Top Sites to find Internship Jobs in India

Internships are like a no-commitment tryout or maybe just like a test drive which helps you enable the decision of which field is the most suitable for you in terms of your academic discipline.

All this while ever since we started school, we have been exposed to an environment where marks are everything, if you don’t score well you won’t bag an excellent job. Well, marks can be important but it’s not all that matters.

Choosing between two people having the same score puts limelight towards the individual that possesses more skills. Skills cannot be theorized, just like the way driving can’t be theorized. You cannot read and learn, you need to discover through the practicality of it.

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It’s not just for choosing your appropriate field but also to obtain hands-on experience since nobody can teach you those things. Once you get out, live the office life for a time being, you will realise whether this is something that you would live the most of your life for. If not, it will help you figure out what you actually want to do.

Internships make it easier to answer the few most important questions that every teenager struggles through such as ‘What do I want?’, ‘What do I wanna be?’

The Answer to those questions lies in another question, Where should we start from? Well to help you through this process, let’s surf through the best platforms to find the best internship for you.

1. Internshala

Top Sites to find internships in India - internshala

My personal preference and the most employed app for grabbing the best internship is Internshala. It has several options under several fields to offer from. It features options like none others and furnishes their own training courses as well to help students capture the best internship to lay their hands on.

It assists candidates in enhancing their skills in order to have them perform better at their job. Not just for a student, but also makes it easier for the employer to surf through various applications and choose the best candidate.

2. LinkedIn

Top Sites to find internships in India - linkedIn

LinkedIn is not just an internship platform but also a networking app which makes it even more interesting to surf from. It not just offers internships but also lets you connect with the official dignitaries and allows you to contact them to bag an internship which might not even be called for.

If you have your dream company in mind, this is the best platform to browse from and connect with the officials from the particular company .

  • It lets you describe your skills to the people you want to be informed.
  • It’s a great way to start your internship career through LinkedIn and make real and high profile contacts.

3. Let’s Intern

Top Sites to find internships in India - lets intern

Let’s Intern is another platform that lets you connect with the employers online and showcase your skills for signing your dream internship.

It offers internships from various reputed organisations such as Myntra, The Indian Express, Big Basket, Comic-Con India, PVR Cinemas etc. It has a global student base of over 4 million and sells out several startup internships in different dimensions benefiting both the candidate and the company.

It is not just a platform for internships, in order to help the candidate grow utterly and enhance their resume profile, it also provides :

  • Visual Internships
  • Brand Evangelists
  • Volunteering positions
  • Campus Ambassadors
  • Full-time jobs

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a platform that has extended its operations in India originating from California and has successfully marked their presence in the industry. The features allure students and companies both since they just don’t provide a platform to students but also help to create a brand image of the company before the students.

  • They let candidate review the listed companies and rate them according to their experience, and the best-rated company is awarded Best Places to Word Awards.
  • It allows you to list their current designation and salary privately on the portal to compare their offer from the others.

5. Twenty19

  • Twently19 establishes a unique feature of offering personal profiles to candidates for sharing an appropriate one with the company.
  • It also allows colleges to upload their upcoming events for inviting students to participate.
  • Recently Twenty19 has started to offer online training programs to enhance the skills of the candidate to bag the best internship.
  • They offer internships through very reputed companies such as The Hindu, Business Standard, The Times of India, etc.
  • They offer internships varying from academic to practical such as engineering, medical, and commerce, along with skilful internships like videography, photography and many more.

These are the few best platforms for bagging your dream internship, they lay down an excellent example for students who might not score well academically, Guess what? The employer doesn’t care about your marks, only your skills and your personality. So if you are so worried about your career because you didn’t procure good grades, don’t worry, Bill Gates failed too, but look where he is now.

Written by Bishakha Nihalani

Bishakha has a passion for writing about clean beauty and wellness. She believes in the Indian Science of Ayurveda and including it in our daily lives through food and skincare.

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