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Concerns NRIs Face While Visiting India

There are many of us who are Indian by birth but have spent most of our lives abroad- either to pursue education or to migrate to a foreign country. But there are times when NRI’s are visiting family back in India, or getting your children to Mother India on a vacation… If you are an NRI and are planning to visit India in the near future, this post if for you! Here is a list of things NRIs might find awkward while visiting India

1. Indians are Definitely Social Animals

Common Problems Faced By NRI
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When you visit home after a long time , your family here in India is sure to have organised one or two, if not multiple, get-togethers for you to meet the fam jam! Be prepared to have multiple conversations regarding where you stay, how you manage things about and sometimes even personal questions (such as when you’re getting married/ having kids/ getting a promotion/ buying a house for yourself/ shifting back to India and what not.)

2. Health Care-related Issues

Health Care-related Issues

Issues NRI’s face while visiting India are greatly related to health care. We cannot say NRI’s have low immunity levels per se, but since the environment abroad differs to a vast extent- some NRI’s may just be more prone to falling sick on their trip to India.

Problems That NRIs Face

Since most NRI’s are used to living in comparatively less polluted areas and/or have heard about India’s unhygienic reputation- They are always on the lookout for bottled water, packaged & hygienic products and areas. Some even go to the extent of getting Immunisation vaccines before travelling to India. (which is a good idea). Prevention is better than cure.

3. “Mom, Who is This?” “Mom, What is This?”

Problems That NRIs Face

NRI’s who have had children abroad would have most likely raised their children in a manner different to how Indian children are raised. So when they visit India on a trip- parents are often bombarded with “Why’s?” from their children. These questions could be based on family relations, etiquettes followed in India, acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in Indian society, religious questions and a lot more! Parents- be prepared for what could be your ultimate test!

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4. Traffic Rules (or the lack of it)

Traffic Rules

Traffic rules and regulations are taken very seriously abroad and hence NRI’s who visit India after long are often astounded by the road etiquette (or the lack of it) of us Indians. Here in India, you have to look both sides while crossing even one-way roads, zebra crossings do not guarantee a safe path to cross the road and not everyone follows signals, routes & speed limits. It is definitely a risky affair and a big area of concern for NRI’s visiting India.

5. Too Much Crowd

Too Much Crowd

India being a country of 1.37 billion people, the place is indeed crowded. Transport options- railways, roads, and walking space is most packed with people at all times. In some smaller places, there is a clear lack of personal space for people and this could be a big concern for NRI’s- as most are used to open places  & enough personal space. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this except for planning your travels & destinations accordingly.

6. Thefts


NRI’s should take care of pickpockets as some thieves identify newbies & target them. The last thing you want happening to you is you losing your personal belongings. Keep your family members close and be aware while on the road. This is a general precaution that could save you from some big troubles!

Keeping these pointers in mind will surely help you during your trip here! Embrace the spicy food,  heat & numerous family gatherings- you’re gonna miss it when you’re gone!

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