Qualitative Consumer Insights at Nielsen India. She holds a Masters degree in Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore.Hear it from her-
"Being brought in up in 3 metropolitan cities of India and having traveled to many states in India, I love covering travel related topics - places I've been to and places I wish to visit. My education in psychology makes me an empathetic yet mature individual;and while working in an MNC can sometimes take a toll on me- writing helps me find the balance and peace of mind I need.
Apart from work I enjoy spending time around my furry friends, cleaning, baking, learning new dance forms and horse riding"

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