Surekha Sadana

Surekha Sadana

Surekha Sadana

  • Herbal Healing
  • Gut Healing
  • Spiritual Healing Mentorship
Surekha Sadana

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Surekha offers three main online coaching programs: 

Basic Program: The basic program includes one month of coaching with two sessions of one hour each. You will be given guidance on nutrition and lifestyle to support your goals. Your coach will understand your current health situation and your future goals and accordingly advise certain changes in your lifestyle.

You will also receive customized meal plans according to your health requirements. You will be able to contact Surekha through WhatsApp or email on all working days from 12 p.m. to 6:00 p.m..

Advanced Program:  You will receive 6 one hour coaching sessions for 3 months under Surekha’s Advanced Health Coaching Program. This program includes everything in the basic plan but also includes the following:

  • guidance on mindful exercises and nutritional healing  
  • strategies to improve gut health and immunity
  • special diet to improve strength and stamina
  • guidance on improving emotional and spiritual health
  • long term growth habits

Holistic Program:  The Holistic program includes 12 sessions for 6 months duration and aims to transform your overall life. This program includes all the features of the basic and the advanced program and also includes the following:

  • spiritual healing by balancing the mind body and spirit
  • guidance on herbal supplements and meal planning
  • transformation through bread work
  • guidance on how to make better lifestyle choices
  • knowledge on sustaining your health without any medicine
  • finding clarity and confidence
  • finding your life purpose and enhancing creativity

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Why Surekha?

Surekha’s methods are plain and simple. There are no impractical or elaborate diet plans, calorie counting or requirement of any exotic food items. 

All the recipes are available on her website which you can easily access anytime you want. The recipes are custom-made with simple ingredients.

Surekha is an extremely empathetic and understanding person. She understands the needs of her clients and, therefore, helps them to overcome any struggles.

Struggles are bound to happen when you are transitioning from your regular lifestyle. Surekha makes sure this transition is as easy as possible for you by providing you the best guidance and motivation.

Surekha provides 45 minutes free consultation so that you can test the waters before getting in.

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Surekha Sadana is an award winning, multidisciplinary wellness expert who heals health issues through holistic approach. Natural, holistic and functional medication is the way to a happy and fulfilling life.

Surekha has made it possible for many people to adopt such lifestyle practices. These practices result

in a greater wellbeing. Surekha is a true holistic healer and helps people resolve several ailments by working on all the factors that influence wellness including emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual well being.

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