Art Gharana

Art Gharana: Learn Art, Classical Music & Dance, Chess

Art Gharana


Art, Classical Music & Dance, Chess

Art Gharana: Learn Art, Classical Music & Dance, Chess

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  • Instrumental
  • Vocals
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Chess

Instrumental: Experts of different musical instruments are brought under a single roof to offer you the most comprehensive training in a vast range of musical instruments starting from the sitar to the guitar and from the tabla to the flute. 

Vocals: Once you are in Art Gharana, you don’t need to hide your singing talent and be a bathroom singer anymore as the comprehensive musical training will enhance your singing skills and impart deep knowledge of several singing styles.  This is what makes Art Gharana the perfect platform for creative and talented people.

Dance: Dance is a form of poetry that you perform to connect the soul and body and manifest different emotions. Art Gharana provides knowledge of Bharatanatyam Kathak and many other Indian dance forms. 

Art: Art Gharana offers many painting classes which enables the artists to learn a variety of traditional and modern art forms and experiment with different techniques while expanding their horizons.

Chess: You can always relax your soul and calm your mind with the help of music, dance and Art Gharana also offers training for your brain so that your brain muscles also keep getting some workouts. The chess classes of Art Gharana are offered by some of the most brilliant chess masterminds.

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  • Rs. 990 Rs. 5,700

The price of Art Gharana classes range from Rs. 990 to Rs. 5,700.

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The philosophy of Art Gharana:
Art connects everyone breaking the barriers of things like language, financial or social status. Art Gharana wants to make sure children get the opportunity to build their artistic abilities without losing their precious years of learning and creative development to things like phones and tablets.


they conduct online classes in music, dance, chess, and painting for kids all over India and the world.

Even though art Gharana classes are focused on children, the community believes that there is no age bar for learning and developing your potential, and they conduct classes for all age groups. Highly experienced and trained experts provide 100% live online classes.

In these live classes, students get optimum flexibility so they can complete their courses without hassle. Both individual and group sessions are available depending on the learning style of the student.

You may also choose to get certification from either the Trinity College of London or an Indian University.

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