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Natyarambha practices the fundamental training pedagogy of Bharatanatyam at the Kalakshetra school. There are 61 fundamental units (adavus) accessible for practice, split throughout 13 chapters of lessons. Each lesson comes with an introductory note that describes it.


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  • Provides access to 3 chapters of adavus,
  • 3Nātyārambha practice routines and
  • one personalized practice routine.

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  • Provides access to everything Nātyārambha has to offer – All Adavus,
  • All Nātyārambha practice routines and an UNLIMITED number of personalized practice routines.
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The yearly subscription is priced at ₹2500 or $35 USD.

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You can avail of the premium package through their website

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From this point on, each adavu in the ascent and descent is accompanied by a video of a dancer performing while the appropriate mnemonics, Mridangam, and instrumental music play. Each adavu comes with a full “Learn More” option that includes notated stick figures and a how-to guide.

The settings on the Settings page allow you to enable or disable the instrumental music and accompanying film.

All Bharatanatyam pedagogies and styles can practice with Ntyarambha because the lesson mnemonics are uniform throughout Bharatanatyam philosophies.


Q. What is the purpose of Natyarambha?

A. Natyarambha is a comprehensive and interactive Bharatanatyam practise app that enables practitioners and students to practise the fundamentals of the dance form. It acts as a digital conduit between the teacher and the student, or shishya, and connects classroom instruction with private home rehearsals.

Q. The target audience for Natyarambha?

A. Natyarambha is a simple tool that makes it easy for novices to study and practise, as well as a potent aid for pros and seasoned dancers to polish and improve basic technique and grammar of the main basics of Bharatanatyam, whenever and wherever they like. Young teachers of Bharatanatyam can also use Natyarambha as a quick reference guide.

 Q. Is it possible to learn Bharatanatyam online?

A. Natyarambha highly advises studying under a master or guru. Natyarambha enhances classroom instruction and offers a simple-to-use digital reference to allow practice at home. Natyarambha is not intended to replace in-person instruction; rather, it attempts to bring technology to Bharatanatyam.

Q. What must be done in order to use a shared routine?

A. Simply click the link you were given for the procedure. If prompted, log in to Natyarambha. Now is when the routine should begin!

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Director: Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant:

As one of India’s most accomplished and well-known classical dancers, choreographers, and dance academics, Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant is also in high demand as a lecturer on motivation and leadership. Shankarananda Kalakshetra’s artistic director, Ananda, is in charge of an accomplished group that has played on

five continents.

Ananda created and published Natyarambha, a first-of-its-kind Bharatanatyam practise app, in an effort to make classical dance more approachable and enable a centuries-old art form to ride the technology wave.

Project Head and Dancer: Sneha Magapu

Project Ntyrambha is led by dancer and Project Head Sneha Magapu, who also performs as a Bharatanatyam dancer. She brings a distinctive fusion of art and technology to the project. Sneha is the driving force behind the Natyarambha project. She is constantly looking for ways to bring her two worlds together and combines her entrepreneurial spirit, technical expertise, and love of the arts. She has travelled abroad with the group as a lead dancer and faculty member of Shankarananda Kalakshetra. In addition to overseeing the project, Sneha also provides adavus demonstrations for the films on Natyarambha.


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