Prof Haritha Nayak

Prof Haritha Nayak

Prof Haritha Nayak

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Prof Haritha Nayak

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Professor Haritha Nayak, a renowned expert at UCM Teaching and Research Center, offers a range of transformative services and courses that can help you navigate the complexities of life. She is a Professor and an esteemed expert in Dream Analysis and Decoding Indian spirituality symbolically.

Prof Haritha Nayak, along with her husband, Mr Santhosh, shares the wisdom of Angelica Yana across Asia. She conducts training programs, certificate courses, seminars and workshops on Dream-Sign-Symbol Interpretation to achieve clarity of purpose and inner peace in life.

As an integral part of the Universal Consciousness Metaphysics (UCM) Teaching and Research Centre, she empowers people by helping them solve the challenges of their lives. She does this by guiding individuals in developing emotional intelligence, understanding their dreams and identifying signs they otherwise ignore to create a path towards a harmonious life.

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DSSI Training

  • Most advanced training in Dream, Sign and Symbol Interpretation
  • 3-Year Certificate: Comprehensive understanding of dream analysis
  • 2-Year Therapist Degree: Extensive Video Training and Live Seminars
  • Weekly Individual Follow-up
  • Up to 430 course hours
Dream decoding

DreamerOne Training

  • Tailored for young people from 9 to 18 years old.
  • Understand the symbolic language of dreams.
  • Gain profound insights into complex life situations.
  • Explore diverse perspectives.

Dream Training

  • 3 Months Online Training Program
  • Learn to recognise and interpret dreams, symbols and signs
  • In-depth online courses on dream
  • Personalized follow-up by an expert
  • Online training based on The Source Code II Dictionary


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Haritha Nayak, hailing from the serene landscapes of the Himalayas in India, has always been a seeker of life’s profound mysteries and the spiritual dimensions that shape our existence. Her upbringing within a family deeply rooted in spiritual practices cultivated her inquisitive spirit from a tender age. Embracing the philosophical nuances of life, she embarked on a lifelong quest to unravel the meaning of human existence.

Early Interests

As a child, Haritha found herself introduced to the timeless wisdom of ancient sages, the mystic verses of the Vedas, and the enlightening teachings of Yogis through her grandfather. Intrigued by these profound insights, she embarked on a journey of meditation and self-discovery, with her third eye, the sixth chakra, as her guiding light. Rejecting conventional notions of prayer, she turned to her grandmother, discovering the transformative power of seeking inner strength and patience to navigate life’s challenges.

Spirituality & Education

Haritha’s spiritual journey continued to evolve, and during her formative years, Buddhism captured her heart and mind.

Education and teaching seemed to flow for her. Remarkably, at the tender age of eight, she found herself imparting knowledge to children within her community.

Excelling academically, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications. Her remarkable aptitude led her to teach computer language and programming to master’s degree students during her very first year of college.

The Beginning of a New Path

Post her academic pursuits, Haritha ventured into the corporate world, gaining invaluable experience at prestigious companies like Bennett, Coleman & Company, Times of India, Oracle, and Lenovo. However, the universe had more profound plans for her.

Haritha’s life took a significant turn when she began receiving powerful and enigmatic dreams, each carrying a message she yearned to decipher. In 2012, she embarked on a soul-stirring pilgrimage to Rishikesh, residing in an Ashram along the sacred Ganges.

Haritha delved into the realm of past-life regression techniques, becoming a therapist in 2013. Her soul remained open to the universe’s guidance.

In October 2013, she crossed paths with Kaya and Christiane at Pyramid Valley, Bangalore.  Christiane introduced Haritha to Angel 65 Damabiah, igniting a profound transformation. By chanting the angel’s mantra for just five minutes before sleep, her recurring childhood nightmares vanished, opening a new chapter in her spiritual journey.

About UCM (Universe/City Mikaël) Teaching and Research Center

UCM (Universe/City Mikaël) Teaching and Research Center, founded in 2000, is a non-profit organization based in Canada. It aims to expand knowledge of Symbolic Language, Emotional Intelligence, and Decoding of Dreams, Signs & Symbols. UCM is recognized by the Government of Canada and has an international presence in countries like Switzerland, France, Belgium, the USA, Canada, India, Vietnam, and more.

Through diverse programs and dedicated instructors, UCM empowers students worldwide to understand their dreams and life situations symbolically. It fosters personal growth and deeper connections with others.

Eager to deepen her understanding, Haritha immersed herself in the teachings of UCM. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery, invoking angels, recording dreams, and unearthing deep-seated subconscious memories.

Today, Haritha Nayak, alongside her husband Santhosh, shares the wisdom of Angelica Yana throughout Asia. Their mission continues as they actively engage in the DSSI Training, guiding individuals to connect with the source code of their souls.

Learn more about Professor Haritha Nayak’s journey here.

You can register for her classes and training programs easily from here. Click on the Book Now button and send us your contact details and inquiries. We will get back to you immediately. You can also contact us at


1. How can individuals access UCM services and training programs?

Individuals can access UCM services, such as the UCM Happiness Help Desk and Dream decoding services, by reaching out to the centre directly. To enrol in training programs, individuals can visit the UCM website, explore the available programs, and follow the enrollment instructions provided.

2. How can UCM training programs benefit individuals?

UCM training programs provide individuals with a deeper understanding of themselves, life situations, and the hidden meanings within dreams and symbols. They offer practical guidance, personal growth opportunities, and the potential for self-transformation. By enrolling in these programs, individuals can gain valuable insights, enhance their decision-making skills, and foster connections with others.

3. What is the UCM Teaching and Research Center?

The UCM Teaching and Research Center is a non-profit organization based in Canada, founded in 2000. It aims to expand knowledge of Symbolic Language, Emotional Intelligence, and Dream Decoding. Recognized by the Government of Canada, UCM has an international presence and empowers students worldwide to understand their dreams and life situations symbolically.

4. Who is Professor Haritha Nayak and what are her contributions to Dream Analysis and Symbolic Language?

Professor Haritha Nayak is an esteemed expert in Dream Analysis and Decoding Indian spirituality symbolically. She has made significant contributions to the field during her association with UCM Teaching & Research Center for over 10 years. She has decoded over 15,000 dreams, guided thousands of students, and played a key role in spreading knowledge in countries like India, Singapore, and Vietnam.

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