12 breathable face masks for running and workouts

Working out, running and exercising is always considered unhealthy activity however during isolation, it gets difficult to work out with a mask on. At this point, when Mask has become a necessity, one cannot stop their healthy activities either.

According to the centre of disease, studies say that being outside itself causes a risk of getting sick. Mostly this is because of the flowing air which might carry infections with it. This can be avoided by a breathable mask.

Therefore in this article, we will be listing 12 breathable masks which can make your workouts sessions comfortable even in isolation!

1. Under Armour UA Sportmask

Under Armour UA Sportmask

This innovative mask is one of the lightest ones. One might face or hot sensations around their mouth while wearing a mask and sweating however this mask is made of a breathable fabric. It fits comfortably specially around the nose area. It also has an adjusting wire attached so that you can give the mask a proper shape which fits your Face type. It is a good choice for professional athletes as well.

2. Uniqlo AIRism Face mask

Uniqlo AIRism Face mask

Just like the name suggests, this mask is uniquely designed to provide a good airflow. It is a lightweight and affordable mask which is made with comfortable neon fabric and also absorbs sweat. One of the most unique features about this particular mask is that it has a wiring all around the mask which also helps in uplifting your chin. The logic behind this is very simple, while sweating from your face, if you have a tight fabric stock to it, it helps you in uplifting the face fat giving you a cleaner chinline.

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3. Reebok Face Covers 3- Pack

Reebok Face Covers 3- Pack

Reebok is considered to be one of the most comfortable brands in the field of sports. Therefore their mask is designed specially for workouts, exercise questions and other outdoor activities. They are made with cotton cloth and our hand washable. These masks are very soft and stretchy too. One of the most unique features about this mask is that it sticks to your face because of the inerrancy pores attached to the fabric.

4. Underarmour


Just as complicated as this name stands, the mass design also will confuse you. This mask is uniquely designed for winters. It has thick mask fabric which can act like a shield to the winter breeze during your outdoor workouts. Don’t worry it is still breathable due to the small pores noted in the inner fabric. This mask also covers your neck area giving it a warm outer layer. This three lead breathable mask is stretchable and also absorbs sweat if any. It is one of the most comfortable masks which also protects your neck and adjusts accordingly.

5. Rhone 3-layer Protective Face Mask

Rhone 3-layer Protective Face Mask

While choosing a mask, you need to make sure that it adjusts well. Well in this mask you do not have to worry because that is provided with this mask helps you to customise your adjustment. Made of thin fabric, this mask is completely affordable. The breathable fabric of this three layered protective face mask makes it even worthy.

Due to its adjustment facilities, it properly stays on your face while intense workout also.

6. Koral Face Mask

Koral Face Mask

This top rated mass is a mixture of anti-microbial properties and fast drying technology. It is made of a breathable fabric and also has wiring throughout the structure. The cloth absorbs sweat and gives a fresh feeling. It has Chachi lycra material which makes it even better. With maximum comfort, Koral masks are pocket friendly too!

7. Adidas Face Covers 3-pack

Adidas Face Covers 3-pack

Adidas is considered to be the experts in the field of sports. The mask that they offer I’m not only comfortable but also protective. The polyester material that they have used is stretchy and Snaggy. This mask comes in a pack of three with different colours starting from blue and ending at pink. One of the most exciting facts about these masks are that Adidas is planning to donate rupees hundred on the selling of every pack of mask. This donation will be added to the Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.

8. Mission Cooling Gaiter Face mask

Mission Cooling Gaiter Face mask

Just like the name suggests, this lightweight face mask is quite elaborate Lee designed. With the hashtag of mask life, this mask gained popularity due to its stretchable fabric and comfortable structure. This mask is designed a little differently which also covers the neck area and does not have any loops but just an adjustment room. This mask is specially designed for athletes.

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9. SMRTFT Sports Mask

SMRTFT Sports Mask

As the name says it all, this mask is specially designed for outdoor activities. The unique aspect of this mask is that it only comes in white colour, when asked why, The manufacturers of this mask said that white is a soothing colour and helps in absorbing sweat the most. This lightweight stretchy mask fits perfectly on your face as it has adjusting wire throughout the structure. One of the most unique features about this mask is that it is made by one big piece of fabric instead of smaller ones. It even covers your ear holes to protect you from the cool winter breeze.

10. Vocalol Summer face mask

Vocalol Summer face mask

Adventures are always something we don’t want to miss out on. This mask is uniquely designed for cycling, trekking, racing and other such activities. With just one lube, your entire mouth gets adjusted to your face shape. This mask comes in a combination of grey and black with stretchable fabric and adjustable know. They are highly comfortable as they also absorb sweat. It is also suitable for city life delivery boys who have to travel a lot on their bikes. This mask also adjusts to the shape of a helmet.

11. Self Pro Summer UPF50++ mask

Self Pro Summer UPF50++ mask

Scientifically designed, this mask is a moisture wicking gaiter. It has a lightweight adjustable structure which avoids irritation on your skin while long runs. It is made of comfortable fabric which allows a smooth flow of air around your mouth area.

 12. Blackstrap Civil Face Mask

Blackstrap Civil Face Mask

Just as the name suggests, the elements of this workout mask is very comfortable and moisture wicking. It is designed specially for soldiers who are involved in intense workouts and outdoor activities. This mask is easily washable giving you the maximum cleanliness. It has an absorbing quality which will help you feel fresh throughout.

Well not every mask is good for workouts or outdoor activities but The above listed ones are great for the same. While choosing the right mask for your workout sessions, try to get a soft, washable and stretchable fabric. This allows for a smooth flow and helps in making your workout sessions hundred percent breathable and comfortable.

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Written by Sara Khaitan

With a passion for writing and creating the art of spreading knowledge through words, Sara is a student of St Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

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