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Divya Nair conducts dance workshops for intermediate to experienced Bharatnatyam dancers.  The online workshops are conducted via online platforms like Google Meet and Skype. 

Bharatanatyam Masterclass: Through Bharatanatyam workshops, Divya connects with intermediate to advanced level learners. These masterclasses are usually conducted over a period of 5-7 days and aimed towards experienced dancers who want to dive deeper into the world of Bharatanatyam and understand the intricacies of the dance form in detail. There is no fixed schedule for classes, so you need to keep an eye on her Instagram account for announcements. 

The theme of some of the masterclasses focuses on not just Bharatanatyam dancing techniques but also impart the knowledge of choreography and music into the dancers. The dancers are encouraged to come up with new creations of their own.

Bharatanatyam Workshops: While master classes are usually 5 to 7 days long, workshops are one or two day long programs which are open to anybody of any experience level. She also conducts workshops for special social causes. During COVID-19 breakout last year, she conducted the “Chaliye Kunjanamo” workshop to collect funding for health government hospitals in Chennai, that were struggling to buy oxygen cylinders.

Bharatanatyam Podcasts: She collaborates with several artists and conducts podcasts where she shares her journey of dance and music.  In some of the podcasts, her musical  production team is also present.

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Divya Nayar is also a musician producing genre bending music which never fails to mesmerize the audience. Her team consists of guitarist Niranjan Nair, Keyboard player Balasubrahmanyam Sethuraman, and visual director Rishi and Sai.

Currently, she is a Bharatanatyam teacher at Isha Samskriti, an organization founded by Sadhguru in Coimbatore and she is credited with choreographing multiple famous performances of the institute. For her love of teaching and propagating the Indian art form, she keeps conducting various workshops: both virtual and live.

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Divya Nayar is a Chennai based Bharatanatyam dancer who started learning dance at Kalakshetra as a part-time student. While learning ,she developed an immense passion for the art form and kept mastering her practice under her teacher Sri Sheejit Krishna who is a renowned choreographer and


Divya Nayar’s dance is full of simplicity and musical aesthetic. Her dancing is widely lauded by the audience. Her tremendous devotion to Bharatanatyam made her pursue numerous opportunities related to the field including choreography, music and teaching. 


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