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Learn Tabla, Guitar, Sitar, Keyboard, Vocal Music, Indian Music concerts

Services Offers

Some of the products that Tabla Connect manufactures and some of the services it offers are listed below. This excludes a list of the events they host which are varying and for a list of which you can check the Tabla Connect website.

  • Beginner A+ Tabla Set with accessories
  • Beginner A++ Tabla Set with accessories
  • Intermediate Tabla Sets with accessories
  • Professional Tabla Set with accessories
  • Other Tablas
  • Single Daggas
  • Tabla Pudi, Vaadi, Gatthas
  • Table Covers, Hammers and Rings
  • Tabla Bags
  • Tabla Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Sitar Lessons
  • Keyboard Lessons
  • Vocal Music (Indian Classical and Light Music) Lessons
  • Spoken Marathi (Individual, group and classes for organisations)

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  • Rs.200 Rs.17,000

The Tabla sets can cost you from ₹6,500 to ₹17,000. The single Tablas cost around ₹5,300 to ₹10,000. Single daggas are priced in a range of ₹7,500 to ₹9,500. Tabla accessories cost from  ₹200 to ₹5000.

How To Buy

All of Tabla Connect’s services and products can be purchased through their website.


Q. How do I know what events are coming up?

A. All the upcoming events are registered on Tabla Connect’s website. All you need to do is click on the events tab to be apprised of every single upcoming event and all their details. 

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A. Online payments are accepted by Tabla Connect.

Q. What Tabla should I get?

A. The Tablas offered by Tabla Connect are helpfully demarcated into beginner’s, intermediate and professional. You should choose the tabla according to your skill set.

Q. How do I register for events?

A. Under the events tab where the events are listed, the contact details of the organizer are also listed. You can simply reach out to them in order to apply to register for the events.

Q. How should I start with my Tabla experience as a beginner?

A. It is ideal for beginners to start with the Beginner’s A+ Tabla Set which comes equipped with many accessories you need for your tabla experience in a compact set that will be easy for you to play and not confusing to shop for.

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Aditya Saool from Mumbai learned Tabla himself right from the tender age of 5 years from accomplished teachers like Pandit Arvind Mulgaonkar. Well aware of the magic that an instrument could introduce into a young life, he set out to give other people the same experience.


formed VIDYA – Value For Individual Development Of The Youth In Various Artforms – a service-oriented team that has built a platform for differently privileged people to get access to learning music in the form of Tabla.

Through his platform, Tabla Connect, these people get an invaluable opportunity they may not have ever received otherwise. They learn to play the tabla, have incredible opportunities to perform in front of large crowds and so on. Tabla Connect and VIDYA are mediums by which underprivileged people can become skilled and renowned musicians.

Tabla Connect, specifically, is a school of learning Tabla for children. They are taught with individual attention and care. They are also given opportunities to show off their talents. Online performances are also hosted for them which draw large crowds from all over the country. If you wish to be a part of these performances as either audience or musician, all you have to do is register with Tabla Connect.

Apart from this, Tabla Connect also sells Tabla kits right from the beginner level to the advanced and even professional level. It also offers individual pieces of each accessory you may need to be a Tabla player. It even offers servicing and maintenance for your Tablas.

They also host music lessons for many other instruments. Marathi language speaking courses are also hosted by them. They include individual lessons, group lessons and you can even organize lessons for your entire organisation.

Tabla Connect also organises many Indian music concerts, online seminars, lecture series and workshops related to the scriptures, Indian culture, spirituality and other such topics throughout the year. You can find more details on their website.

All in all, Tabla Connect is an excellent place to touch base with in order to keep Indian culture and your interest in it alive. They are doing an excellent service to the community and also keeping Indian art and culture alive.

For music lovers, whether the fondness is for listening to it or making it, there is no place quite like Tabla Connect.


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