Craft Village


Craft Village


An online platform to learn various Indian artforms

Services Offers


  • Heritage items
  • Decor
  • Shawls and stoles
  • Paintings
  • Sarees


  • Phad Painting
  • Gond Painting
  • Sandalwood Carving
  • Sanjhi Paper Cutting
  • Miniature Painting

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  • ₹1,199

All Craft Village classes are priced at ₹1,199.

How To Buy

You can avail of Craft Village’s services through their website.


Q.1 How do I enroll for Craft Village’s classes?

A. You can enroll for their classes by registering online on their website.

Q.2 What is the medium of teaching?

A. The classes are taught online through videos.

Q.3 What is the duration of the classes?

A. The duration of classes ranges from 20 minutes to an hour.

Q.4 What language are the classes taught in?

A. The classes are taught in Hindi.

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Craft Village is all about bringing culture and creativity to the busy lifestyle of today. They are focused on preserving and promoting the heritage and culture of India and reviving the rare and lost arts of India.

They are working to provide rural artisans and craftsmen with

employment and acknowledging how incredibly important their work is to the social fabric of India. They are providing employment to millions of families and reducing migration and overpopulation in urban centres by creating job opportunities in the rural areas themselves.

The pandemic has brought into stark awareness how important art and culture is for our very survival. Through classes held by platforms like Craft Villages, we can imbibe this art and culture into our every day life very conveniently.

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