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Millions of people’s lives have been transformed by Master Dr. Vani Kabir thanks to her presentations, readings, videos, and unmatched understanding of the cosmos. Whether she is doing Rune Reading, Quantum Energy Reading, Spirit Guide Reading, or Quick General Reading, her reading style is distinctive. When we are unable to see past the trees, a spiritual reading reveals the paths we take through the forest. Discover the way to your higher self right now.


  1. Nordic Rune Reading:

Find your life’s next steps. Use the Runes, the Nordic | viking culture’s earliest method of prophecy, to put an end to your problems.

Are you in a relationship that needs to change?

Do you feel as though life has no purpose?

Do you feel disoriented and lost?

Are you merely making plans but taking no action?

You lack the ability to choose wisely for your future?

Runes aid in determining our life’s direction. Rune staves are cast for this reading, and they are then read. It’s a three cast rune reading, so there are three possible questions, but if you really think about it, three is enough.

Duration: 30 mins

Mode: Online

*wait time is within 45-50 business days.

2. Quantum Energy Reading:

Recognize the obstacles and what you need to do to overcome them. We all reside in our minds, which are quantum. The human body is made up of energy both inside and outside; by employing this energy, we may treat any illness, trauma, or blockage. This reading provides a thorough analysis of the soul.

Do you have vivid dreams and thoughts?

Do you feel powerless over manifestation?

You suspect that something is keeping you from realising your full potential.

Do you encounter unneeded delays?

Are you consistently using the same patterns?

Do you frequently worry about money?

Other names for it include mind-body-soul medicine. Understanding the obstacles you are carrying in your quantum field and how they are affecting you is incredibly powerful.

Duration: 30 mins

Mode: Online

3. Feng Shui Energy reading:

Feng Shui is the art of placing objects in homes in a way that promotes harmony and abundance with the natural environment. What it means to Feng Shui your home or office is as follows. The objective is to channel energy forces so that an individual can live in harmony and abundance.

Does it feel bad at your house or office?

Do you believe your luck has declined since assuming this position or moving into your new residence?

Are even the simplest chores causing you unneeded delays?

Are your relationships and health deteriorating?

Even after earning well, you still struggle to amass riches or your income has significantly decreased?

Do you want to know where your achievements and personal development are going?

Space luck is a crucial component of growth and makes up 33% of your total luck. It’s off if you feel off in your living or working environment. It’s clear from the reading whether comprehensive Feng Shui analysis is required or whether quick fixes can help.

Duration: 30 mins

Mode: Online

4. Spirit Guide Reading:

An energetic library, the Akashic Records are like a Google search for your soul. And it contains recordings of everything that has ever existed or happened, including human lifetimes as well as the history of all events, words, feelings, and intentions that have ever been expressed by any beings or living things in the past, present, or future. Your spirit guide, who communicates with you through Master Dr. Vani Kabir, responds to your questions.

Do you question your life’s purpose?

You wish you had a better understanding of the possibilities in your future.

Why did I come here to encounter and work on these difficulties and lessons?

To attract my ideal life, what Karma do I need to let go of?

Any knowledge stored in the Akashic Records is only transferred into your energy field when your soul is prepared to confront a particular learning challenge or growth opportunity.

5. General Energy Reading:

This reading is performed using your birthdate and auric field. You can pose inquiries about your past, present, and future. Based on the energy emanating from your aura and D.O.B. and where it is leading, the spiritual direction is given. When we read an aura, it’s like reading the direction and current state of your energy. Schedule a quantum energy reading for a thorough soul investigation.

Do you think your life is stuck?

Feeling like you’re not getting what you deserve?

Do you want to stop putting things off?

You might worry about some of the issues raised above on a daily basis. They have the power to paralyse you from making vital decisions. This reading will be useful.

Duration: 20 mins

Mode: Online

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The price of various services range from INR 2929 to INR 12,222.


How To Buy

You can avail of Vani Kabir Multiverse’ services through their website.


Q. How can I access the readings?

A. You can book the readings through their website (

Q. How do I choose the best reading for me?

A. The readings are made simply on the basis of specific problems you’d like to deal with. Choose the appropriate one according to your life and thinking to achieve excellent results.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A. Razorpay/UPI/Credit or Debit Cards

Q. Do I need to sign up in advance for readings?

A. Yes, and the waiting time is 45-50 business days.

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When she was in class 11, she had her first encounter with a spirit. She experienced a severe headache, a temperature, and strange marks on her body. Her parents had no idea what to make of it, so she was moved from hospital to hospital. Vanika was sent to an

Indian priest for healing after no medical relief materialised. She discovered her own light and her purpose during this journey. Despite spending six months in and out of the hospital, she recovered fully in just 11 days. Since then, her interest in the occult has increased, and she has begun to experience frequent spirit visits, but she has remained silent and has only written about them in her diary.

Within each of us is the feeling that we have been born on earth temporarily, that we have some unique place to fill in the universe, that there is a brief moment in which to live and then to die. But somewhere inside of her there has always been the knowledge that she is connected to a greater life that is her life and from which she will never be entirely separated.

Each of us has the perception that our time on earth is temporary, that we have a special role to play in the cosmos, and that our life is only temporary before it ends. But she has always known, deep down, that she is a part of a bigger life that is also her life and from which she will never truly be free.

Consequently, her only goal in life is to heal.

To share with others that they are unique, that what they are experiencing is real, that their heartbreaks are spiritual awakenings, and that you cannot ascend unless you heal.

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